Letter to the Editor

Democrats follow in the footsteps of the Do Nothings

Thursday, October 15, 2020

To the editor,

As the general election draws near the confusion grows deeper.  I listen to all the dour faced pundits and doomsayers and have reached a conclusion:  the Democrats have absolutely no agenda to offer America on which to base their aspirations for gaining control of the US. Senate and the Presidency. They are placing all their bets on one facet only; and that is; "Hate Trump" and let the United States go to hell in a hand basket so to speak. The present Democratic party is reminiscent of  the 19th century  "Do-Nothings" party that came forward to fill the vacuum created by the failure of the Whig party (evolved into the Republican party) and the dismal faltering of the Democrat party. The Do Nothings were composed of primarily thugs and criminals but they definitely had a very strong influence over American politics during the era; especially the Democrats. They also managed to infiltrate various levels of the federal government and had gangs roaming the streets of New York, St Louis, Philadelphia, Boston and other major U.S. cities including San Francisco. ( Sound familiar?  The equivalent to the present day antifa and other radical thugs, cowards,  looters, and arsonists and the Democrat politicians wrung their hands, moaned but did nothing to stop the upheaval the same as they do today and actually condone the criminal acts). 

The demise  of the Do Nothings occurred when their leaders and the rank-and-file refused to to take an anti-slavery stand on this highly emotional and divisive  issue of the  late 1850's. However, during this era all the southern Democrats were in lockstep on the pro slavery issue and the 'hate Lincoln' stance. In fact, many northern Democrats, especially from the slave-owning states such as Maryland, were paradoxically in this category and opposed Lincoln at every turn and  the liberal media, including the New York Times,  was harsh and inflammatory in their editorials concerning Lincoln. And, almost to a body were the democrats adamantly against Lincoln's Proclamation of Emancipation contending he was violating the Constitution in issuing it in January, 1863.

Now 160 years  after President Lincoln  we are again witnessing a Democratic party movement to regain the Presidency and control of the U.S. Senate based on the sole priority and mindset and constant mindless rhetoric  of:   "we don't really have any thing to offer that would even

come close to the accomplishments of Trump's administration the past four years except we Hate Trump passionately, uncontrollably without reason or purpose, and our sterling leaders such as Hairdo Nancy, Chuck and clueless Joe  are telling us to  line up like lemmings and march to

the polling sites and cast our votes for 'whats-his-name.'"  From all appearances and recent Democrat party  shenanigans  it would appear they

are reviving the Do Nothings, and they will fit nicely into this context and have no problem with the transition  because if there is one classification unequivocally  categorizing  the democrats its: "Do Nothing!"

There is one truism, however,  that even the liberals cannot discredit; a recent poll found 56% of Americans stating they 'are better off now than four years ago'.   However, not to worry over this  alarming news democrats, your chosen presidential candidate bewildered Joe said: " probably the people asked this question don't remember four years ago."  But ah, Joe, hundreds of millions of Americans do remember when you were veep and the general malaise and despair, and economical chaos America underwent for 8 long years. and this 'don't remember' statement from a Democratic party candidate for the most prestigious office in the entire world that recently stated "he was running for the Senate."   I suppose I was bewildered like Joe in  believing all this time  it was the Presidency he was running for.  As a former US Marine, I can only thank God that my Commander-In-Chief was President Eisenhower who knew exactly what his role and responsibilities were and not muddled Joe who like his former boss would probably refer to the Marine Corps, as Marine 'Corpse.'

Charles David Sliger,