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Well, the Democratic Convention is a wrap!

Posted Thursday, September 6, 2012, at 8:54 AM
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  • If his speech is in step with the others thus far , it will be great. I hope that the haters will actually listen to it before spewing their venom, but I really do not expect that because they do not care about anything beyond their hate for the man there is nothing they would ever say good - their agenda will not allow it. They will feed their hate no matter what it does to our country, the old saying "blinded by hate" fits them well. Obama is not perfect, he is like the rest of us just human, but he is for the people, and that is who he will be re-elected to continue representing, something the other guy has no concept of or desire to do.

    -- Posted by jstus on Thu, Sep 6, 2012, at 8:47 PM
  • May I say that you sound a little locked into your thoughts as well? Not arguing with you, but read your note again and see how much "love" comes from it.

    Might be good for both sides to tone it down, but I doubt that will happen. Maybe Romney is not advertising as much here as Obama, but I seem to hear more negative coming from his side.

    Here again, I may not be watching the right channels. I rarely watch the big three and my wife thinks I am a little strange for watching the history channel and a few others.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Sep 6, 2012, at 9:00 PM
  • I think the President's speech will play fine to his base, but it was pretty much the same old Hope & Change. I'm not sure it'll have the same pull with independents and undecided it did 4 years ago which is key to win the election. I saw the UAW was representing. I don't have to hate the President to disagree with him. Just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Thu, Sep 6, 2012, at 10:53 PM
  • Wow!! Here we go again. Let's honestly look back on "just" the last four years. Are "we" any better off than we were? Answer honestly. For me, I say "no". I am blessed way beyond what I deserve, however, I cannot say I am without worry for where our country is headed and what is going to happen to anyone's [including my own] security with their current economic status, no matter what level you feel you have reached -- or my healthcare needs. We have allowed God and discipline to be removed from our schools and for the biggest part, most other areas of our daily lives. So that area for sure needs to be corrected. The economy has; and always will be an issue for whomever takes office. It is up to the voters of our great country to see that we continue on a positive path to protect our country, our freedoms and our futures. Remember, it is a priviledge to vote! Hope to see you in November. Take an honest look at what is happening to our country and ask yourself "if" Obama is the man you want to follow. For me, the answer is simply "no".

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 9:48 AM
  • I will not be voting for anyone who will not invest his money in America.The money Romney made off the companys he closed and shipped out of America could have done so much in America.Such as helping veterans and disable Americans and schools.Not a dime of any of his charitys not related to mormon church.When you buy million dollar horses and get a tax deduction because of your wifes health and wife wears $990 T shirts. Does anyone think they have any idea of concerns of the rest of America.No mention of our soldiers at Republican convention or Iraq or Afganistan.The economy is slow but recovering we are not losing as many jobs a month as 4 years ago. Its hard when the republicans in congress say no to Hope and Change because they hatred for Obama comes before the American people.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 11:45 AM
  • Let's take an honest look at where we were 4 years ago. When President Obama took office, the U.S. economy was losing 750,000 jobs a month. The auto industry was weeks away from being liquidated and going belly up. We were still bogged down in a quagmire in Iraq, and the number one terrorist in the world, Osama Bin Laden, was still operating Al-Qaeda. President Obama took action to rebuild our economy before we slid completely off the cliff and into another "Great Depression". The passage of The Recovery Act, created 3 million jobs, giving our economy the boost it needed. Along with that, President Obama also took a stand to help save the auto industry. Even thou Republicans such as Mitt Romney said, "Let Detroit go bankrupt", Obama knew that saving the auto industry also meant saving millions of jobs for hard working middle class people. Not just the factory workers, but parts stores, dealerships, diners and small stores in the towns effected by a major shutdown like that. Between The Revovery Act, and saving the auto industry, Obama saved over 4 million jobs. The economy has been gaining jobs every month since. Last month 136,000 new jobs were added. Compare that to when he took office and we were LOSING 750,000 jobs a month. Can you imagine what the unemployment rate would be if we would have continued down that path? 12%? 15%? Who knows. Two major campaign promises that Obama made before he was elected, was to end the war in Iraq, and to find Bin Laden and bring him to justice for the attacks on 9/11. He kept both of those promises. I guess there is one person that can say he's not better off than he was 4 years ago. Osama Bin Laden. I think Obama deserves another 4 years to keep our country safe, and back on the road to prosperity.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 12:56 PM
  • May I point out that the only side that has used "hate" so far is Obama's?

    While I am not an Obama fan, I do not "hate" the man, nor his party but I guess I am supposed to from the "slander points" I see coming out so far.

    Our life could have certainly been better the past few years, but I am not blaming any one man or party. I think they both need some centering but hate?

    We do not "farm out" any of our equipment to be made in foreign countries. It has been suggested and offered by off-shore companies, and it could probably save us more than 50% because of labor AND U.S. taxes coming from every direction.

    But I can understand why smart money used to do it. It helped them compete with those same offshore companies getting free rides INTO our country but not so free the other way around.

    What did those of us get for staying inside the U.S.? Much less profit, which pays salaries (or not) and our taxes squandered away on folks who want more. If I truly trusted where our money was spent, I might not be as skeptical but there is little honesty among thieves.

    Statements from either party who say "all his donations went to" don't ring true. Comparing clothing budgets is trivial, but no one should pay $900 for a T-shirt (did they?).

    But from the look of the opposite candidates wife, I would bet that she is not slumming it either. Should we demand a declaration of clothing expenditures from both parties?

    Now notice, I said all this, criticized both parties and I did not have to hate anyone. Do I have to quote the late Rodney King?

    -- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 1:06 PM
  • How come every negative person seems to forget,that president Bush left this country in that mess. Obama tried to fix it, but republican

    congressman& senators would not back his plan.

    Let not forget

    -- Posted by ruckers on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 1:16 PM
  • round and round we go again , another four years to be wasted --- why in this world of such brilliant people and fabulous technologies, can we as human beings not put together a plan that will work for all? The simple answer is because we would rather argue an endless point / why not just STOP and START over !!!!!!!

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 1:34 PM
  • How come every Bush blamer forgets the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress since 2006 and gained a super majority in 2008 before the "shellacking" of 2010. Democrats still control the Senate and the Presidency but everything is the fault of Republicans. How many times has Congress produced a budget during that time? The President was not even able to get any Democrat support for his own budget proposal. The recession began with the burst of the housing bubble which was partly caused by the government forcing banks to make risky subprime loans to people who couldn't afford them. Plenty of blame to go around for this most certainly including Democrats. Obama himself sued Citibank to encourage the lender to give loans to poor African Americans. About half his clients have since gone bankrupt or received foreclosure notices. You don't help people with easy credit and debt they can't afford. If raising taxes on "the wealthy" is a sure fire way out of this mess then why didn't Obama do it while he had a super majority. He spent that time giving us the crap stimulus and Obamacare. The government has a spending problem that cannot be overcome with taxation no matter how confiscatory.

