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OK, how about something positive, creative? A step in the right direction.

Posted Tuesday, December 20, 2016, at 9:46 AM
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    Steve, what they want is world domination. They want you and me and everyone else to become muslim. If we do, they let us live. If we don't, they kill us. There are all sorts of things that can be done to at least somewhat mitigate the problem, some of which you have already mentioned. But there is only one thing that will solve the problem. I think we all know what that is. But out of respect for your challenge (futile?) for avoiding politics, and presumably the rantings of some, I will not be the first to mention what it is.

    -- Posted by fair share on Tue, Dec 20, 2016, at 11:46 AM
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    And I'm not suggesting we all turn muslim.

    -- Posted by fair share on Tue, Dec 20, 2016, at 11:47 AM
  • Good control fair share, thanks.

    I would also not expect the world to turn Muslim or Christian for that matter. If that is what they truly think they can achieve then there is not much reasoning to be done but I can't help think there is a different and game.

    To those willing to sacrifice themselves it must be the promise of what is to come but that means their life is pretty void of any meaning. Anything that could be done there?

    -- Posted by stevemills on Tue, Dec 20, 2016, at 12:33 PM
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    Imagine when they wake up in Heaven and find out those 72 virgins are Catholic nuns!

    -- Posted by fair share on Tue, Dec 20, 2016, at 2:28 PM
  • There is a fair amount of secularists in Muslim countries. The problem is there are few if any secular governments among the Muslim countries hence it is difficult to isolate the fundamentalists and radicals. The US is supposed to have a secular government and that allows all voices to be heard but none to drown out the rest. If I was the President I would do everything to keep it that way. Terrorism has to be defeated in the hearts and minds not on the battlefield.

    -- Posted by devan on Tue, Dec 20, 2016, at 7:07 PM
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    Humm! I had to read your intro a couple times to see what you were really saying, and not sure I have it straight yet.

    You do not want Sui to rant and rave and no political intervention or name calling or talking about anyone, YET you want us to say what we would do to create a better world or living in this world!

    I take it that you just broke your rules with your opening statements, Steve.

    It's your blog so I will try to behave.

    First before anyone can say what they would do to improve the irregular living style of the world they must FIRST, learn what is going on and what CAN be done about it.

    You can not just jump in and violate peoples rights. That would be unconstitutional and punishable. People can relinquish their rights if they want to... for example, if you are going to fly on an airline (Federal Aviation Laws apply) you must do as they ask to fly on their airline. They do not have a right to violate all your rights in an airport or airline, but if you don't know your rights, they can and will. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and how to claim them.

    I couldn't go after Russia without knowing for absolutely sure what Putin did or didn't do. I couldn't let him get away with interfering with our elections or he will do it anytime he likes. But what are my options? I don't know what my options are without being briefed on my options.

    Same goes for China and North Korea. I would make a terrible POTUS.

    Trump on the other hand has it all under control. He has the people he needs to keep him informed on what is happening and what his options are for dealing with every situation that will come up.

    Trump has already helped the business world and has them ready to hire new employees as soon as Obama gets out of office.

    Obama has created disasters in Libya, Syria, the China Sea, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, Mexico, Central and South America and the United States of America. Yes, he has destroyed what insurance agencies and hospital insurance the people did have (with Obama care that was fraudulent from day one) that the people can't afford. Less people are covered now than before Obamacare was enacted. There are more EPA restrictions on businesses so they can't make any money and in some cases can't even get started as a business. He has lost full time jobs and replaced them with part time jobs that do not have to pay insurance premium for their employees.

    Just how does one man take charge of all those demands?

    Only Trump can handle such a load from Obama.

    Isis has to be defeated by genocide.

    Immigrants coming into our country must be vetted to do our best to prevent Radical Muslims from entering our country. Once Isis is eradicated, that will eliminate most terrorists in this country.

    The same goes for illegal Mexicans and South and Central Americans entering our country and now Cuban refugees coming to America also. They all have to be stopped and vetted and made to obey our laws or deport them.

