Letter to the Editor

One road, two names

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

To the editor,

Whatever happened to the majority vote of the people, like 100%, especially when it comes to the safety of their homes and lives?

The duties of the road board do not include changing a road name.

Addresses are assigned by 911 Emergency Department.

For 20 years the residents of NEW Road/CK Troxler Road in Normandy have been dealing with a major problem.

There are eight families that live on this road. All of us signed a petition asking that the original name of the road be restored to NEW ROAD.

Let me take you back to the beginning. TVA built the road to have access to the back side of Normandy Lake. TVA called it Red Hill Boyd Branch Road which was too long and it was shortened to NEW ROAD. The name New Road has remained for almost 50 years. There were only three residents that lived on New Road, the Hitts, the Weavers and Mr. Hill, until the 90s.

Bedford county had an ordinance that said in order to change the name of a road, you had to have the vote of 100% of the residents LIVING ON the road. Somehow, the ordinance was changed to accommodate an adjoining property owner, James C Troxler. Troxler wanted to change the road name for his father, C.K. Troxler. The ordinance was changed to include adjoining property owners, so Troxler could vote.

The county did NOT have 100% of the residents in agreement. The Hitts, who have a business on this road, refused to change their address. That means the road name was illegally changed by not having 100% of the residents vote.

Bedford County went against their own rules and changed it for Mr Troxler, who NEVER lived on this road.

ANOTHER Troxler Road is located about 12 miles from here in Raus. I called the sheriff’s department after we had some vandalism and waited for the police. When he got here, 45 minutes later , he said, “ Never say you live on Troxler Road. I’ve been all over Raus looking for you.”

The Hitts had a fire “Never say you live on Troxler Rd it doesn’t come up in our GPS, use New Road.”

If Mr Parker at 561 CK Troxler Road, calls a wrecker it comes to 427 CK Troxler Road. By the time they drive up our drive 1000 feet then they have wasted valuable minutes that could mean someone’s life or death.

It is a fact if Fed Ex is making a delivery out of Nashville, they cannot find the recipient.

I just waited 10 days this week, for a shipment and the driver said he’d been all over the other side of the county. I said “Were you on Troxler Road in Raus ”

He said , “Yes, C.K. Troxler Rd does not show up in our system. We got a message last nite to use New Road.”

The Hitts had a prowler at 2:30 am and called the county sheriff’s department. The whole time watching the car slowly coming up their drive. Brenda panicked and had said CK Troxler Road. Finally said,” I live on New Road” they were there in 5 minutes.

WAZE, the free GPS that comes standard in every new FORD says I live on NEW ROAD. No CK Troxler shows.


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Every person that lives on this road is over 55 and some have had major health issues.

Are we going to get an ambulance driver who uses WAZE or is he going to have to hunt thru apps trying to find CK Troxler Road or come up empty handed like Fed X? I can find at lest 8 apps to Stacy’s two that show NEW ROAD.

Contrary to what the Bedford County Road Board believes they control, they do NOT control world wide navigation maps and apps, nor can they. The board can’t control what others use either.

The problem is the road which is 1 1/4 miles long and has TWO names.

One hundred percent of the residents of New Road petitioned Bedford County Road Department to restore totally the road name of NEW ROAD. I spoke with 911 who understands the problem and said they would sign off on whatever the board decided. Ms Rhonda Clanton at the property tax office also said she would sign off on it. I have also talked with Sheriff Swing who said he realized the problem and to take it to the county commissioners, which I did, and they referred it to 911 but went to the road board who said it wasn’t a road problem.

The board is chaired by Frank BOBO, who was very condescending. Bobo didn’t even hear the reasons to change the name before he started talking about what a good man Troxler was. Bobo is a friend of the late Mr. Troxler who wanted the name changed for his father. Both Mr. Troxlers have passed and neither one have EVER lived on this road. They lived on Red Hill.

After the vote, I asked Mr Bobo, “So you are telling me Mr Troxler’s name on a road sign is more important than our lives and our homes?”

He responded “I didn’t say that.”

“Well your vote just said that!”

I suggested them putting a small monument up in honor of Mr Troxler on Red Hill Road where he lived. No response.

It wasn’t going to cost them anything to change the name. They told me I would have to pay any cost, which I said I would.

Bedford County Road Board 's vote is irresponsible and very reckless. Ricky Reed was the only board member who voted to change the name.

We are the ones who live here and deal with this week after week, not Mr Troxler, and certainly not Frank Bobo or the Bedford County Road Department.

Katy O Ishee

931 857 3643