    Bush is not running but I see little difference between him and Obama. We are still at war yet Obama takes credit for ending Iraq although he opposed the surge that won it. We don't torture, but we sure as heck will kill you with a drone strike even if you are an American citizen. Gitmo is still there. Bush gives us a prescription drug benefit program while Obama kept it and added Obamacare. The Patriot Act is still there but now we have the NDAA as well. Obama is determined to outspend Bush though. Same income tax rates even though Obama had both Houses of Congress his first 2 years. They both supported illegal aliens. They both love 'em some golf. The only real difference is that Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize (the jury is still out on why) and Obama is considered cool. You guys need to forget Bush and keep coming up with more disparaging lies about Romney's time at Bain.

    The Convention is best summed up by the verse Matthew 26:34 for those of you who like Bible verses.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 2:55 PM
  • I am always amazed at how may people base their political views and choices on news media instead of searching the facts for themselves. I think it is called being "spoon fed". Thank you cortnerkin for reminding us of what reality is. If voters would really care enough to study the candidates and their history like you have; instead of just taking bits and pieces to suit their viewpoints, we might have a real election in our country. Democrat or Republican, none of them have had the perfect answer. It will take more than one person from all corners of our government to clean up our mess.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 3:30 PM
  • My Momma used to say, "the louder you get, the less I like your idea and probably the less you believe it yourself".

    It is not a Forest Gump quip, but is seems to have some wisdom from 55+ years ago. She probably got that handed down for generations and I can't say I saw the wisdom when I was carrying on about something back then, but.....

    -- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 3:55 PM
  • BUT, I do share the frustrations of several here when I see clips from some "other" source or unsubstantiated blurbs being drug up.

    This decision is between Obama and Romney. The past is now the past but I can't help but smile a bit when I hear Bill Clinton explaining how he sees it, or at least "spins" it.

    But they ALL do it folks, we just have to see through it the best we can and make the best decision we can.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 4:01 PM
  • Anytime Republicans are faced with the facts of about the number of jobs the economy was losing when Bush left office, and the horrible economic and foreign policy disasters that he left behind for Obama to clean up, you are just one of the "blame Bush" people.. It seems to me that they have "Bush amnesia". Didn't anyone notice that Bush didn't speak at the RNC, or even get invited. They want you to forget him, and with good reason. Bill Clinton summed up the republican antidote in his speech...We left Obama with a horrendous mess, but he hasn't cleaned it up fast enough, so elect us back in so we can finish what we started. Really? I think good old Joe Biden summed it up pretty easily also, "Bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive". Obama has my vote.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 6:20 PM
  • More like "Solyndra is dead, and GE China is alive."

    I've already explained how BO bought off the UAW. you tell us what exactly Bush did that led to the financial crisis. School us please.


    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 7:21 PM
  • Maybe when Bill Clinton said "We left BO with a horrendous mess" he was referring to his own contribution to that mess. Google Clinton and subprime mortgage and behold the plethora of damning evidence. It's funny that this gets passed off as a Republican catastrophe when the biggest participants were Democrats.





    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 8:48 PM
  • amen brother!!

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 9:47 PM
  • When Bush took office in 2000, President Clinton had left him a balanced budget and a $236 billion surplus. 8 years later, Bush had turned it into a $455 billion deficit. The subprime bank loans was just a small part of Bush's economic collapse, and there's there's plenty of blame to go around for that. But how Bush really wrecked the economy was by giving $4 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthy, at the same time that we were spending $10 billion a month in an unfunded, and unnessary, war in Iraq. Combine all that with the out of control pork barrel spending, and you have the Bush economic disaster. What I really don't understand, is why Republicans want to return to these same failed fiscal polices. Mitt Romney wants to go back to the deregulation of the financial sector, and give an even bigger,$6.5 trillion, tax cut to the wealthiest 1%. It's like intentionally shooting yourself in the foot.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Sep 7, 2012, at 11:37 PM
  • Clinton can thank his Republican Congress for the the balanced budget. Bush also inherited a recession from Clinton. Bush's tax cuts benefitted all taxpayers. Bush definitely increased the deficit with wars and all that. I didn't say I was a fan. That didn't cause the subprime crisis though. If the Stimulus wasn't pork then what was it? Are Obama's wars funded, Afghanistan and Libya? Are/were they necessary? You are making my point that Obama is basically a Bush third term. The economic crisis was most certainly begun by the subprime mortgage bubble. Why so willing to forgive Dems and Clinton for the subprime lending bubble, but have so much Bush hatred when Obama has basically done the same things? If Bush tax rates are so bad, why did Obama let them stand when he had a super majority? We seem to agree spending is out of control. Obama has no plan to turn that around. His speech was this beautiful vision of the future, but I heard no plan to get us there.


    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sat, Sep 8, 2012, at 1:56 AM
  • Why doesn't it surprise me that republicans would want to take credit for Clinton's balanced budget and booming economy? Regardless of whose responsible, the balanced budget did happen. So why not do what President Obama wants to do and put back in place the tax rates that got us to that point. Making the wealthiest pay their fair share of taxes worked. Why should someone like you and I, pay a higher tax rate than someone like Mitt Romney? And what Bush inherited was that balanced budget, record surplus, and booming economy. That's not a recession. And like I said before, what the Recovery Act, or stimulus, did was create three million new jobs at a time when the Bush economy still had us losing 750,000 jobs a month. If you remember, Bush didn't add the cost of the war in Iraq into the budget. They told us that the money from Iraqi oil would pay for it. Well, that never happened, so what we were left with was a $3 trillion unpaid deficit. Even World War II wasn't fought off budget. When the war needed money, the government raised taxes and sold war bonds to fund it. What Bush did instead was to cut taxes for the "job creators" at the same time. Obama wanted to let the Bush tax expire two years ago, but house Republicans threatened to block extended unemployment benefits and middle class tax cuts if that happened. So Obama compromised and kept the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy in place for 2 more years, so that didn't happen. President Obama's policies differ so much from Bush, I don't know how you could even compare the two. One of the first things Obama did was add the cost of the wars into the budget, and he still will fight again for middle class tax cuts, while also having the wealthiest pay their fair share just the same.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Sat, Sep 8, 2012, at 9:21 AM
  • I watched and listened to the speech. He never faltered nor did he stumble.

    If some can get passed the 'n' word and give this man a chance, things will change.

    I live in Wisconin and Ryan has shown very little to live up to our expections.

    -- Posted by moonwalker on Sat, Sep 8, 2012, at 4:46 PM
  • I can't help but continue cringing when I read "wealthiest pay their fair share". What is their fair share?

    What is "fair"? How is that determined?

    Let's consider that I as a college student choose to coast through classes and choose an easy major. As a result I make less than someone who chooses a more lucrative career but as a result had to work much harder on the studying, maybe more years, maybe more expensive classes etc.

    Do I pay 10% taxes but he pays 15% because he is making more? He may be working twice as hard, while I am enjoying life and not saving. Does he owe me?

    -- Posted by stevemills on Sat, Sep 8, 2012, at 5:20 PM
  • The booming economy Clinton experienced towards the end of his administration was the artificially inflated dot com bubble. It burst in early 2000 as Bush was taking office. He did inherit a recession not to mention the ticking timebomb of a subprime mortgage bubble Clinton helped feed. The only difference is he didn't blame anyone. Bush's worst problem was his spending was out of control. Obama has that in common with him.