    Infrastructure of roads and bridges will put thousands of people to work and pay for itself by helping the economy and taxes.

    Law enforcement personnel need to be retrained and told if they break the law their punishment will be more sever than the average person committing the same crime. They need to stop getting a paid vacation every time they commit a crime. They do not have a license to kill, but I also realize they do have a right to protect themselves, but only when their lives are in danger. Shooting a man in the back doesn't fall under self defense or beating or shooting an unarmed elder man or woman.

    The Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, Syrians and all immigrants have the same EQUAL Civil Rights in this country. Since all these races and persons are Equal under the Law, then I have to say all their lives matter. At least, to me they do.

    That does not change the fact that I do not believe that we need that many more strangers in our country to upset and destroy our beliefs and living traditions in America.

    These are things that will have to be addressed in this country by our POTUS. I feel we have the right man for the job and so do the Majority of the people.

    Merry Christmas!

    -- Posted by sui on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 1:22 AM
  • Steve,

    You mention giving up privacy for security..

    Maximum security prisons are the most intrusive institutions we have in regards to privacy, yet beatings, rapes, and murders are still fairly common there.

    When a segment of a group of people are committed to attacking you, there's no reason to invite that group to live among you.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 3:10 AM
  • Good point quietmike. Prisons ARE highly regulated but it is also a place HIGHLY populated by a aggressive criminal mindset. Not all, because I know there are some who should not be there but.....

    Most in there have little to lose so getting caught is just another slap on the hand. Then also, those who oversee the inmates are not always innocent either. It is not a world I wish to experience.

    I applied for a position at a prison one time and just going in was enough to rattle me. I don't know if they still do it, but years ago I was involved with young folks and with parental permission we would have an "at risk" youth stay the night in a jail cell.

    Sui, I don't recall referring to you in the original post so I guess the understanding of my initial statement was already blurred. I wanted to know what the readers (in general) would do to stop terrorism.

    I would not consider genocide an acceptable answer. We have to stop terrorists and if killing is what they want, I suggest we assist them but NOT their families,not by a nation, ethnic, religious, or any way that lumps large groups together.

    If we do, then I do not think the society choosing that option is worth saving.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 9:14 AM
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    Quietmike is quite right. When people are willing, even eager to die just so they can kill you, we are crazy for inviting them here and giving them a chance. Devan would be onto something, if these people were in their right minds and/or had a heart. We were given the answer to this problem 5 decades ago by deputy Barney Fife from Mayberry. "Nip it. Nip it in the bud." So obvious and simple. Hard, but simple. What we really need to do now is win the hearts and minds of OUR people so as to develop the will to do what needs to be done. As long as people are alive with the will to die in order to kill us, they will be killing us. Once we rid the world of these people we will need to spend a few more generations weeding out the riff-raff that will pop up. Only then will we be relatively safe. But we will still need to be vigilant for eternity and periodically squash the evil when it spontaneously rears it's ugly head.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 9:37 AM
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    Steve, please clarify. You don't really think we should assist the terrorists that want killing, do you? I must be reading that wrong.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 9:44 AM
  • Assist them in their quest to die for their cause not in doing harm to us. Sorry for causing you alarm.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 10:27 AM
  • Winning the hearts of those who do not believe in eliminating the terroist is going to be tough but even tougher is trying to change the conditions and mindset of those who turned toward the "dark side".

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 10:30 AM
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    That makes sense. We won't be able to win the hearts and minds of those that are willing to let themselves be sacrificed in the name of political correctness. And it will be impossible to win the hearts and minds of those that believe their allah tells them they have to kill us. But being the people person that I am, I would be more than willing to help them get the final reward they deserve.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 12:10 PM
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    Did the Americans not learn anything from Vietnam where the wives, women and children and grand parents killed our soldiers because our men had a soft heart for the family members and let them live.

    Cock roaches are cock roaches and if you let the babies live you still have cock roaches. And the people said amen.

    I hate to be the one to say it but that is what we have to do!

    Look at the terrorist in our country. Most of them have foreign names, not American names. They are foreigners at heart and will always be foreigners at heart and you never know when one of them will turn on you like a pet snake.

