Letter to the Editor

Thinking and believing

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

To the editor,

The closer we get to the November 3 election we witness Trump getting more desperate. He has become more and more erratic and disparaging with his statements as he watches every poll showing he is behind Joe Biden.

The latest book by Bob Woodard, supported by eighteen audio tapes over a period of time, has revealed an alarming fact about Trump.

Trump stated to Mr. Woodard that he knew back in February how dangerous the COVID–19 virus was, but he did not want to tell us so he kept it a secret, and 190,000 plus people have died.

The most horrible statement to come out of Trumps mouth was what he said regarding the veterans who gave their lives for our country as “Losers and Suckers.” Fox News investigated this report and they aired Trump’s statement on their news.

Trump does not have any support from our military. Not anymore. The reason is obvious, but what is sad there are too many people in our country that think and feels the way he does. They have boat parades, flags on their trucks and in their yard supporting Trump. Do these people believe as Trump does that our veterans are suckers and losers?

I am a veteran and I know Trump has no right to insult our fallen heroes. He is a draft dodging heel spur coward. It has come time for all of us veterans to support and defend our fallen brothers and sisters and the military men and women serving now. We cannot let Trump and his followers’ brand us as losers and suckers. The next time you see a Trump flag on a truck, boat, or in someone’s yard tell them you’re a veteran, and your going to make sure America will be greater after November 3.

It is time for all of us to start thinking and believing in our country again. Trump has failed the military and our country. It is time for a new Commander-in-Chief.

Bobby Fanning