COVID-19 cases declining rapidly in state, county

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The number of active COVID-19 cases daily in the last 21 days is falling rapidly in Tennessee — down 42 percent. Three weeks ago (Jan. 18-Jan. 24) the average daily number of active cases was 51,688. Last week (Feb. 1-Feb. 7) the daily average was 30,039.

The rapid decline in active cases is also evident in Bedford County where three weeks ago the average daily case count was 352. In the last seven days (Feb. 1-Feb. 7) average daily count of active cases was down almost 54 percent to 163.

The state determines whether a case is active by taking the total number of cases subtracting the deaths and subtracting the number of inactive or recovered cases. The state says a case becomes inactive or the person is recovered if they are not dead 14 days after the first symptoms became evident or 14 days after a positive test. There is no provision in Tennessee’s public reporting for how many people have extended hospital stays or long term negative health effects. The window is 14 days.

In the seven days, from Feb. 1 though Feb. 7, testing in Bedford County revealed 95 new cases from 658 tests — a positivity rate of 14.43 percent. The daily average number of new cases in that period was 14.

Nationally, the number of new cases in the last 14 days was down 31 percent, the number of new hospitalizations was down 26 percent and the number of deaths was down 8 percent. Since Jan. 1, 2021, over 100,000 deaths in the U.S. have been attributed to COVID-19. On average, in the last seven days, every day in Tennessee the deaths of 116 people have been attributed to the coronavirus. In the last seven days, the deaths of 819 Tennesseans have been attributed to the COVID-19.

Bedford County is 23rd highest of the 95 counties in Tennessee for the number of deaths (109) attributed to COVID-19. On Friday (Feb. 5) Tennessee had its highest daily death count at 203. Since the pandemic’s arrival in Tennessee last March, 109 residents of Bedford County have died from the coronavirus. The counties with the highest death counts in Tennessee are Shelby (1,378), Davidson (790), Knox (523), Hamilton (410) and Rutherford (337).


Tennessee is sixth from the bottom in the rate at which it is vaccinating its people. At the bottom is Idaho that has given the first dose of vaccine to 7.9 percent of its population and 1.9 percent have gotten the second dose. Next up is Iowa (7.5 percent 1st dose, 2.8 percent 2nd dose) followed by Kansas (7.9 first dose and 2.3 second dose); Missouri (7.8 and 2.3); Alabama (7.7 and 1.8) and Tennessee (8 percent and 3.6 percent).

The highest vaccination rates in the nation are Alaska with 14.5 percent given the first dose and 5.4 percent the second dose, followed by West Virginia with 12.1 precent of its population given the first dose and 5.8 percent the second dose.