    You can take the foreigner out of his country, but you can't take the country out of the foreigner. When you bring in a lot of foreigners into our country, they bring their country with them. They still want their customs and traditions and claim they are religious rights. Some have even killed their own flesh and blood because they accepted the American way of life since they live here.

    Muslims all over the world kill their own women and children and throw the women in jail if they complain about being raped, but it is wrong to kill the enemy? I don't get it! I was always taught that one spoiled apple will spoil the whole bushel.

    I know all you brain dead Americans do not agree with me, but that is why we have the problem today.

    Obama kept running the Isis out of the towns, just to have them come back in again to kill more Christians and Muslims. They are now in 13 countries or more killing innocent people. And a lot of these (home grown terrorists) are the women and children doing these killings or causing them.

    I have watched movies since I was a snot nosed kid and several of them all had some nosy old women or man looking out their window to spy on their neighbors to see what they were up to or doing.

    Today if you look out your window at your neighbors, you are Racist or violating their religious rights.

    What ever happened to being an American? Oh, that's right, there aren't many Americans left today, they are all immigrants with Civil Rights and Privileges. Most of the Sovereign "We The People" have given up their Unalienable Rights for 14th Amendment Civil Rights and privileges, then complain that they don't have any rights any more. I wonder why?

    And again I say Merry Christmas and may God bless us all! Well, maybe except for the terrorist and terrorists to be.

    -- Posted by sui on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 1:30 PM
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    Merry Christmas to you too, sui. And to everyone else out there. Even the muslims. At least the ones that aren't terrorists. Sui, I do think some of us did learn something from Vietnam. But sadly, it has been lost in the PC crap we have been inundated with the last several decades. On the brighter side tho, we are about to embark on a re-awakening and clearing of the PC cloud. Only 1 more month to go.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 2:36 PM
  • Even if you became a Muslim, they would still kill you because you're not their kind of Muslim.

    Merry Christmas to all, a happy New Year, and a glorious Fourth of July!

    -- Posted by Tyger on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 7:09 PM
  • I notice that the first thing everyone on here points to is radical Islam. But the fact is that the average American is 7 times more likely to be killed by homegrown, right-wing anti-government extremists than a Muslim extremist.

    Since 9/11, an average of nine Muslims per year have been involved in an average of six terrorism-related plots against targets in the United States. Most were disrupted, but the 20 plots that were carried out accounted for 50 fatalities over the past 13 and a half years.

    In contrast, right-wing extremists averaged 337 attacks per year in the decade after 9/11, causing a total of 254 fatalities.

    So to stop terrorist acts in the U.S., it first would help to correctly indenify who is doing it.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 7:44 PM
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    The one in Tampa alone killed 49 so somehow this math doesn't quite add up. I haven't seen anything the past few days on the news about right-wing extremist attacks, and for an average of almost one a day, that math doesn't quite add up either. I hate common core.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 8:41 PM
  • -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 9:15 PM
  • Every one in America knows that white privileged males are at the top of the list for mass killers in America by over 65%.Since fair share has not seen anything in the last few days in the news it doesn't happen. Remember these names Roof,Lanza,Holmes, Loughner,Harris,Klebold,McVeigh just to name a few.There is only a popular reaction to search for a connection between race and religion if they are of color.Mental illiness is the excuse for white males killers.No one cares or checks to see who radicalized them.Even the KKK are considered just good ole boys now.It is okay if they have training camps in America,while some worry about non-existing muslim camps.The KKK calls themselves Christians and have been have been killing Americans since the Civil War.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Wed, Dec 21, 2016, at 10:53 PM
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    The KKK was lynching blacks and some whites between 1882 and 1910. Since then, the KKK hasn't been recorded as lynching any blacks. The Ku Klux Klan is a potent symbol of racism, but the deadly violence against blacks, can not be recorded against the KKK since 1910.

    The white privileged males are not the same as the white supremacist. White supremacist are people who are filled with hatred and just think they are supreme. They are law breakers and get punished for their evil deeds.