    I don't see the point in raising taxes on anyone if the government is not going to get spending under control. Why remove money from the private sector so that Obama can throw the money back at his supporters and into green projects that can't get private funding? It's a spending problem first and foremost.

    Moonwalker, don't you mean "give this man a second chance"? Technically, he's had one term.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sat, Sep 8, 2012, at 7:05 PM
  • Obama did not start a war.But more terrorist were killed since he took office than last 8 years before him.Republicans must be ashamed of Bush since they did not invite him to the convention.We dont want to go back to the Bush years.How soon people have forgotten what it was like.The Clinton ecomony was not inflated.We need the tax rate we had in Clintons administration.The tax cut for the wealthy is what got us into this mess along with 2 unnecessary wars.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Sat, Sep 8, 2012, at 9:01 PM
  • Then please educate me on why in the first four years the things that are being present by "O" were not done. Why is it necessary to wait until it is time to run for the second term that "we" whould get down to reality? Because most of the first fours years work was done right out of the gate and since then you can sit and count the number of times the jet and the "o's" have left town on a trip / and I might say "at our expense" --- what is he/she thinking? Oh that's right, they're not. They just need another four years to finish the world tour. I am sick of it. Be real and look at the needs of this country / not more trips / just real work.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Sun, Sep 9, 2012, at 7:17 AM
  • So lets be real, do you deny that the Dot Com Bubble existed or just that the Clinton era economy benefitted from it? Do you also deny Clinton's culpability in the subprime mortgage crisis which began our most recent recession?




    Bush tax cuts and wars did contribute to the national debt but they did not cause the subprime mortgage crisis. Are you always opposed to war or does it just depend on who is in the White House at the time? You say 2 unnecessary wars but Obama doubled down on Afghanistan and said this is the war we should be fighting when he ran against McCain.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sun, Sep 9, 2012, at 12:52 PM
  • Afganistan was where Bin Laden hid. Since we were already there we might as well finish the job.No one had a problem with how many trips Bush took.We had a record number of fillerbusters this administration.This was done out of hatred for Obama.The republican slogan was to Repeal Obamacare.Now Romney has flopped again.As of today he is going to keep some of Obamacare.Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up.What will the robot be programmed for tomorrow.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Sun, Sep 9, 2012, at 2:47 PM
  • Romney has always advocated a repeal and replace of Obamacare. Keeping some elements of Obamacare is nothing new and not a flip flop unless you get your news from Huffpo. Obama, however, has told plenty of whoppers regarding healthcare (see video below for reminders: namely that the negotiations would be on C-span, you could keep your own plan, and that it wasn't a tax).


    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sun, Sep 9, 2012, at 6:19 PM
  • When Romneys term ended as govenor Mass lost more than 40,000 manufactoring jobs,a rate twice the national average. As jobs left 222,000 residents left. This was 3.5% of states population, the 3rd highest departure in the country.Now he thinks Russia is our number one geopolitical foe.The country has heard Romney say over and over "I WILL REPEAL OBAMACARE".The DNC convention included all types of people that make up this great country rich and poor and all religions.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Sun, Sep 9, 2012, at 9:08 PM
  • Also how can Romney creat jobs for America when he didnt for Mass. Mass was 47th in the country for job creation under him.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Mon, Sep 10, 2012, at 9:55 AM
  • Ask Ryan, whatever happened to Parker Pen in Janesville, Wi.

    -- Posted by moonwalker on Mon, Sep 10, 2012, at 4:39 PM
  • I am not sure what is special about Parker Pen and Mr. Ryan but here is the announcement two years ago about the company closing. http://www.jsonline.com/business/53575447.html

    -- Posted by stevemills on Mon, Sep 10, 2012, at 5:14 PM
  • Ask Ryan about The Beloit Corp, . Ask him about Fairbanks Morse, Colt Industries. Ask him...

    ..jobs were lost back then.

    Not much has changed in Rock County Wi., Just that cute kid who cut your lawn, says he and his buddy will make a change.

    The grass is not always greener on the other side.

    -- Posted by moonwalker on Mon, Sep 10, 2012, at 6:52 PM
  • Yes grits, you are so right.

    As the old saying goes. If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.

    -- Posted by moonwalker on Mon, Sep 10, 2012, at 7:33 PM
  • From Factcheck.org:

    "The ad states that job creation in Massachusetts "fell" to 47th under Romney. That's a bit misleading. Massachusetts' state ranking for job growth went from 50th the year before he took office, to 28th in his final year. It was 47th for the whole of his four-year tenure, but it was improving, not declining, when he left."



    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Mon, Sep 10, 2012, at 10:33 PM
  • As usual, those who have closed minds to the facts can only quote quips i.e. old sond lyrics from Aaron Tippin. The facts are just that; facts. When the voters of this country make the decision they want a real change, the voters will stand for a better nation. The tax payers of this country deserve more than we are getting now and much more than we have accepted in the past. If you really want to make a difference, study the candidates with the facts, not just an opinion. Even the smartest of people can learn something. I ask again; are you truly not concerned with where our country is headed on the current path? It is time for a change and that change is in a very different direction from the present course.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Tue, Sep 11, 2012, at 6:53 AM
  • It would be nice if there was a politician (on either side) who could wave their wand and create jobs. I guess if the government (us) is paying the bill then that could happen.

    But for healthy job growth all a politician can do is create a healthy environment for business to grow. Now that our economy is so tied to others, that can all be thrown to the side when Greece, China, UK, or anyone else goes sideways.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Tue, Sep 11, 2012, at 6:59 AM
  • So, does that mean we just stand by and do nothing because "it is already gone" --- I think not! Voting is a priviledge and any person who exercises that priviledge should do so 'educated' about who and what they are voting for / not just following the crowd. I am 55, still working as hard and steady as I did when I started at 16 and yet just because I make a good living I have not reached a comfort level where I feel like I should just quit and let the government take care of me. You get what you put into anything and right now I feel like our country is being cheated because of "all" the past leaderships. That's why I believe a new direction is the only answer at this time. Those of us who work expect to get a return for the tax dollars we put into this country. Regardless of China or any other country, we have and always will do business with them, but to hand and continue to hand our country to them on a silver platter is absolutley disgusting. We did and we can work for our own good. You can never get anywhere without starting. Now is the time to start a "new plan".

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Tue, Sep 11, 2012, at 8:58 AM
  • The economy is improving not declining under Obama.We are not loosing 700,000 jobs a month now.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Tue, Sep 11, 2012, at 8:30 PM
  • Please look at the real numbers of unemployment and government assistance and decide if this is what you call improving. Again, it is only a temporary fog / remember it's an election year and whomever is up for election does anything and everything to make us look like we're improving. I for one have a full-time job with good pay / however, I know it could be gone tomorrow due to the unstableness of our economy and the lack of business strength our country has under this administration. JMHO

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Tue, Sep 11, 2012, at 9:02 PM
  • Recessions do hit bottom and at some point the job losses do slow and stop. Reagan inherited a recession where the unemployment rate peaked at 10.8% in Nov 1982. By his re-election the jobless rate was

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Wed, Sep 12, 2012, at 1:49 AM
  • Sorry above post was cut off.

