Letter to the Editor

Vote early

Saturday, October 10, 2020

To the editor,

On Monday (9/28/2020) I mailed my absentee ballot to the Coffee County Election Commission as I wanted to make sure my votes would be counted. Now with having said that I would urge and like to see every registered voter vote when the early voting starts on October 14, 2020. Regardless of the party you support, you as every voter should have voted by the end of early voting to really make sure your vote is counted for the candidate you feel meet the need and issues you wish to receive from your candidate. The candidate must take these issues to the Halls of Congress and address them for you the voter.

There is only one obstacle that will keep your candidate from addressing your issues in the Halls of Congress Not Voting. Finding excuses not to go and vote, or just plan to lazy and sit at home and not brother to vote. Personnel errands and other personnel events are not a legitimate excuse. Early voting is Oct. 14 thru 29. Two weeks is plenty of time to go vote.

You the voter who do not plan to vote supports the candidate you would not have voted for if you were to voted. This is the very reason we have the government we do not care for, so go vote early. There may be long lines on election day Nov. 3. Voting early will keep you from using the excuse the line is too long I will come back, but you never will.

Vote in the days of early voting, do not wait until election day to vote. Beat the crowd.

Bobby Fanning