    If the KKK has been killing Americans since the Civil War, were are the bodies? I know of no such mass killings. You are thinking of the mafias, protection racketeers, Janet Reno, Gang killings, Black drive by shooters and Black Lives Matter Killers. They are all sickos.

    If what you say is true that the white privileged males are at the top of the list for mass killers in America by over 65%, we can sleep better at night knowing they will watch over the Radicals and kill them if they get out of control. I feel a lot safer now. Only that isn't true, lets be real. No KKK or white privileged males are killing any black or white protesters, Muslims, or left wingers. They are not letting any criminals out of prison like the present white house admin staffers. They will be gone when Trump drains the swamp.

    -- Posted by sui on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 1:12 AM
  • RV,

    Your Time magazine article is off a bit.

    It says 26 people have been killed by muslim extremists since 9/11 (gotta love starting the count just after that date).

    Lee Boyd Malvo and John Muhammed killed 21 in their DC sniper attacks.

    Nidal Hassan killed 13 in his attack, so we're already well above the number claimed in your article..

    In the US, you can put a crucfix in a jar of urine and you'll get federal funding for your "art". But attempt to draw a picture of Mohammed and muslims will try to kill you. So any attempts to draw parallels is absurd.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 2:22 AM
  • This site shows over 130 fatalities committed by muslims since 9/11


    One big difference between homegrown terrorists and foreign terrorists is there is no legal mechanism to expel citizens, but we can keep out the foreign terrorists.

    There is a legal and historical precedent for doing so.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 2:34 AM
  • The D.C. snipers didn't kill for any jihad or radical Islamic reasons. It was found that the sniper killed random people and was eventually also going to kill his ex-wife in a psychopathic plot to somehow get back custody of his kids.

    So that could throw your numbers off.

    We can argue all day about who kills more people in America, radical muslims or right-wing extremists, but the fact that these right-wing extremists are killing lots of people should send up a huge red flag.

    Even if they are just running a close second place in the number of killings, that's still a problem.

    But seems like nobody wants to talk about it.

    The facts show that they are a big threat to our safety.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 5:32 AM
  • So we have to take into account why the muslims are killing, but not anyone else?

    Right wing extremists aren't even close to being in second place for killings.

    Democrats such as those found populating Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, DC, and elsewhere kill the most.

    Chicago is on track to have 1000 homicides this year by themselves.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 7:36 AM
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    Sorry for any confusion I may have caused you RV. When I said "Tampa" above, I really meant "Orlando". But you know, all those big towns in Florida look the same to me. And I'm not sure regular run of the mill gun and other violence is really in the same league with the muslim desire to take over the world and impose their religion on you and me. But if we want to talk about all people killing Americans, Mike is on the right track adding the democrats to the discussion. Now to round it out we need to add the Blacks and the illegal aliens. (Immigrants are people who come here legally. And, yes, a lot of People are Illegal.) Of course this may be a little too PIC for the next month or so.

    Speaking of white privilege, lbr, I tried to use my card at Walmart last week. It got me a whopping discount of $0.00. Please let me know if you are aware of somewhere I could trade it in for one that works. Thanks.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 9:26 AM
  • I would like to point out that the stated goal of Christianity is also to convert the world. Not all Christians at all times resort to violence for that purpose. But, it is the stated goal. And it has been pursued at the point of a sword.

    -- Posted by lazarus on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 11:56 AM
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    I would like to point out that the stated goal of Christianity to convert all nonbelievers does not include killing all who refuse to convert. God and the Bible, unlike allah, the koran, and Uncle Mo, tells us not to kill people. They however do not forbid us from protecting ourselves. And if the islamic terrorists put us in that position, they have only themselves to blame for their premature demise.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 1:11 PM
  • Mr Share, not all Christians have always believed the same way. Funny thing about God and the Bible. They tend to say exactly what the person doing the interpreting wants them to say.

    -- Posted by lazarus on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 2:02 PM
  • The Christian point of the sword, the Crusades, was in response to the long term conquests of muslims.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 3:11 PM
  • Mike, Steve's question was "a solution for stopping terrorism."