    Recessions do hit bottom and at some point the job losses do slow and stop. Reagan inherited a recession where the unemployment rate peaked at 10.8% in Nov 1982. By his re-election the jobless rate was 7.3% and quarterly economic growth rates in 1984 were 8.5%, 7.9%, 6.9% and 5.8%. Quarterly economic growth this year have been 2.0% and 1.7%. To get unemployment to 6%, we would have to add 377,000 jobs a month, or 13.6 million over the next three years. We won't hit that mark with anemic quarterly economic growth rates like that. I believe Obama's policies and anti-capitalist rhetoric is keeping our recovery at a snail's pace. People and companies are not comfortable risking capital while he remains in office. I don't think another four years will help that.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Wed, Sep 12, 2012, at 1:56 AM
  • Interesting point cortnerkin. Mr. Obama could just be a victim of the swings of the economy or he could be a victim of the people's perception on his effectiveness and ability to change.

    Either way,the people and our business world wants hope, and they want change, so the perception of who can achieve this best may be the deciding factor. Possibly both could do it, but we have four years of one administration and I am not sure we want to see another four years of the same thing, so...that leaves Mr. Romney.

    Not a great statement of support, but maybe a realistic one.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Sep 12, 2012, at 7:24 AM
  • Try being a teacher for one year and them come back and make that statement. I believe you will see things differently when you walk in someone else's shoes.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Wed, Sep 12, 2012, at 2:07 PM
  • I believe the six month figure may be calculated by removing all regular holidays and weekends, then dividing into 10 day blocks. If we did that to folks working 50 weeks a year they would only work two months longer.

    Teaching in big city environment is much different than Bedford County, TN but I think this shows that adding another 10,000 for our local teachers would not be that unreasonable.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Sep 12, 2012, at 6:29 PM
  • Since Romney wants to go to war with Iran why dont he and his sons and Ryan put on a uniform and enlist.He dodged Vietnam.He cant be trusted to go to other countries to talk about olympics without insulting other countries.He has embarrased America.He keeps saying Obama is apologizing to terrorist.Ask Bin Laden if he apologized to him first and many others taken out during this administration.Even the prime minister of Israel has stated that this administration has done more for Israel than any other.Romney will not tell us his plans because he has none.He even thinks the middle class earns between $200.000 to $250.000. He is clueless.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Fri, Sep 14, 2012, at 7:58 PM
  • Oh you again. Could you please provide a source for the claim that Romney wants war with Iran? This is news to me. The sanctions are working so well though. Of course, if Obama popped a cap on them, you'd be cool with that. In another fumble, the White House leaked intel about the creation of the Stuxnet virus. Obama's approach to the Middle East has worked out so well that Muslims around the world are attacking our embassies, burning him in effigy and yelling "death to America." Obama as a candidate told us that his previous experience living in Muslim countries made him uniquely suited to reaching out to the Muslim world, yet you think Romney is the naive one.



    And please tell us, what is a person that earns between $200,000 and $250,000? They may be doing well in Shelbyville, TN, but in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or most any major city, they are not wealthy unless they inherited a huge trust fund. If they are supporting a family on that income, they are upper middle class at best not wealthy elites. Why don't you start criticizing the 47% that pay no federal income tax rather than attacking people who earn their living and actually pay income taxes? Romey isn't the clueless one. He stated he considered middle income to be those making $200,000 to $250,000 OR LESS. Obama has said he believes middle class are families making up to $250,000 a year. Why the uproar when Obama and Romney are basically saying the same thing?


    Grits, you're last post cracked me up. I found some videos for your edification.




    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sat, Sep 15, 2012, at 3:02 AM
  • Romney states that Obama is apologizing to the Muslims around the world.

    republicans think he is one so why are we not getting along.They did more than burn our flag and call for death to americans when Bush was in the White House,they came to America and attacked us on our soil.

    they thought less of America then.When 9/11 happened America stood together.Now Romney is letting the world see how divided we are.Just to gain political points.That is why he is behind in every poll by double digits in some even behind in Faux news poll.Even though republicans have created laws to suppress the vote in as many as 30 states it is not going to work.The ID you used in all other elections up to now should be valid now.What is so different this election? Americans can see through this clueless robot.I cant wait for the debates since Romney puts his foot in his mouth daily.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Sat, Sep 15, 2012, at 10:52 AM
  • They should give Obama another Nobel Peace Prize.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sun, Sep 16, 2012, at 6:50 AM
  • You're welcome Grits. Makes you wonder what the little kiddies in Chicago learn about at school.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Mon, Sep 17, 2012, at 2:02 AM
  • Yes its me again.Looks like old Mitt is having infighting within his own campaign. It must be hard being pulled between the Reagan republicans and the radical teabaggers and the Koch brothers. And lets not forget the republican spokes person Rush Limbaugh.He cant even lead his own campaign how can he lead America.Today he is talking about unemployment to Hispanics to creat jobs for them .What does it matter when he believes in self deportation for them.This will be remembered by hispanics on election day.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Mon, Sep 17, 2012, at 2:26 PM
  • What a very sad time for our country and our futures when this is what is considered the basis of a vote for the leader of our country. No wonder we are in such a mess. Please vote with confidence that your vote will be the real change not just an "O" mission to take away a solid foundation for all of us to recover.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Tue, Sep 18, 2012, at 3:54 AM
  • No wonder we are in such a mess? We are in such a mess, because people like you, refused to say anything about the deficit, the wars that weren't needed, the unfunded prescription drug mandate and the unpaid for tax cuts for the rich....

    ALL of those things led to our current mess. Surely you don't think a decade of excess can be solved in 4 years. Apparently you do, but most people understand how we got here, and they understand it will take as long, if not longer to move forward.

    -- Posted by darrick_04 on Tue, Sep 18, 2012, at 8:42 PM
  • This mess has been building for many years so out of curiosity I wondered who was in control of the House and Senate more. The President has influence but these two houses are really responsible, more than any one President. (at least in my opinion)

    I went to this site and if I read it correctly, the Democrats controlled the Senate 70% of the time and the House 79% of the time. http://uspolitics.about.com/od/usgovernment/l/bl_party_division_2.htm

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Sep 19, 2012, at 8:29 PM
  • darrick_04 I respect your comments but please tell me --- why in this world if someone is leading you down the wrong path, would you want to follow them for 4 more years before possibly turning around and starting down the right one? I guess it wouldn't make sense to stop going the wrong way as soon as you could --- or would it?

