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Where was this man during the Republican selection process? Dr. Ben Carson

Posted Tuesday, July 12, 2016, at 11:14 AM
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  • Television has nearly ruined any chance of getting the most qualified people in office at that level.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Tue, Jul 12, 2016, at 3:12 PM
  • From what I observed in the debates his knowledge of subject matter did not appear to be very broad.......

    -- Posted by Palindrome on Wed, Jul 13, 2016, at 3:10 AM
  • I would agree that he did not do well in those debates. He likes to think before he talks.

    I would be more concerned if he talked, before he thinks but a thoughtful response did not play well with the press or live TV.

    I actually like the idea that he was looking at these things with "new" eyes. Was it Ford that said something about not knowing everything but he surrounded himself with people who did? I believe Dr. Ben would have done that.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Jul 13, 2016, at 8:25 AM
  • I'm not going to argue that Ben Carson isn't a smart guy.

    He was a neurosurgeon. I get it.

    But I will point out that it's possible to be incredibly intelligent, but also be completely batsh*t crazy.

    Case in point, Dr. Ben Carson.

    He told so many wacky stories during his campaign it's hard to pick just a few for discussion. But here's a few of my favorites.

    Even thou he's a man of science, he denies climate change. But that's not too surprising, most conservatives do.

    But it gets better.

    He also calls "the Big Bang", a "fairy tale"

    And he denies Evolution, saying that Charles Darwin was "encouraged by Satan".

    And none of that may even bother you, but here's the best one.

    He said he believes that the Pyramids in Egypt weren't built by the ancient Egyptians as burial tombs.

    Nope, those scientists are wrong too.

    According to Ben, those pyramids were built by Joseph(from the Bible). And he built them to store grain.

    Giant silos, I guess.


    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Wed, Jul 13, 2016, at 4:23 PM
  • Well, since some of his concepts I agree with, I figured I better find out where the saying "batsh*t crazy" came from since I might qualify, at least in some people's mind. Here is a theory. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=batshit%20crazy :-)

    I believe the climate is changing, but it has changed for a LONG time so that is a given to me. The reason for the change is where I think we might differ. Has man changed it, I am sure we have. Has Al Gore' theories been proven, not so sure.

    Regarding the "Big Bang", it is all theorized since no one was there. Remember those experts defined how many planets we have, until we didn't.

    Charles Darwin's theories have been modified to various theories of life and many agree with the Bible's version. Again, theories so, with whom do you choose to agree?

    Do I believe life has evolved. Yup, just like climate change, it happens, but I do not believe all the miracles of this world "evolved" from mutations of a cell in volcanic mud, unless a greater being made it so, of course.

    It does not make you crazy, unless someone wants to be judgemental and put a label on you. It still does not make the judgements correct, just opposite of someone else's viewpoint.

    Scientists are wrong at times. It does not make them all wrong, but they are fallible as we've seen so.....

    The pyramids? I wasn't there, but it is the first time I heard the "Joseph" theory. Should make for a good conversation.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Jul 13, 2016, at 8:12 PM
  • I like Ben Carson and would certainly have voted for him over either of the two party candidates we have now.

    The media basically crucified him by making huge issues out of non-issues. Pyramids? Really? I don't really care which "theory" someone subscribes to on ancient structures or Darwinism. I am more interested in there character as a person.

    A person who is wrong, but honest, is much better than a liar, any day.

    -- Posted by Liveforlight on Wed, Jul 13, 2016, at 10:21 PM
  • Batsh*t crazy would be the folks who believed creating a group insurance policy of people who couldn't get or afford insurance would be cheaper than the policies already available.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 3:43 AM
  • Crazy would also include folks who think a government that's 19 trillion in debt with over 120 trillion in unfunded liabilities is more efficient than the people they claim have too much money.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 4:02 AM
  • *

    RV, I know we don't always agree on things but it is nice when we can find common ground . I have to agree with you that it is possible to be intelligent and crazy at the same time. At least I assume there are some intelligent libs out there, probably including you. BTW, what do you call "the Big Bang"? A "theory "?

