Letter to the Editor

Take our country back from the racists

Thursday, October 15, 2020

To the editor,

Early voting has started. I hope everyone will go vote and vote early. This is our opportunity to take our country back. The far-right Republicans has held our country hostage for to long. This is the year we can clean house as my mother used to say. Not only do we need to replace Trump, but we do not need to send Trump and his trolls back to Congress. We do not need to send Bill Hagerty to Congress. We have enough far right radicals in government already.

On Oct. 2,2020 I became one of the many victims as two of my Biden / Harris signs was stolen by two men driving a truck. This happened at 7:30 p.m. and was captured on a home video system. I filed a report with the Tullahoma Police Department and told them about the camera. Stealing and trespassing is a crime. It is also a criminal act to take away my constitutional rights. This a tactic Republicans use to scare someone in not voting. Voters suppression and intimidation is key to their reelection. I replaced my signs and I will vote against these two cowards and the party they represent.

The Covid Virus is still raging from coast to coast, and what is disturbing is Trump and the Republican party still believes it is a hoax and some day it will magical go away. Standing in a crowd with no mask or social distancing is a recipe for disaster. Trump and the Republicans have shown no leadership on this virus.

Trump and the Republicans have not denounced white supremacists’ groups. Trump has called our veterans suckers and losers and the Republicans did not chastise him for his statement. In response to one of my letters (9/13/2020) Ray Artman stated Donald Trump is a great president. This I why we need to vote and take our country back. People like Mr. Artman are programed in to believing anything Trump and Republicans tell them. An example: the scientist and doctors tell us the Covid virus is deadly and will continue to take lives, but they would have us believe the doctors are wrong.

We the American people are tired of the thousands of lies Trump and the Republicans have told us over the last four years. We Americans do not believe them and we know he is not a leader. Mr. Artman and thousands of other programed people do not realize Trump does not care about us or our families. He doesn’t give a hoot about you. He just wants your vote so he can continue his Fascist form of government. We will not have a do over after this election. It is time we take our country back. Go vote and make sure Trump and other Republicans do no return to Washington.

Bobby Fanning,