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Wed, Sep 19, 2012, at 9:40 PM
  • You should have asked yourself that question if you voted for Bush for a second time.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Thu, Sep 20, 2012, at 8:54 PM
  • Bush lead us off the clift when he left office.Losing over 700,000 jobs a month.We are not gaining as many jobs as we need but we are gaining some.We are better off than when Bush left office.He had 8 years to screw up the country.No one can fix this mess in 4 years. Romney insulted poor people on food stamps now he states his father used them.He lies so much and forgets what he said in the past.You cant tell a lie the same way twice.No one knows Romney plans. I guess we will have to trust him like he says about hiding his taxes.This is why he is losing in all polls even Faux poll.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Fri, Sep 21, 2012, at 11:11 AM
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bush_Derangement_Syndrome

    Appears we have come full circle in this thread and it's back to Bush. It's the Progressives with their desire to put people in homes they couldn't afford that led to the subprime mortgage bubble that drove us off the cliff. Wars and tax cuts didn't cause that. You say that no one could fix this in 4 years but I would refer you to my Reagan post above. Reagan inherited a recession where the unemployment rate peaked at 10.8% in Nov 1982. By his re-election the jobless rate was 7.3% and quarterly economic growth rates in 1984 were 8.5%, 7.9%, 6.9% and 5.8%. Compare that to our quarterly economic growth rates this year which have been 2.0% and 1.7%. To get unemployment to 6%, we would have to add 377,000 jobs a month, or 13.6 million over the next three years. Not gonna happen with the current administration.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Fri, Sep 21, 2012, at 5:01 PM
  • Cortnerkin, like most republicans, you still want to blame this whole mess on the mortgage crisis, and overlook the main cause of Bush's massive debt. The unfunded and unnessary war in Iraq, and the tax cuts are what got us here. Then Bush bailed out the bankers that did cause the mortgage crisis. Please get some help for your amnesia.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Sep 21, 2012, at 8:49 PM
  • Mitts team doctored his 2011 return so he can claim omitted charity deductions after the election.He is not concerned about the 47% he thinks dont pay taxes but he wants to lower taxes.Does this make any sense.We will never see the last 10 years of his taxes.What is he hiding?

    Ryan was booed at AARP by seniors.This is why they are behind in every poll and double digits in some.I dont think even voter suppression will help Romney as was stated by republicans.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Sat, Sep 22, 2012, at 9:49 AM
  • Amnesia? How can I forget something that has never gone away. If the national debt was the problem in 2008, how can Dems argue we are better off when the national debt has increased steadily since Obama took office. The national debt is still a crisis to come. If Obama's only plan to address the debt is to raise taxes, we are truly sunk. The bankers did not cause the mortgage crisis. The progressives that created the incentive for them to make risky loans built that.

    Yes, lets be real, we know Mitt Romney is rich and very successful. His tax return showed that he paid 14.1% in taxes and gave away more than twice that much. What an evil man. He also released a summary of his taxes from 1990-2009 via PricewaterhouseCoopers, but obviously they are colluding with him to defraud you.


    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sat, Sep 22, 2012, at 11:46 AM
  • The follwoing was sent to me by a friend -- I think is says alot we [ who support Romney and his ways ] agrre on -- worth sharing:

    Why Mitt Romney is Unlikable!

    A lot is being said in the media about Mitt Romney not being "likable" or that he doesn't "relate well" to people. Frankly, we struggled to understand why. So after much research, we have come up with a Top Ten List to explain this "unlikablility."

    Top Ten Reasons To Dislike Mitt Romney:

    1. Drop-dead, collar-ad handsome with gracious, statesmanlike aura. Looks like every central casting's #1 choice for Commander-in-Chief.

    2. Been married to ONE woman his entire life, and has been faithful to her, including through her bouts with breast cancer and MS.

    3. No scandals or skeletons in his closet. (How boring is that?)

    4. Can't speak in a fake, southern, "black preacher voice" when necessary.

    5. Highly intelligent. Graduated *** laude from both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School...and by the way, his academic records are NOT sealed.

    6. Doesn't smoke or drink alcohol, and has never done drugs, not even in the counter -culture age when he went to college. Too square for today's America?

    7. Represents an America of "yesterday", where people believed in God, went to Church, didn't screw around, worked hard, and became a SUCCESS!

    8. Has a family of five great sons....and none of them have police records or are in drug rehab. But of course, they were raised by a stay-at-home mom, and that "choice" deserves America's scorn.

    9. Oh yes.....he's a MORMON. We need to be very afraid of that very strange religion that teaches its members to be clean-living, patriotic, fiscally conservative, charitable, self-reliant, and honest.

    10. And one more point.....pundits say because of his wealth, he can't relate to ordinary Americans. I guess that's because he made that money HIMSELF.....as opposed to marrying it or inheriting it from Dad.

    Apparently, he didn't understand that actually working at a job and earning your own money made you unrelatable to Americans. My goodness, it's a strange world, isn't it?

    ***************************************************** Personal Information:

    His full Name is: Willard Mitt Romney He was Born: March 12, 1947 and is 65 years old. His Father: George W. Romney, former Governor of the State of Michigan He was raised in Bloomfield Hills , Michigan He is Married to Ann Romney since 1969; they have five children.

    Education: B. A. from Brigham Young University, J. D. and M.B.A. from Harvard University

    Religion: Mormon - The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints

    Working Background: After high school, he spent 30 months in France as a Mormon missionary. After going to both Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School simultaneously, he passed the Michigan bar exam, but never worked as an attorney. In 1984, he co-founded Bain Capital a private equity investment firm, one of the largest such firms in the United States.

    In 1994, he ran for Senator of Massachusetts and lost to Ted Kennedy.

    He was President and CEO of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

    In 2002, he was elected Governor of the State of Massachusetts where he eliminated a 1.5 billion deficit. Some Interesting Facts about Romney:

    Bain Capital, starting with one small office supply store in Massachusetts, turned it into Staples; now over 2,000 stores employing 90,000 people. Bain Capital also worked to perform the same kinds of business miracles again and again, with companies like Domino's, Sealy, Brookstone, Weather Channel, Burger King, Warner Music Group, Dollarama, Home Depot Supply and many others.

    He was an unpaid volunteer campaign worker for his dad's gubernatorial campaign 1 year.

    He was an unpaid intern in his dad's governor's office for eight years.

    He was an unpaid bishop and state president of his church for ten years.

    He was an unpaid President of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee for three years.

    He took no salary and was the unpaid Governor of Massachusetts for four years. He gave his entire inheritance from his father to charity.

    Mitt Romney is one of the wealthiest self-made men in our country but has given more back to its citizens in terms of money, service and time than most men.

    And in 2011 Mitt Romney gave over $4 million to charity, almost 19% of his income....

    Just for comparison purposes, Obama gave 1% and Joe Biden gave $300 or .0013%.

    Mitt Romney is Trustworthy:

    He will show us his high school and college transcripts.

    He will show us his social security card.

    He will show us his law degree.

    He will show us his draft notice.

    He will show us his medical records.

    Mitt Romney's background, experience and trustworthiness show him to be a great leader and an excellent citizen for President of the United States. You may think that Romney may not be the best representative the Republicans could have selected. At least I know what religion he is, and that he won't desecrate the flag, bow down to foreign powers, or practice fiscal irresponsibility.

    I know he has the ability to turn around this financial debacle that the current regime has gotten us into. We won't like all the things necessary to recover from this debt, but someone with Romney's background can do it.

