Letter to the Editor

Trump, the spoiled bully, has to accept his loss

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

To the editor,

    Donald Trump is spending his last days in the White House as he has spent the last four years: As an overgrown spoiled bully, whimpering because he didn't win the game he couldn't afford to lose. His pitiful attempts to find fault in the election process have not been successful, the endless lawsuits have either been thrown out or defeated, and he has retreated to his covid-laced bunker.

    Now that his legal efforts have been dashed, he is resorting to illegal methods: Trying to convince Republican legislators in the swing

states to appoint their own Trumpist electors, effectively usurping the will of the voters. Fortunately, most state legislatures are run by

sane, honorable representatives, who don't want to be remembered as the Cohorts who Demolished Democracy. It's not enough for Trump to be endangering the health and safety of citizens by denying an orderly transition; now he wants to lead the nation down a path toward a constitutional crisis.

    If there was ever a good example of why the electoral college should be abolished, this is it. We wouldn't have to put up with this insane nonsense if the will of the voters had been followed four years ago.

William Davis,