    I pointed out that radical Muslim terrorists aren't the only group responsible for terrorist killings in the U.S.

    A terrorist is a person that belongs to a group, that kills or terrorizes for ideological purposes, political or religious.

    We do have right-wing extremists that do just that.

    They are groups of white supremacists, anti-government, sovereign citizen, patriot, militia, or other ideologies that target specific religious, ethnic, or other minority groups.

    I guess you are trying to imply that every random homicide committed in a major metropolitan city, whether it's a robbery, domestic dispute, etc., are committed by democrats?

    And this can somehow be compared to right-wing terrorist groups?

    That is an absurd analogy.

    First of all, the random homicides you are referring to in Chicago for instance, even if the perpetrator did happen to be a democrat, were done for various reasons. That is not terrorism. It's just murder.

    And I'm sure not every murder in Chicago is done by a democrat.

    You have to face the facts. The right-wing has a crazy extremist faction. Several different violent groups that kill people for political and religious reasons.

    Now you can make fun of us liberals, call us tree huggers, environmentalists, global warming believers, snowflakes(not sure what that means, but it's a new one I just heard from share fairy the other day),

    but at least we liberals don't go around murdering people and blowing stuff up because you don't have the same beliefs as us.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 3:33 PM
  • "The Christian point of the sword, the Crusades, was in response to the long term conquests of muslims."

    Talk about an extreme revision of history. The crusades were in response to the urgings of the church. Technically, the Roman church considers any military campaigns sanctioned by the Pope as crusades, which includes such wars of conquest (and conversion at the point of a sword) as the Albigensian Crusade, the Northern Crusades, the Hussite Wars, the Aragonese Crusades (in Sicily?), Crusades against Henry III of England, and the re-conquest of Iberia. While it is true that the initial call to arms for the first Crusade in the Holy Land was ostensibly to "rescue" the Byzantine Empire from Turkish expansion, the crusaders themselves sacked Constantinople. Some rescue.

    -- Posted by lazarus on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 3:57 PM
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    What is all this right-wing ****? I watched the left-winger day after day go after Trump and his supporters. The Black Lives Matter is responsible for several cop killings yet nothing said to them. It is the LEFT WING IDIOTS that are doing the majority of the killings.

    LEFT-WING? Isn't that the Democrats? I believe it is. Sorry if the truth hurts.

    They are groups of white supremacists, anti-government, sovereign citizen, patriot, militia, or other ideologies that target specific religious, ethnic, or other minority groups.

    These are just words put together by a-holes.

    Why is there white supremacists? Because that is just the way the law is in this country. It is called white privilege because they have Unalienable rights where as others just have Benefits and privileges given to them by the US Government.

    Anti-Government: Read the Declaration of Independence! It explains everything the British Government was doing against the people. It was identical to what our government is doing to us today. The only difference is They done something about it. We Don't! We can only protect ourselves from the government by using our God given rights that most of you don't know.

    Sovereignty: Not only the US Constitution and the State Constitutions say we the people are the sovereignty, our supreme Law of the land says it also. It can not be argued!

    Patriot: What part of patriot don't you understand. A Patriot is someone who is proud of his country and willing to die for it and the freedom of its people.

    The government changes the meaning by passing the patriot act.

    Militia: That is a good thing for protecting the rights of people. They is headed by Congress.

    Other ideologies that target specific religious, ethnic, or other minority groups: These are sickos that need mental help.

    But now, when you put them all together in a group, they sound like Democrats to me. Things that Hillary and her black lives matter was behind.

    -- Posted by sui on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 4:56 PM
  • Laz,

    No revision at all.

    Muslims had been raping and pillaging the area for a very long time.


    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 5:51 PM
  • *

    And here we go again.

    Arvy, if you know a Republican in Chicago then you know more than most. Congrats to you and yours for not killing people. You just make the environment ripe for them to kill us all. And I know how much you care for the environment.

