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The scar rule and disturbing information (10/02/14)
During the 2014 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, one thing was evident; the scar rule was being interpreted differently by the United States Department of Agriculture and the SHOW HIO. And since the show ended, media have reported that violations doubled and soring is still rampant in the Walking Horse industry. It's time to look at some facts...
CORRECTED: Spotted saddle horses' versatility will be on display (09/28/14)
Shelbyville-based Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association will open its 30th annual fall show Wednesday in Calsonic Arena. This week's show is a traditional gaited horse show, but as SSHBEA looks to the future it is looking to the breed's versatility and relying on a mix of horse shows, trail events and sport horse events to carry the organization forward...
Ups, downs mark 2014 Celebration (09/10/14)
There were both high points and low points in the 76th Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, according to Celebration CEO Mike Inman. Rainy weather on both Saturday nights of the show hurt attendance, and there were about 200 fewer horses showing this year than last year. ...
Celebration lauds Smith with humanitarian award (09/02/14)
Local scoutmaster, former assistant Shelbyville fire chief, and active Rotarian Franklin Smith was honored during the first Saturday night of the Celebration with the show's annual Evan Lloyd Adamson Humanitarian Award. "It was a big surprise," said Smith. "Everybody knew it but me."...
I Am Josť becomes first repeat grand champion since 1956 (08/31/14)
I Am Josť was named Tennessee Walking Horse World Grand Champion on a soggy Saturday night, becoming the first horse to repeat as champion since Go Boy's Shadow in 1955 and 1956. Casey Wright rode the entry for Billy and Debbie Woods of Lexington. Traditionally, the owners of the previous year's World Grand Champion donate a trophy for the new winner, and this year, the Woods were both the donors of that trophy and the recipients...
Let the children walk on, too (08/31/14)
The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration isn't the only horse show that occurs in Shelbyville during the last week of August. The kids at Mrs. Judie Pope's Daycare have a horse show of their own. Mrs. Judie Pope, a lifelong Shelbyville resident, has owned Mrs. Judie's Daycare for 44 years. Pope has always had a love for children, but she as many Shelbyville-natives do, also has a love for the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration...
Letter to the editor, Aug. 29, 2014 (08/29/14)
To the editor: You all going to the show tonight? A familiar question this time of year. The show, of course, being the Celebration. The pagentry and competition notwithstanding, I ask myself every year why I still go. It's been a repeat eavery year since I watched Ebony Masterpiece wear the floral horseshoe...
Governor attends TWHNC; veterans honored (08/29/14)
State Rep. Pat Marsh uses a Celebration usher's smartphone to take a photo of her with Gov. Bill Haslam. Haslam attended the show Thursday night and was honored at center ring. Thursday was also Veterans' Night, with special patriotic ceremonies. See more photos at http://www.t-g.com/gallery/twhnc-8-28-14. (T-G Photo by John I. Carney)
Plenty to do on a hot Celebration day (08/29/14)
Some Celebration-goers braved Thursday's mid-day heat to cook doughnuts, check out their horses and just hang out. Carl Patrick of Ohio was buying doughnuts from the Optimist booth around lunch time. A crew of volunteers led by Mark Hall stayed busy frying, glazing and boxing the tasty treats. The volunteers included Ryan House and Conner Hintze of Boy Scouts Troop 390...
On the day shift: The grounds are alive long before the show starts (08/28/14)
Before the lights come on and the spectators arrive each night at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, there's a lot of preparation going on at the Celebration grounds during the day. Starting with the food... At the VFW food "booth" -- actually an entire building, and one of two food outlets open the full day -- customers were already chowing down at mid-morning Thursday. Inside, workers were braving the heat; air conditioning is only a dream here. But no one was complaining...
Local artist specializes in horse paintings (08/27/14)
Many area residents and horse enthusiasts know Larry Lowman for his photography talents, but the local business man his also a talented painter, seen here with several of his pieces on hand for this year's Celebration goers. (T-G Photo by Jim Davis)
What scar? Industry responds to turndowns (08/27/14)
Tennessee Walking Horses that were rejected by federal inspectors at the Celebration were shown to the media and to a representative of U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais' office on Tuesday, as the horse industry fights to preserve its image and premier event of the year...