    But, on the minus side, he never was a "Community Organizer", never took drugs or smoked pot, never got drunk, did not associate with communists or terrorists, nor did he attend a church whose pastor called for God to **** the US.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Sun, Sep 23, 2012, at 10:08 AM
  • NOT!! is right /

    No Obama Truth

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Sun, Sep 23, 2012, at 12:00 PM
  • ...but he's hiding something. Harry Reid said so.

    Just say no to Hopium & Choom.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sun, Sep 23, 2012, at 1:37 PM
  • Republicans dont think Mitt is the best candidate that is why they are jumping ship.He will never be asked about his birth certificate nor has any other president untill now.His father was born in Mexico after his father fled America.Mitt sat in a church that did not allow people of color as leaders until 1978. Why didnt he leave?Obama also has a law degree and was a college professor.And what did Mitt do with his draft notice,his money kept him at home. America does not have to have a perfect president as all of the above qualifications listed. We need some one who cares and wants to help everyday people and not make jokes about them to the country club groups.Ann Romney thinks it is hard to run for president let her try feeding a family of 5 on minimum wage.Being rich is not the problem,not caring about the less fortunate is. He has spoken out of his own mouth that he doesnt care about the poor and it is going to hurt him come election day

    -- Posted by lets be real on Sun, Sep 23, 2012, at 9:51 PM
  • Mitt Romney's father, George Romney, went against the Mormon church in the 1960's supporting Civil Rights for African Americans while Obama was still a red diaper baby. This is the kind of role model Mitt Romney had as opposed to the Marxists and Communists that influenced a young Obama (Frank Marshall Davis for instance). While Romney did get deferrals for selective service, you are dead wrong in accusing him of being a draft dodger. After his deferrals, his name was put into the lottery and he drew a high number that did not get him drafted. Obama's concern for the poor hinges more on making sure they continue to vote Democrat to have their needs met not empowering them to be successful. Obama sees people as government dependents. See 'The Life of Julia' for example. His notion that Julia is only able to get through life via constant government intervention and assistance is frankly insulting.



    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 12:47 AM

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 7:25 AM
  • Some people will not vote for Obama if he cured cancer simply because they cant stand to see a black man in the whitehouse.I am a white american.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 10:34 AM
  • Also I work everyday and pay taxes and I am one of the 47%.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 10:37 AM
  • As far as color goes, only those who do not use their brain use that race card as a crutch. Black or white or yellow or red. Remember, Jesus loves the children of the world. We are so far past that arguement most people with common sense don't even bother with the victim mentality. Slavery was not right and very brutal, but please tell me how many black people living today were slaves. As far as I can tell, we still do not have and have not had a true black man as president of the US. I would have voted for Herman Cain had he been the candidate against Obama and I believe him to be a true black man. The color compariosn is only for those who have not made it to the 21st century.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 10:46 AM
  • Lets be real, if you're one of the 47% that doesn't pay federal income tax, don't you think its time you paid your fair share? You're very quick to demand higher taxes of everybody else. How 'bout kickin' in to help pay for these green energy debacles, UAW payoffs, wars and drone attacks. I realize you pay sales taxes, payroll taxes and gas tax, but I'm paying all those plus a boatload of income tax to boot. Those pulling the load deserve our thanks not our derision. How can you really care about Bush or Obama's deficit spending or the national debt when there's no chance you personally will ever have to pay for any of it? You have essentially proved what Romney stated about the 47% in that you are willing to continue to vote yourself more government largess at the detriment of us all.

    "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy." - Alexander Fraser Tytler

    I also cannot tell what color you are through my computer screen not that I care or that it would make you any more correct. Obama is a red diaper baby to me not black or white. Obama has not cured cancer but I'm sure that won't stop the Nobel Prize committee from awarding him the prize for medicine too. Likewise, if Obama beat a woman to death, you'd be right here to tell me how she had it coming. I'm not trying to make the case that Romney is perfect. I've not yet seen a President that was, but I believe he has more potential to right the ship than the current administration.


    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 2:29 PM
  • amen again and again -- I pray the voters of this country who truly want a change will open their eyes and minds before November and make that change with their votes. Mitt Romney is gaining real ground despite what trash talk people give hi --- he will prove himself over and over in the debates. Obama hasn't had a clue and still is clueless what it takes to run a country and a government / much less a business of any kind. Do you think he could make a payroll with his lack of business knowledge. NO -- only if he has step by step directions on a teleprompter.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 3:15 PM
  • I am one of the 47% that will vote for Obama but I pay federal income taxes.Go back to the tax rate of the rich under Clinton.Jobs were created.The tax cut for the rich under Bush did not creat jobs as we were told.My tax rate is more than Romneys. Being president is not like a CEO this is not a business.To decorate1956 just what is your difinition of a true black man?

    -- Posted by lets be real on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 7:36 PM
  • So you're not part of the 47% Romney spoke of then. The Bush tax cuts did generate growth and jobs. No plausible theory exists as to explain how the Bush tax cuts led to prosperity for several years and then suddenly caused a recession. You're fine with letting them expire for the other guy but not for yourself. If raising taxes is so beneficial, why not just support letting them all expire. To call them "tax cuts for the wealthy" is disingenuous when all taxpayers benefitted from the cuts. If the money is just going to be used to reward Obama backers and invest in boutique energy solutions that fail, the money is better left in the hands of the private sector. How exactly does extracting money from the private sector promote job creation anyway? The truth is that Obama does not want to raise taxes because he thinks the treasury can take in more revenue. His desire to do so is based on his sense of "fairness" and redistribution.





    I'm not sure what a true black man is either. Maybe it's one not raised by a "typical white person" like Obama's grandmother. I wouldn't consider Obama's background typical of most black Americans in that his father was from Africa but he was raised primarily in Indonesia then in Hawaii by his white relatives. The color of the people matters less to me than what his influences are. I have extended family members that are racially mixed. I don't have difficulty relating to them based on their melatonin levels. I also have relatives that are Obama supporters and I accept them too misguided though they are. I actually married a liberal over ten years ago and am still happily married. I can tolerate almost anything.


    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 11:48 PM
  • lets be real --it seems to me for you to have to ask for a definition of a true black man shows you already have your opinion of what true means so I won't even go there -- I will say however that you seem to have a problem with the rich. I can only say that I am proud for a rich man like Romney who has worked for his wealth, not having had it handed to him by anyone. Not jealous of him. That is the kind of business man I think can get our country back on the right track. And also I might add a moral man who has character and who will work to restore a respect for our country as the greatest country in the world / not bowing down to anyone! That is what our men and women have fought and given their lives for. Or have you forgotten?