    Laz, the first crusade was to kick the muslims out of Jerusalem which they had taken. Too bad the Catholics didn't finish the job back then.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 5:57 PM
  • Folks, this post is REALLY going down hill. I've vowed to not pull a discussion, but.....

    It was supposed to see if we could come up with something constructive but at least I got my answer on that.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Dec 22, 2016, at 6:39 PM
  • RV,

    The leading cause of death in the US is abortion, by a huge margin. Libs are the ones who instituted that practice and the ones who protect it.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 7:36 AM
  • Mike, according to The World Health Organization, The National Center for Health, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and every other medical journal I could find and research, the actual leading cause of death in the U.S. is heart disease.

    Followed by cancer, respiratory diseases, accidents, stroke, etc.

    In reality, abortion didn't even make it on the list.

    Maybe somebody should tell that to the murderous right-wing extremists that have been bombing clinics and gunning down doctors.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 8:28 AM
  • Not sure the WHO keeps track of that in the same category, but maybe. I hope it is in the low side and getting smaller.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 9:40 AM
  • Well folks Trump stated "Let it be an arms race",don't be surprised one morning when we wake up and he has tweeted the nuclear codes.Thats being a real patriot.LOL. A real patriot fights for his country not dodge the war.

    Quitemike as to your statement about libs instituting and protecting abortions,that may be true,but all types of women stand in line to get them,rich,poor,democratics and republicans.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 10:40 AM
  • "Not sure the WHO keeps track of that in the same category"

    Posted by stevemills on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 9:40 AM

    Steve, I wonder why is that?

    Why doesn't the The World Health Organization, The National Center for Health, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or any of the other professional medical organizations list abortions along side of heart disease and cancer?

    I know the answer. Just want to see what you and others say about it.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 10:58 AM
  • The CDC says 640,000 abortions in 2013.

    They estimate 610,000 deaths from heart disease per year.


    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 12:11 PM
  • But notice that the CDC also doesn't list abortions as "deaths" along with actual deaths from heart disease and cancer.


    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 4:59 PM
  • That's another good thing about not being a liberal.

    We're free to think for ourselves, without needing government approved messages.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 5:09 PM
  • In other words, when reality and facts don't support your beliefs....just make up your own.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 5:18 PM
  • Reality and facts tell us that a human being with a separate heartbeat, blood type, brain waves, and DNA, is alive.

    When docs declare you dead due to absence of hearbeat, it follows that the presence of a heartbeat means you are alive.

    History tells us that dems have a propensity for declaring people, not people, when their legal standing as a person poses an inconvenience for them.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 5:57 PM
  • *

    Chill a little can't be real. Instead of Trump tweeting out the nuclear codes, would it be good enough for you if he told the world our nuclear reaction time?

    Quietmike , you are speaking the inconvenient truth.

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 6:50 PM
  • Here's another inconvenient truth.

    Previable fetuses are not persons under law, and never have been.

    And the 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, legalized abortion by a 7-2 vote. Six of the seven justices in the majority were Republican appointees. The only Democrat appointee, Byron White, voted against Roe v. Wade.

    As Texas Governor Rick Perry once famously said...."Oops"

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 10:05 PM
  • As I already said, dems love to claim people who pose an inconvenience as not really people.

    They did it to blacks to assuage any guilt over beating, raping, or killing them, now they do it to unborn babies.

    As for 'the law', the law says unborn babies are fully a person, deserving legal protection, if the wrong person kills them. Google fetal homicide laws.

    Oops indeed.

    Omce again, liberals show how they've surrendered their critical thinking skills to government.

    Then they wonder why no one takes them seriously.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 10:58 PM
  • Once again you want to put all your blame about legal abortions on Democrats and overlook the fact that it was a Republican appointed Supreme Court that put the law into place. Those pesky facts again.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 11:28 PM
  • In true liberal fashion, when cornered by facts, instead of conceding, simply move the goalposts.

    Republican appointed =/= a conservative justice.

    Republicans were foolish enough to compromise on several appointments.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Dec 23, 2016, at 11:52 PM
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