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 5:25 AM
  • I think there's a big difference in disagreeing with someone's economic and political views compared to someone who denies known history and accepted science.

    Anyone who actually believes that a biblical character built the Egyptian pyramids to use as grain silos has a serious screw loose.

    I'm not sure I'd want them assembling my cheeseburger, let alone running our country.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 6:43 AM
  • RV seem to be missing the obvious. "Known history" and "accepted science" as known by theories, change all the time.

    It was once accepted science that the world was flat. It was once accepted science that there were 9 planets including Pluto. It was accepted science when I was a child that we were headed for another ice age.

    Basically, you are saying that unless a person subscribes to the same theories as you, that you wouldn't trust a brain surgeon to make you a cheeseburger. SMH

    -- Posted by Liveforlight on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 7:41 AM
  • The fact that the ancient Egyptians built their pyramids as sacred burial tombs is not some "flat earth" theory.

    It's not a historic fact that could change once we gain a better understanding of them.

    Archaeologists already have physical proof.

    That's what makes Ben Carson's beliefs about this so disturbing.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 8:40 AM
  • I would suppose their proof is the bodies, mummies, sarcophagus, etc? Certainly a compelling argument and something I need to study and research. I would like to know his exact words on it and his reasons for saying what he did.

    That does not make him crazy in my mind (I've admitted to having a twisted mind long ago) but it does say that there must be some other theories on how the pyramid design came about and maybe, just maybe, it was design for some other purpose before the Egyptians adopted it.

    So, I have to defer further comment on that one aspect for now. What about the others?

    -- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 8:56 AM
  • *

    What seems more important to me than what a person believes about 1 specific thing in the long ago is what they think about what problems we have right now and what can be done to fix them. Dr Carson demonstrates understanding and has some good solutions. I would be honored if he made me a cheeseburger. If you don't see at least a little bit of crazy in anyone you are looking at then you ain't looking hard enough.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 9:05 AM
  • Well, besides Carsons wacky stories and beliefs, I also thought he had some horrible ideas.

    His "tax plan" was biblical as well, as he based it all on tithing.

    Economists estimated this would cost 9.6 trillion while increasing taxes on low income families.

    It seemed to me his eccentric religious beliefs were guiding his political views.

    But I have to remember who I'm talking to here.

    You all probably believe the new Noah's Ark exhibit in Kentucky that shows dinosaurs aboard it.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 10:05 AM
  • Really, dinosaurs were on the Ark? Thanks for confirming that RV!

    I read enough so far to see where he got some of his ideas about the pyramid. While I am FAR from agreeing with him yet, what I got out of this is that he is a principled man who has the courage to speak his thoughts.

    He SURELY knew others would not agree, yet when he saw an opportunity to speak his mind, and he did. Crazy in a bold and admirable way.

    I think I like him even more now RV. Thanks again.

    By the way, what do the experts say is the reason the Great Pyramid is on our dollar bill? I've read some interesting theories but does anyone have a rock solid, set in stone reason?

    -- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 10:46 AM
  • I think there's a big difference in disagreeing with someone's economic and political views compared to someone who denies known history and accepted science.


    What is easier to prove/disprove than very simple math?

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 12:17 PM
  • I know where he was ,he was asleep.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 12:30 PM
  • Power Nap?

    -- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 12:57 PM
  • Your welcome, Steve.

    To each his own. If you see his craziness as bold and admirable...that's cool.

    I see it as just plain crazy.

    And yeah, there is a new exhibit in Kentucky that is supposed to be a full scale replica of Noah's ark.

    It cost around 100 million dollars to build and was done by the same folks that built the "creationism museum".

    And yes, they have dinosaurs on their ark.

    So which is crazier....dinosaurs on an ark, or Joseph building the Pyramids for grain silos?

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 2:22 PM
  • Steve, you should be able to see at this point why Carson dropped out.

    Rocket has displayed perfectly the liberal mindset that the mainstream media also shares.

    These non-issues, once discovered, were held unto doggedly bringing them to the forefront at every opportunity to undermine any message Carson had. Then, the rhetoric was used to pervert any message he tried to espouse.