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Tue, Sep 25, 2012, at 9:06 AM
  • also lets be real, can you give me list of who and what makes up the 1% OCCUPY movement, who and what makes up the 47% and who and what is considered 100% American? Just curious as to what your observation of these % is.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Tue, Sep 25, 2012, at 9:18 AM
  • We need some one in the white house that has feelings about all people not just the rich.Mitts solution for health care is the emergency room.The 47% he was referring to was hard working americans and others to poor to pay taxes.He has stated he does not care about them. He is clueless.It is not a sin to be rich but it is a sin to look down your nose at the poor.Some of the 47% are retired or disable or veterans.People are listening and are waking up.That is why Obamas approval rating is over 50% and he is ahead in all polls and some by double digits even Faux news poll.I guess Romney will be as successful in running the country as he was in running all those plants, laying workers off and sending those jobs overseas where he hids all his money to avoid taxes.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Wed, Sep 26, 2012, at 8:17 PM
  • I missed the part where Romney said he didn't care about them. He said they are dependent on government and will vote for Obama no matter what. Sounds like you agree with that assessment. It's also a sin to covet what someone else has if you're going to preach to us. The only thing people can possibly be waking up to is that Hope & Change was BS and Forward takes us over a cliff.


    Progressives (for as long as I can remember): "People are entitled to food, healthcare and a place to live."

    Romney (on secret video): "Some people feel they are entitled to food, healthcare and a place to live."

    Progressives (now): "That evil Romney says people feel entitled to food, healthcare and a place to live."

    The Obama campaign has tried to paint Romney as a corporate raider who sent jobs overseas but their ads have largely been untrue or thinly supported. Romney successfully ran a private equity firm. At least he has private sector experience that can be critiqued as opposed to Obama who never created a job for anybody that wasn't from government money. Then there is the ad where they claim he killed the woman with cancer.



    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Thu, Sep 27, 2012, at 4:09 AM
  • Yes he said I dont care about those people. Listen to the video please Now the republicans are against their own mandate for insurance just because Obama is for it.How dare poor and disabled americans expect food and healthcare.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Thu, Sep 27, 2012, at 6:28 AM
  • some people are only as poor as they want to be. some people are there because they have to be. please tell me why in America are those who "want to be poor" 'there' when we have [or should have] the greatest country on Earth. A person with any determination and grit can make it in this day and time / I had my own business for years and I know for a fact there are people who will pay you to do the things they cannot such as wash windows and clean gutters [ but that is manual labor - no remote control attached ]. No one, unless they are disabled, should complain about not finding work --- or is it easier to sit back and wait to have it handed to you and EXPECT to have it handed to you on someone elses tax dollar? It may not be the job you want or expect, but work can be there for you when you look. Healthcare is another whole topic. I do not have the solution for the current problems with healthcare, but I sure as >>> don't want a president telling me how long I can live.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Thu, Sep 27, 2012, at 10:30 AM
  • He said he couldn't worry about them in regards to how they vote. He was acknowledging that his message wouldn't connect with them. He's not saying he wants to exterminate them. Take things out of context much. Why stop at food and healthcare? Shouldn't we also provide them with a cell phone, fuel, television, cable, a computer with high speed internet, a car to drive and a medical marijuana card. That will make them comfortable in their poverty, but most importantly, it will sure keep them voting Democrat. Generational poverty appears be the new American Dream.

    Republicans wanted healthcare changes and had several plans with the goal being of making healthcare more affordable and accessible. Instead Dems ignored the will of the people and gave us the ironically titled Affordable Care Act. Remember Nancy Pelosi who said, "we have to pass it to find out what's in it." Her daughter made the video I linked above in my last post. Government involvement never makes anything cheaper.


    The Democratic theme song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NawJBVdkUfs

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Thu, Sep 27, 2012, at 5:01 PM
  • Oh wait, we already bought them cell phones.


    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Thu, Sep 27, 2012, at 5:40 PM
  • The health care act is very much like Mitts plan for Mass he seems proud of.The statement about the president telling me how long to live is insane. I think it is called A Living Will which each person and their family decide together.Even hospitals are glad about the healthcare act. Since Romneys solution is to go to the emergency room.Let the 47% video keep running and the people will decide.Who wants to be poor? More people will turn out to vote thanks to Romney and they are not even waiting for the debates.Since the republicans blocked the cost of living raise for spouses and children of soldiers killed in combat,it will be more poverty.Watch the latest video of Romney talking about how Bain brought companies and made big profits closing them here and sending them overseas.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Thu, Sep 27, 2012, at 9:25 PM
  • Of course they will get out and vote, but what are they voting for when they vote for OBAMA? more welfare and no future ... now that's a real plan.... and if you think the hospitals are glad, ask the doctors --- oh I bet you won't, because you probably think they are too rich too

    the vicious circle goes on and on

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Thu, Sep 27, 2012, at 9:48 PM
  • There was an ad in the paper about how our hospital felt and it was in favor of the act.Doctors should like it since everyone will have insurance.You are wrong if you think everyone voting for Obama are ignorant and lazy.The majority of my co-workers are voting for him.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Thu, Sep 27, 2012, at 10:06 PM
  • all I can say to that is to study the facts and not just listen to the biased media / if you and your co-workers truly study and open your eyes and minds you will see the direction this country is headed with no chance of economic recovery on the current plan and of course it looks like we're recovering in the job sector, it's an election year and the holidays are coming so of course people will be hired but it's artificial without real growth / personally I want to follow a self-made rich businessman instead of one who cannot balance a budget. I feel like we're headed toward an "insane" figure if he is re-elected ... can you say zillion instead of trillion JMHO

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Thu, Sep 27, 2012, at 10:33 PM
  • I guess if I owned a cell phone store. I'd vote for Obama too. Tell your work friends to work harder because people are entitled to cell phones.


    How many doctors have you talked to that are excited about Obamacare? If anything, they're contemplating early retirement. More work with declining reimbursement and the same liability. What's not to like?

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Fri, Sep 28, 2012, at 6:39 AM
  • Kinda reminds us why the professions such as doctors and teachers, that used to be some of the best to follow, might be in jeapordy as far as long term commitments. All that work and education to get there; to help mold us from pre-kindergarten and take care of us through death is taking a toll on who "will be" there for the future. Why some people cannot see this is beyond anything I can understand. EDUCATION and HEALTHCARE are so important for all of us.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Fri, Sep 28, 2012, at 8:40 AM
  • I am in the medical field and I see from the other side. People are using the emergency room instead of going to the doctor.With no insurance the doctors will not see them.With insurance regular checkups will prevent ER visits and promote wellness.This should decrease insurance premiums but it wont,because they are greedy.People want insurance but some cant afford it on minimum wage jobs.Some people have the idea that I've got mine and to heck with ones who dont.Education is very important. That is why the unions are so important to teachers.And we know Mitt isnt for unions as he stated because they fund the democratic party. That is why Obama is leading among catholics,jews,hispanics,blacks,young americans and women.Seems like more than just the 47%.People are distrusting Romney more and more everyday.He forgets what he says from one day to the next.I cant wait for the debates.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Fri, Sep 28, 2012, at 11:55 AM
  • I will be civil and respectful with these comments. I am also a past "medical field" person [ EMT-IV working for 12 yrs on ambulance running in and out of the ER and seeing all of this first hand before going out on another venture ] and I have a child who is an ER doctor in TN. So I know what I am talking about when I say what appears to be most of the doctors I have talked with are not happy with Obama and I also know exactly what you are talking about with the ER being used for a clinic. Healthcare "laws: and not healthcare itself is the primary reason for this in most cases [ because a hospital ER "should not" refuse to care for someone who tells you they are sick or injured. Saying that, I will say the ER doctor and staff should have the ability to create a clinic type setting for these particular cases until it is determined to be a true [ oh no, there's that word again "true" ] emergency. And that would give the ER doctors and staff the time and space to take care of the "true" emergencies. When you say you are in the medical field, that could mean so many different things. Are you trained medically or do you work administrative "in" the medical field? Makes a big difference. On the subject of insurance companies and premiums, the companies are just as greedy as any other source we apparently cannot live without; may I say "fuel" and "grocery stores"?! It's obvious we are all just in a big mess and again that is why I am voting for Romney. I am not Dem or Rep / I vote with my conscience and facts and I do not believe in all there is to look at with Obama that he is "saint" Obama and no I do not believe him to be the best person to represent me or anyone else in America [except Michelle and those two precious liitle girls]

