Letter to the Editor

The dog and pony show revisited

Saturday, February 13, 2021

To the editor,

I recall an entertainment event held at the east Tennessee Pine Hill  grammar school I attended.  It was  a  'dog-and-pony' show charging an admission of 25 cents that was open to the public  of the community as well.  In this show there were  several dogs of various sizes,  breeds and temperament.  The ring master  held a flute ( in essence he was the Pied Piper) in his hand on which he would blow various notes and the trained dogs would react accordingly, lined up tail-to-nose and skip  around in a  circle performing various acrobatics such as turning flips,  jumping through  hoops, and walking on their hind legs while  shrilly yelping the whole time in either pain or resentment. There was one little disheveled mutt bringing up the tail end of the train that never seemed to quite get it all together,  often out of sync with the rest of the troupe  but making up for it's bewilderment by yelping shriller and  louder than all the rest. A very entertaining show for us poor, unworldly  rural  folks. The grand finale consisted of the dogs in tandem  ascending a step ladder and at the top with a finale sharp yelp to the accompaniment  of their master's  pipe  leaping  off  and jumping  with  joy around him as he  passed out treats  to them. 


The purpose of this sketch is an analogy of today's spectacle and farcical  'dog-and-pony' show occurring in the  hallowed halls of the U.S. Congress as the far left democrats jump and shrilly yelp to the senseless notes emitting from their pied piper,  Biden, and offer a modicum of entertainment similar to that of the dog-and pony- show just described — but at a much higher price. 

Of course Nancy is the lead dog in this travesty paid for by taxpayers with the  misfits of the radical democrat party in line nose-to-tail and the  little unkempt and  totally confused mutt at the end representative of  AOC .  But they all will receive their 'treats' doled out by pied piper Joe paid for by the taxpayers.

The 'show' entails a glaring  display of ignorance by the democrats of the US Constitution in that impeachment  is solely for those federal officials accused of violating one of the criteria laid forth for them in Article I of the US Constitution while holding office with nary a word to entertain such action after a person  leaves office.

History reveals the Founding Fathers gave the impeachment concept a lot of serious thought and intended it for federal office holders; not private citizens.  It is to be reckoned they thought succeeding generations of politicians would have the sense to wisely interpret this article of impeachment but current events prove just how wrong they were in that we are now governed by a covey of stark raving idiots. 

And now the US Senate, in their infinite wisdom, have deemed that the 2nd impeachment of Trump is indeed constitutional.  Of course there is no basis for this solemn declaration  and if pressed the Senate would be unable to quote a single article to support their allegation. 

In US history since the adoption  of our Constitution there have been 21 impeachments (including Trump's second) of federal officials, two of which were presidents, one US Senator (1799) and the majority were federal judges.  However, contrary to today's 'dog-and-pony' show conducted by the Constitution-ignorant democrats, all were in office at the time  the impeachment charges were levied with the exception of this, Trump's second. So in essence they are prosecuting a private citizen  using an article of impeachment solely written for federal office holders while in active status.

It is apparent the democrats and the few  republicans in favor of the meaningless impeachment of Trump serves one purpose and one purpose only; an opportunity to vent   their all-consuming,  volatile and senseless hatred of a former lawfully elected president of the United States. And, yes, he was lawfully elected much to the consternation of the Washington establishment democrats. 

And for the perpetrators to deny the sole driving force to assuage their failure at their first failed impeachment attempt was triggered by their unrealistic hatred of Trump; they are now grasping at a straw that would utterly have no impact whatsoever, even if they did succeed. What will be the end result other than making a mockery of our justice system and resulting in our ruling Congress looking  like "chicken little"  fools running amok in the world's political eyes?  If Trump is found guilty  what will be the punishment doled out?  Perhaps invoking  a biblical passage for sinners  and stoning him to death in the village gates while aired on TV by CNN, would be apropos of the bruised egos of the indignant  democrats.  You, being without sin Joe, could cast the first stone.

    So carry on Congress with your  'dog-and-pony' show and try to convince the American taxpayers that your  sole purpose is not soap opera  entertainment or endless yapping before the cameras and seeking justice but, instead, using  your elected  positions to vent your all-consuming hatred of Trump.  You have made a mockery of justice, our Constitution and in the end the entire shameful debacle will be to no avail and there will be no conviction.

Remember this when you  leap off the ladder in the grand finale. When I listen to and see  the snarling hate mongers being paid by suffering taxpayers, I would remind all you radical left wingers  that on the Tree of Life you are spineless, craven sponging sprigs of mistletoe serving no useful purpose except sapping the tree of its strength and assets.  In summation  I recall   an old famous adage of actor W.C.Fields when he  stated:  "I never met a kid I liked"  Change the word 'kid'  to 'politician' and this sentiment would cover  millions of fed-up Americans.

Charles David Sliger