    Again, RV displays this perfectly with the only issue based comment,, about Carson's tax plan. Here is the link to his tax plan which makes no mention of tithing or even 10%, which is what a tithe is.


    You should also notice the repeated insults and judgmental attitude indicated by words like "whacky" "crazy" and attempts to marginalize people with a Christian world view.

    Quite simply there is no trust or tolerance for anyone who expresses a belief system that is different from theirs.

    Additionally, RV is concerned that Carson will bring his religious beliefs into the equation when making decisions.

    So, Carson professes to be a Christian and, can be observed living out what he says he believes.

    Now, Hillary Clinton also professes to be a Christian. She has been observed publicly and repeatedly, lying about current issues, not some ancient theory, but current events.

    So, on one hand we have Carson who lives by what he says, and Hillary who lives contrary to what she says. This, to me, is a clear indicator of content of character.

    Trust for making a cheeseburger by the brain surgeon is denied while it is extend to the demonstrated liar.

    Hillary's cheeseburger could contain rat meat. But, if she says it is A1 angus beef it must be devoured. BON APPETIT :)

    -- Posted by Liveforlight on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 5:31 PM
  • Liveforlight, during several different interviews and during the republican primary debate in Cleveland, Carson specifically repeated that his tax plan was based on tithing.

    You can google the quotes from news sources, or even watch a video of him saying it.

    So I hope you're not implying that I made that up.

    And I'm not "attempting to marginalize people with a Christian world view".

    But if that world view includes dinosaurs on an ark, or biblical characters building the Egyptian pyramids, then I believe I have every right to use the words "whacky" and "crazy".

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 6:21 PM
  • No RV I wasn't trying to imply you made up the tithing issue. I assumed you were using some media source that made an issue of tithing, which was more than likely an aside to his flat tax plan.

    As far as you attempting to marginalize,


    VERB 1. To treat (a person, group, or concept) as insignificant or peripheral:

    You posted this;

    "But I have to remember who I'm talking to here.

    You all probably believe the new Noah's Ark exhibit in Kentucky that shows dinosaurs aboard it."

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 10:05 AM

    You give a perfect example of trying to marginalize the opinions of those with views that oppose yours.

    -- Posted by Liveforlight on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 8:31 PM
  • Trying to peruse videos for Carson saying something about tithing is wearing me out. RV, do you happen to have a link for one from a reputable news source. One that is not edited just before or just after? I truly want to understand his reference.

    If Jimmy Carter was running today, I wonder what the Liberals would think about his Christianity?

    While searching for videos I ran across some "progressive" YouTube shows. Then I went to see how THEY interpreted progressive since it was not matching up with what I was seeing.

    I won't even give the programs extra exposure by saying their names but their condescending smirks drove ME crazy. Enough to believe Jimmy Carter was really a a Republican. No offense Mr. Carter, just trying to make a point.

    They seemed just the opposite of progressive so if I were the one who created that words I would be very upset that they hijacked it. Seemed to be more regressive, but that s just my opinion.

    And they must be racist because they were making fun of a black man. Guess it is OK for them though. :-)

    -- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 8:57 PM
  • I found several Steve.

    This one from an interview with Chris Wallace.


    And I'm not sure what you mean about Jimmy Carter.

    Why would liberals have a problem with President Carter's Christianity?

    Do you think all liberals are atheists?

    But I am curious, Liveforlight.

    And I'm sorry if this is marginalizing.

    But the ark....with the dinosaurs....you believe that?

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 9:29 PM
  • It would seem to me your constant insistence on bringing the Kentucky ark and dinosaurs into the discussion about Ben Carson is a direct attempt at trying to find an issue with which you could marginalize others.

    However to humor you, or possibly feed your need to feel superior, I will answer your question.

    If your asking if I believe in the ark story. Yes, I believe the story. However, I also realize how easy it is to reach the wrong conclusions based on the written words of someone else. Time, timing, and space being a few such areas.

    If your asking do I believe there were Dinosaurs on the ark, then I would have to consider that further.

