Letter to the Editor

Democrat ads are about ancient history

Saturday, October 10, 2020

To the editor,

Tuesday’s ad by the Democrat Party is laughable! Instead of touting their candidate’s accomplishments, they had to go back to 1935 for Social Security establishment and 1966 for Medicare establishment.

Voters want to know what your candidate’s policies are now. After all, he has a 110- page manifesto on line. Maybe it is too embarrassing to put out there that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support abortion on demand, raising new taxes by $4 trillion dollars, voted NO to repeal Obamacare tax, voted NO to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, voted NO to withdraw from Iran Nuclear deal, voted YES to Green New Deal, flip flopped on taxpayer funding for abortion, voted NO on Gorsuch and Kavanaugh for Supreme Court, voted NO on border wall, and NO on school choice.

Joe Biden has been in politics for 47 years, eight of those years were spent as Vice President. I can not think of one major accomplishment in all those years. Why would we want to put him in the White House? We know his son has questionable dealings with China, Russia (mayor’s wife gave him $3.5 million dollars); then there is Joe Biden doing a quid quo pro with Ukraine to get a prosecutor fired. Why? Because he was investigating an energy company that his son was sitting on the board. A corrupt one.

President Trump does not support the following: abortion on demand, $4 trillion in new taxes, Green New Deal, or taxpayer funding of abortion.

The President does support the following: repealing Obamacare, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, withdrawing from Iran Nuclear deal, supports Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to US Supreme Court, supports the border wall and school choice.

The Democrat ad says that President Trump is in favor of ending “pre-existing conditions” in health care. That is a flat out lie. He has said “pre-existing conditions” will be covered in America Care.

I think it is wise to learn from the past (Joe Bidens’ 47 years in politics), live in the present ( see what President Trump has done to make this a better country: jobs, better trade deals, etc., and plan for the future of this country, (work with Middle East to bring about peace with their neighbors.)

Stella Adcock,