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Fri, Sep 28, 2012, at 4:38 PM
  • And by the way, I forfget what I say day to day sometimes, too. If you're not over 50 yet, just wait you'll see. It amazes me why people always use something as petty as a thought being forgotten as crucifixion for a candidate. Heck if Obama didn't have to read his words, thoughts and someone elses thoughts, he would forget something too. Maybe we need to get Mitt a teleprompter too and then they both will have shifty eyes and forget where they were when they looked away from it. LOL

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Fri, Sep 28, 2012, at 4:45 PM
  • You're eyes go bad along with your memory. Sorry for so many mispelled words. I think I need glasses:)

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Fri, Sep 28, 2012, at 4:46 PM
  • Mitt needs a teleprompter and a tape recorder so he can hit play and maybe say the same thing at least 2 days in a row.He is not forgeting he is flip flopping on major issues.His daily dissasters is why he is behind in the polls.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Fri, Sep 28, 2012, at 8:06 PM
  • Obamacare won't reduce premiums because of all the mandated "freebies." The Dept of Health and Human Services will have the power to deem what will be covered. If insurance companies can't have the consumers themselves pay for something mandated such as birth control, they will extract the cost from the consumer through higher premiums. Not because they are greedy, but because nothing is free and everything must be payed for by somebody. We already pay for the uninsured and that will not change. The money will just be shovelled through the federal government. Those people not paying now will be no less likely to go to the ER just because they have insurance someone else is paying for. Those of us who have taken charge of our healthcare consider what our out of pocket cost will be before showing up at an ER. People who don't contribute anything personally to that cost don't care and will continue to go to the ER to try and get more percocet and lortab. Hospitals may like that but those of us that actually bear the costs will not. Massachussettes has not seen any huge decline in ER visits. Preventative care does save lives but it doesn't save money. The free colonoscopies that Biden is promising people aren't free. There is a concept taught in high school economics called "There is no such thing as a free lunch." There really is no such thing. The end game of Obamacare is really single payer. The progressives will keep pushing until we have it.



    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sat, Sep 29, 2012, at 1:54 AM
  • I only disagree with "greed" in your comments. I think greed does play a part [ however small it may be ] in these bigger companies because somewhere along the way those at the top have found with monies paid, no matter what and why it comes in means more money for them. I am not against anyone making a great income because I strive each year to increase mine as well. I just know when premiums go up because of disasters or misuse by the insured people such as the roof ripoffs or even healthcare abuse or non-payments from the people who do not have insurance no matter whether it is auto, property or healtcare insurance, the people at the top continue to have increased salaries --- you really don't see them taking a pay cut. And we continue to pay higher premiums to cover all of the above. I would have a really hard time taking greed out of the equation of insurance companies.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Sat, Sep 29, 2012, at 7:36 AM
  • Well republicans have finally found cases of voter fraud and guess what its within the GOP. Fraudlent registrations have been found in 6 counties in Florida. After concocting allegations about election fraud the GOP has registered dead people.There are also cases in at least 4 other states.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Sat, Sep 29, 2012, at 9:25 AM
  • don't get puffed up too soon / you are logged in as "let's be real" so let's be real. The Dems will have to cover ground for all the illegals who cast votes for Obama [to be sure they do not lose all the benefits you *if you pay taxes* and I and all the other Americans who pay taxes] are footing for them. It's not over 'til the fat lady sings and I hear her warming up.

    And by the way, you never explained your position in the "medical field" / dems have a way of getting thorugh many doors with only a partial fact so I wonder about your status really is.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Sat, Sep 29, 2012, at 10:30 AM
  • decorate1956, greed is only when you want to keep the money you earned. It's not greedy to want the feds to take money from somebody else to give to you or buy you a cell phone. You can give up asking direct questions. You won't get responses. You'll just get a redirect to a new topic. There's no discussion here, just prose volleyed back and forth.

    I guess now that you've brought us this case of voter fraud, you've joined the fight to keep integrity in the vote, letsbereal. Voter fraud is wrong no matter who does it. I'm glad the RNC fired the group right away. BTW, has your aunt been able to get her ID yet or did she decide to use an absentee ballot? Seriously, update us on how it's gone with her.

    I don't understand trying to sign people up to vote that don't have the interest to register on their own anyway. If they are that complacent, how informed can they be? It's like trying to get out the moron vote.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sat, Sep 29, 2012, at 2:13 PM
  • I am a nurse and have been for over 20 years. BTW my aunt has been registered for years. But this year that is not good enough.She still has no photo ID and is now in poor health.She will use absentee vote.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Sat, Sep 29, 2012, at 4:43 PM
  • My comment about signing people up who don't register on their own was not directed towards your aunt. I had no doubt she was registered long before. Older people tend to take their vote more seriously than many of their younger counterparts. I am sorry to hear she is in poor health, but I am glad she has extended family like you that take an interest in her well being. Thank you for sharing that.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sat, Sep 29, 2012, at 5:15 PM
  • I cannot understand your position at all if you are nurse. You have to see this first hand and still don't get it. If Obama is re-elected, I hate to think of what will happen to the desire of our young people to become doctors or nurses for that matter. There will be no future for them. Why put in all the hours to study and prepare themselves only to have the government dictate to them every step to take. We all would be better off if we had less govenment not more. To have a career in the hospital, as a doctor or nurses was held in high respect back in the day. Not so much any more. People tend to take a long look at what part the government plays in all of it. As for me, we seem to just be kicking the can down the road... I'm signing off and voting for Romney -- I wish the best for each of you.

    -- Posted by decorate1956 on Sat, Sep 29, 2012, at 6:57 PM
  • Hey decorate1956, before you go, you can send me an email at subgeniusguy@hotmail.com

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sun, Sep 30, 2012, at 9:26 AM
  • America is going foward.Unemployment has dropped to 7.8%.This is a good day for America.Everyone should be happy but some are not.Republicans can spin this anyway they want but we are gaining more jobs than losing them.This may have been the october surprise.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Fri, Oct 5, 2012, at 2:59 PM
  • I am going to open a new post for the first presidential debate.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Oct 5, 2012, at 4:46 PM
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