Letter to the Editor

Say goodbye to the worst president in history

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

To the editor,

I want to extend my condolences to Stella Adcock who has lost her orange painted idol I now refer to as Nasty Old Suer.  Loser Trump is filing lawsuits right and left trying to overturn a legitimate election he lost badly.  His suits have no validity and he is in a rage.  I know Ms. Adcock will be in a state of shock for the next four years and  her conspiracy theories will abound. Trump will never admit a defeat because he is a petulant infant in a portly old man's body.  He is fired!!

For the past four years we have had a president who is a compulsive liar, is a know-it-all, never admits his mistakes, has 10 counts of obstruction justice against him, is the best friend of communist Putin, loves all dictators, refuses to show his federal income taxes, paid only $1,500 in federal taxes in 10 years, got a tax cut only for the rich, is a racist, and has conned us all.He makes Al Capone look like a choir boy.

It is hard to believe that 61% of Tennesseans voted for Trump. With the thousands of lies this man has told people still worship him.  He has fooled professional people as well as laborers.  His hold on them is like nothing I have seen before.  It just shows how a charlatan can dupe people so easily.  If you wonder how the German people were fooled by Adolph Hitler just take a look at how people fell for Trump.  Trump has the same mental traits as Hitler.  The MAGA hats can now be replaced by TAL (Trump's A Loser) hats and everyone should wear one.

Trump claimed John McCain was not a hero.  Senator McCain was captured and spent five years in a Hanoi prison after his plane was shot down.  Trump also called service men and women suckers and losers.  My wife lost an uncle before she was born when a German U-Boat sank the USS Dorchester in World War II.  His body lies at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean.  Both he and John McCain were not losers and suckers.  They were heroes.  Donald Trump is a sucker, a loser, and a man of low morals.  He is a heel spur coward who has no guts and less sense.  He is a worthless idiot without a compass.

Trump has lied to us and failed to take any action on conquering the COVID epidemic.  He learned in January 2020, about how dangerous the virus is but he decided to keep this from the American people.  He refused to wear a mask and has made fun of everyone who wears one.  He is personally responsible for many of the deaths from COVID.

Trump brags about the Supreme Court justices he has placed.  I know those he has placed will rule by their extreme right wing beliefs rather than the law.  They are political hacks of the radical Republican Party.  Biden can and should pack the court to overcome this travesty of justice.

Well, Ms. Adcock, just sit back, relax, calm your nerves, and enjoy the next four years.  We are over the worst president in the history of the United States.  The next four years will have a leader who is a decent, honest man who won't spend all his time cheating at golf and everything he does.  Happy days are here again!

Happy trails.

Charles Reed