    In as much as an alligator is basically a dinosaur, then yes, it is possible. I think the intent of the ark builders in this case would be to demonstrate the possibility that a vessel built in proportion to Bible specifications would have sufficient space to accommodate all known non aquatic animal species both living and extinct.

    However, my assumption is that you want to weigh what you believe based on scientific theory against what Christians believe based on the Bible. The reality of it is, both scientific theory and biblical scholars can, and do, reach the wrong conclusions.

    I personally believe there are no conflicts between true science and true biblical understanding. There is only truth. What is missing is the understanding. In both science and the bible, where understanding is missing, there is faith,, in theory or theology.

    EVERYONE has a belief in what they cannot observe, prove, control, or re-create. Which is to say, everyone has a belief system/faith and opinions about them. We all act on those beliefs in one way or another. Our actions reflect what our TRUE beliefs are, whether that is what we say, or think, they are, or not. We act on what we truly believe. This is the basis of our ideology.

    Conflicts arise when we do not respect the belief system of others and restrain our tongues and actions to only the issue at hand without insulting, marginalizing, or attacking, those who believe differently.

    For example: Scientist say the first animals on earth were aquatic. The Bible says the first animals on earth were aquatic.

    Although biblical theology pre-dates the scientific theory by several thousand years, Science theologies (for lack of a better word) would like to over ride or disprove Biblical theologies.

    Many arguments are fought over an issue that both parties actually believe in the same event, but cannot find it in themselves to allow others to BELIEVE differently, stick to only the truth at hand, and realize their own understanding may be incomplete.

    Ok, that is way more than I wanted to write.

    Be blessed. :)

    -- Posted by Liveforlight on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 10:35 PM
  • The pyramids are not hollow. There is no way they could have been used to store grain. http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/greatpyramid3.htm

    -- Posted by lazarus on Thu, Jul 14, 2016, at 11:39 PM
  • Thanks LFL

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Jul 15, 2016, at 7:23 AM
  • Nice explanation Liveforlight.

    I think i understand that the Great Pyramid, the original is built differently than the others?

    If I were building a grain storage for a LOT of grain, I would not want "all my eggs in one basket" meaning that I might have other rooms separate from each other, just in case "Murphy" gets in there.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Jul 15, 2016, at 8:29 AM
  • Thanks Steve,

    I think it might be POSSIBLE that the pyramids were built for grain storage. But, I don't think it is PROBABLE.

    I can't rule it out, like Lazarus, because there were obviously cavities and rooms inside the pyramids capable of holding grain. They are not solid.

    Even so, while it is POSSIBLE that they were built for grain and re-purposed for burials, I think they were PROBABLY intended for the purpose they were being used for (tombs/monuments).

    Without the historical documents expressly describing the purpose, design and construction of an ancient item, many theories are possible.

    What would a person, without historical documents, think of the statue of liberty 3000 yrs. from now?

    The point is that Carson's campaign was derailed by irrelevant "theories". Much in the same way that your blog has been. :)

    -- Posted by Liveforlight on Sun, Jul 17, 2016, at 9:37 PM
  • Interesting thought, what will they think 3000 years from now about what we've built?

    We look at stadiums as a place for sports competition but will they look at it that way or think we were like the Romans.

    And did the Romans see it as we do or did they think it was just entertainment, nothing really wrong with the death that ensued.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Sun, Jul 17, 2016, at 10:02 PM
  • The point is that Carson's campaign was derailed by irrelevant "theories". Much in the same way that your blog has been. :)

    -- Posted by Liveforlight on Sun, Jul 17, 2016, at 9:37 PM

    Much the same way republicans have tried to derail Hillary Clinton's campaign with irrelevant theories (Benghazi, Emails).

    The only difference being republicans wasted millions of taxpayer dollars to find nothing.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Mon, Jul 18, 2016, at 5:07 AM
  • RV, Really?

    The relevance of the pyramids is the same as the breaking current law, compromising national security, and allowing the killing of U.S. ambassadors? SMH

    Besides, Hillary's campaign is not derailed. This says more about the American public than about the candidates.

