Letter to the Editor

Democrats, liberal media will cause a decline in our greatness

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

To the editor,

The  national election day has passed, but to date with the lawsuits and challenged voting returns  no clear official  winner is yet legally declared but  the democrats have a sudden Christian change of heart.  They are now posturing as the smiling,  peace loving harbingers of peace, compassion and healers of wounds proffering the branch of reconciliation  and miracle- of- miracles, they have actually gone an entire week without posting a myriad of "we hate Trump" media tirades.  


Even the liberal CNN media, after one of their knee-jerk  reporters shed crocodile tears in  magnificent jubilation celebrating mendacious Joe's alleged victory, are strangely silent.  Now that they no longer have President Trump to harangue and hate 24/7 as their constant diatribe  wonder who their next target will be?  Could be their dismal ratings will tank even further now that the owner and bankrupt AT&T is considering selling CNN.  Can't imagine who would buy this abysmal news agency;  which is in essence the "Edsel" of the liberal media. 

And even though Joe appears to be the presidential winner, the House of Representatives lost several seats to the Republicans to the dismay of the profane New York waif, AOC.  She is now crying and wringing her hands and explaining away  their  lost House seats because of a lack of money and unconvinced  voters.  In the prophetic words of one of your own, the Big Loser Al Gore, the 'Inconvenient Truth'  AOC, is that  you and your  thieving and manipulating progressive cronies may have stolen the presidential election but your illegal underhand  tactics failed to reach the House level and the American voters spoke loud and clear much to the dismay of your ancient albatross Nancy and company. Regarding the lost Democrat House seats, poor Nancy could only utter: "we still have the majority."  Right on. Coming from  Nancy this is an absolutely brilliant statement and to her benefit didn't require a whole lot of advanced math.  Bet she considers it a miscarriage of justice that she couldn't rip up the winning republican ballots in her aged hands like she did President Trump's State of the Union speech.

If Joe is declared the eventual presidential winner, I certainly hope the muddled  democrats will escort him to the swearing in ceremony, because in his mental decline he would probably end up in  Miami  or back in his basement.  Also since he asserted during his campaigning that he was 'running for the Senate', wonder how that race turned out, and can he hold the office of Senator and President simultaneously?  I personally think that might be a tad Unconstitutional but since the stupid liberals have absolutely no clue as to the dictates and controls of this document mandating the separation of powers between the executive and legislature, they  would probably proclaim they now 'control both the White House and the Senate' and go forward in lockstep  like grinning sheep  in blissful ignorance.   Hopefully two years from now they will in realty be 'sheared' sheep'  and lose their House majority.

However, unlike the democrat's unsheathed hatred for Trump, I do feel a tinge of sympathy for  you Joe and your "whats- her- record" running mate because during the course of the next four years even the fawning, sobbing  and patronizing media will be unable to  keep your  failures and miscues  from the American public.  Unbelievable Joe, but you've had 47 years of freeloading off the American taxpayer with not a single iota of positive accomplishment as a professional politician. Not one positive bill have you sponsored. That has to be a record even for stupid professional politicians and one you can claim sole ownership of.

Now ascend in triumph Joe with your lapdog, green power progressive socialists lapping at your heels as we assuredly face a decline in America's greatness and prosperity under your reign. Good Luck Joe - you're sure gonna need it!

Charles David Sliger