Beating the heat with A.M. work (08/27/14)
With overcast skies and a temperature of 73 degrees, Tuesday morning was the perfect time for Tennessee walking horses to get out and stretch their legs. Hunter Morgan of Circle T. Stables had been on the Celebration grounds since 5 a.m. and said they like to work the horses during the morning instead of the typical sweltering August afternoon heat...
Around and around a ring of his own (08/24/14)
Bill Jenne' has put together a "labor of love" for the Celebration this year, and it will be on display for all to see at his son's stables A master woodworker, Bill has designed and built a gorgeous miniature carousel, featuring 20 walking horses and 2 carts -- illuminated with over 200 miniature lights...
Mr. Heisman only entry in "A" division of stallion class; Gen's Black Maverick wins "B" division (08/23/14)
Only one horse, Mr. Heisman, showed in the "A" division of Walking Stallions, 5 Years and Over during Saturday night's performance of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. Gen's Black Maverick won the "B" division from among five entries...
Stepping to a start (08/22/14)
Mark Farrar, in his first evening as the official announcer of evening classes at the Celebration, told the crowd that he noticed attendance had doubled between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., which he attributed to the show's change in start times. "It caught some folks here off guard," said Farrar, and he was probably correct in that assumption...
VAC will report findings: Leader (08/22/14)
A new equine group inspecting horses at The Celebration will report "the good, the bad and the ugly," the lead veterinarian says, although some walking horse industry observers have expressed reservations about the testing. Dr. Jerry Johnson made his pledge to report his findings earlier this week when talking about the Veterinary Advisory Council (VAC). ...
USDA urged to inspect horses at Celebration (08/22/14)
Fifty-nine Congressional sponsors of the PAST Act are renewing their call to the USDA to actively inspect horses at The Celebration. The representatives sent a letter on Aug. 7 to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. They repeated that call on Thursday in a press release to the media by Reps. Ed Whitfield, R-Kentucky, and Steve Cohen, D-Tennessee, two of the main sponsors of the PAST Act...
Explaining VAC: Who they are, what they do (08/22/14)
The new Veterinary Advisory Council (VAC) will inspect horses at this year's Celebration. But some are asking what is the VAC. The VAC consists of Drs. Jerry H. Johnson, Dallas O. Goble and Phillip D. Hammock. The VAC will test at random after horses have shown in the ring and been through any official post-show inspection, said Tom Blankenship, an Indiana attorney who serves as the council's spokesman. The group works separately from USDA and industry inspectors...
Vet group talks inspections (08/21/14)
The Celebration's third-party veterinary inspection of horses kicked off following Wednesday morning classes, halting briefly for a press conference to show how the process works. Earlier this summer, The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration announced the creation of a third-party group, the Veterinary Advisory Council (VAC)...
From the Horse's Mouth: New, yet familiar, voice (08/21/14)
Mark Farrar Jr. had already been announcing morning classes for the Celebration but this year will move to the big arena as the announcer for evening classes...
Corrections training possible in old school (08/21/14)
Tennessee Department of Corrections wants to use the old Harris Middle School / Central High School building on Elm Street for training exercises. The request was presented to Bedford County Board of Commissioners' law enforcement committee and to the courthouse and property committee on Tuesday night. The courthouse and property committee must approve all such requests on a case-by-case basis; the request was presented to the law enforcement committee as a courtesy...
Destinations & Diversions: It's Celebration time in Shelbyville (08/21/14)
Tonight's the night, as evening classes in the 76th Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration kick off in the big arena. There's a new start time, 6:30 p.m., so don't be late. The Celebration Trade Fair will be held beginning at 5 p.m. and continuing into the evening in an open area behind the Kiwanis food booth at the south end. Show admission is required to access the trade fair...
Walk on...it may be faster (08/20/14)
With visitors to the Celebration arriving this week, traffic on North Main Street is expected to pick up rapidly. Work on Shelbyville's main thoroughfare will continue during the 10 days of the National Walking Horse Celebration, according to Heather Jensen, TDOT community relations officer for Region 3...
Trade fair shifts locations, hours (08/20/14)
The Celebration Trade Fair is moving outdoors, and becoming a part of the big show. The Trade Fair is an annual event featuring a variety of vendors selling everything from equine equipment to fine jewelry to T-shirts. In the past, it's been held during the day, inside Calsonic Arena on the horse show grounds. It closed just as the Celebration's evening performances were getting underway...
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