Letter to the Editor

Just saying

Thursday, September 17, 2020

To the editor,

I am a mother of five children. Three are veterans. I am saluting all veterans even the "losers and suckers" who died while serving our country in the military. May God forever bless you for attempting to make our country safe. Thank You! That's what makes America Great and not to be belittled or use malicious, cutting words to smear or disrespect all you. Again, thank you. JUST SAYING!

I also have a special needs adult grandchild, What really is past my comprehension and perception is how our country who has the title of Christians (church goers) can support, trust, and honor a man who takes pride in poking fun of our American Children, Godís Children, Grandchildren, and any one of our human beings everywhere, who are all children of God, the Creator. Hear ye Him. Love one another as I have loved you. I say when we know better, we will do better. JUST SAYING!

Jesus said, "As often as you do to the least of these, my little ones, you have done it also unto me." JUST SAYING!

As I consider my friends and acquaintances who are very close to me and my family, it makes me question who we really are and who and what we are proud to support and worship. God is Love. if it is not about love it is not about God. JUST SAYING!

Love your neighbor as yourself. All of our good things come from above. We claim we love God and daily mistreat our fellow man (God's people). We take children from their parents and lock them in ceils. Don't want them in OUR GREAT COUNTRY. They will contaminate our children, give them drugs, take our jobs, and kill and murder us. I heard that the strong must bear the infirmities of the weak, not suppress them.

After considering certain people, none of them have children who served our Country in the military and neither have a special needs child or children in their family. Oh how easy it is to not understand a place in which you have never been. JUST SAYING!

You worship me with your lips and mouth, but your hearts are far from me. In vain they do worship me. JUST SAYING!

We each one of us should stop and question ourselves, who we should trust, Would you trust the captain of a ship, the governor of our nation, the weather man, the scientist, or anyone in authority who knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that a hurricane, a killer disease, or any enemy of his people is coming our way. Would you expect him or them to give us warning to protect ourselves in whatever manner is necessary? Are do we downplay the truth and hope God will protect us? My thoughts are to give me a chance to protect myself and others and to take whatever precautions are necessary to ensure this protection.

Give me warnings to use my right to protect myself. If we choose to trust, listen, support, honor and respect that kind of leadership without giving us a chance to use our own God-Given common sense. Shame on us! Put not your trust in man, trust God. JUST SAYING!

What is transparency; we are so commonly talking about? Was this deception made transparent (ciear, readily understood, revealed, or permitted to be seen)? Do we trust our authority even after by his own words, DOWNPLAY IT, DONíT CAUSE A PANIC, OR IT WILL GO AWAY, while killing many Americans we talk about protecting from our enemy? How many of our enemies have killed as many as this virus under the protection we trust to be transparent to the American people. JUST SAYiNG!

Let each of us be brave enough to stand up for what is right even if we have to stand alone. If God be for us, who can be against us? JUST SAYING!

Only love can heal this country and the World. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should have eternal life.Ē Not Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, but anyone, for all are God's people. We,the American people, will literally give and have given our lives and the lives of our family and friends to follow the pattern set by our Leader. Even though, the truth is, by his own mouth, he kept very significant data from all of us. Shame on him and shame on us for following his leadership! What next? JUST SAYINGi

Those of us who condone any injustice done to others by our silence are approving and consenting the action or deed. WHO CARES? JUST SAYING!

Thank you for allowing me to be blatantly transparent about how I feel and hope to convey that all of us are in this together. JUST SAYING!

Yvonne McChristian,