Letter to the Editor

We, as Americans, need to work together

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

To the editor,

Our country has reached a pinnacle  of violence the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Civil War era.  It is the mostly pro-Trump supporters this time who were the  violent mobs rioting and shooting in the nation's capitol.  However, this deplorable unlawful action pales beside the chaos, looting and deadly  riots that have inundated our country for the past year mostly condoned and sanctioned by the left wing minority radicals of the Democrat party;  which, by the way, does not  represents a vast majority of the law abiding moderate Democrats no more than the violent Republican radicals represent the majority of Republicans.

Regardless of what has occurred during the looting and burning the past year by the unruly mobs of thugs, felons and antifa organizers, it is still unacceptable irregardless of which political partly is at the helm of such despicable behavior. 

This recent onslaught on our nation’s capitol and the convening Congress is exemplary  of some foreign third world country  under  a brutal socialist  dictatorship reign but most certainly does not reflect the United States moral values and the right of the people to assemble in lawful and peaceful protest.


Our country has almost reached a point of no return if the vast majority of the sensible citizens do not step forward and condemn and demand a lawful cessation of such behavior by a small  minority of our citizens. And their voices must be heard and reported by both liberal and conservative news media and not further incite the masses with false news and sensationalism. 

The elections are over folks  and the Democrats are in control of both the executive and  legislative branches of our government.  Our national elections may have been flawed by illegal voter issues and confusion but its now over and we as a nation must strive to proceed in a lawful manner and the losers conform to the law of the land and if they must protest, do so in a peaceful manner.

In fact the  First Amendment  of our Constitution confers  the right of the people to publically assemble but absolutely does not condone the violence, looting and unlawful mayhem that has prevailed the past year. 

As an American citizen and Marine veteran I will never approve or accept the ultra-left wing radical branch of the Democratic party, but I  will not  harbor an intense, vocal hatred of President Biden as the left wingers have for President Trump the past four years. Neither will  I accept or approve  the  equal radical right wing of the Republican party.  For God's sake America, it is time to move forward in a positive manner.  You may not respect or agree with  the upcoming Biden administration, but as Americans you should definitely respect the office of the President. 

America has elected 46 presidents, some excellent, some mediocre; some admired and some hated.  But all the presidents have had one thing in common we sometimes overlook;  they were and are all humans with human strengths,  weaknesses and fallacies and as such it is to be remembered  that it is the office of President to be honored and respected, not necessarily the person elected.


The election is over, and rioting and violent protesting will only further divide our country.  And in this time of national crisis with the deadly COVID- 19 virus running rampart, it is time for us all — Democrats and Republicans — to step forward as respectful  law abiding Americans and  regain the national and world prestige and respect for which our great country is noted and always remember  that our history reflects the greatness of America in overcoming severe crises and challenges and  still emerging as a strong, respected nation.  Arm-in-arm, we can attain this status again.

Charles David Sliger,