    -- Posted by Liveforlight on Mon, Jul 18, 2016, at 5:46 AM
  • After eight different investigations by Congress, The State Dept., and the FBI, they found that Hillary did not break any current laws, compromise national security, or allow the killing of U.S. Ambassadors.

    It's true that Clinton's campaign wasn't derailed, but not due to lack of effort from republicans.

    And the fact that you and others still repeat these lies after they've been proven false, does say a lot about the American public and how uninformed they are

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Mon, Jul 18, 2016, at 7:28 AM
  • Calm down RV, my post was about the "Relevance" of the issue, not guilt or innocence.

    My main issue with Hillary is that she is a liar. Unless you believe her over the evidence.

    -- Posted by Liveforlight on Mon, Jul 18, 2016, at 11:39 AM
  • Then liveforlight you should really have a big problem with Trump since he should be in the world book of Guinness for the biggest liar.He said on Faux that the convention was held in Cleveland because that was what he wanted.This was decided a year ago,before he was the nominee according to people on the committee and he is not on the committee.He and Melania are lying about her stolen speech last night.I can not help but laugh at his supporters cheering Michelle Obama's speech.I would like to have been a fly on the wall at his house last night.Wonder whose speech his 2 kids will give tonight.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Tue, Jul 19, 2016, at 12:10 PM
  • Well, I certainly am not a Trump supporter if that makes you feel any better. I think he is cut from the same cloth as Hillary.

    As far as plagiarism, that is nothing new. Obama and Michelle were both guilty of the same thing.


    -- Posted by Liveforlight on Tue, Jul 19, 2016, at 6:41 PM
  • Is the Trump staffer lying or Melania,who said she wrote her speech?How much did Trump pay this staffer to fall on the sword? This is a Hillary hate rally,not a convention.No one has talked about how Trump is going to create jobs, stop ISIS or about any plans for the country.During the debates Trump will have to talk about more than how great he is.I can not believe his military advisor is calling for Hillary to be shot.These are not the kind of people we need in the white house.Ben Carson connects Hillary to Lucifer but he is endorsing him.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Wed, Jul 20, 2016, at 2:02 PM
  • Where in heck did you get that someone on Trump's team is calling for her to be shot? I would ask for a reputable source but I am not sure how reputable any of them are now.

    And I am also confused about the comment regarding who Ben Carson is endorsing. Hillary, Lucifer, or?

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Jul 20, 2016, at 2:32 PM
  • The Secret Service is investigating Trump adviser and New Hampshire delegate Al Baldasaro who stated Hillary should be put before a firing line and shot for treason.Ben Carson said last night that Hillary's role model is someone who acknowledges Lucifer.Carson endorsed Trump who is the epitome of Lucifer.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Wed, Jul 20, 2016, at 9:02 PM
  • The people chanting at the convention last night gave me chills.Trumps campaign is building momentum the same way Hitler rallies did.A psycho and his dangerous divisive flunkies spilling hate.There is nothing Christian about this crowd.I don,t care how many minorities he pays to appear on stage at the convention it is to little to late.All you see is a sea of white faces. You have to look very hard to find a person of color and it is usually someone that works for Trump or his children.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Wed, Jul 20, 2016, at 9:35 PM
  • https://youtu.be/_wpquH3n0bc

    I think this video sums up the republican convention.

    It shows a woman being attacked for holding a sign that read "No Racism, No Hate".

    This offends them?

    How dare this woman want no racism or hate here!

    It would be funny if it wasn't so disturbing.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Thu, Jul 21, 2016, at 3:54 PM
  • *

    RV, that video is a little offensive...to people that have actually been attacked. perhaps she would have been allowed to protest had she been in the proper place, not inside the convention disrupting the proceedings.

    lbr?, are you referring to slick hilly's mentor Saul Alinsky, the original "community organizer" who dedicated his book to Lucifer? And accusing Trump of being a Nazi or Hitler is a little old isn't it?

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Jul 22, 2016, at 11:11 AM
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