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No words can express the loss and sadness today.

Posted Monday, October 2, 2017, at 1:25 PM
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    Yeah, terrible way to wake up today. I agree we shouldn't make him famous. And we don't really need to hear his family being all dumbfounded because they thought he was normal. Prayers for the victims and their families. And for the first responders and the ongoing responders.

    -- Posted by fair share on Mon, Oct 2, 2017, at 5:00 PM
  • Yes, Fare. Terrible, I suppose, but not terribly surprising. We go through this routine with terrible regularity. Now we can sit back and enjoy the remainder of this familiar play. Democrat and Republican politicians will take up their entrenched positions at the extremities of the gun regulation issue, and their extreme followers will goad them on, thus assuring that no meaningful discussion can take place. And we will see a wholesale rush to buy even more and more deadly guns, out of fear that they will somehow become less available.... I half wondered if that explained the surge in the stock market today; the anticipation of a boom in gun sales. After the usual round of pious pro and anti gun rhetoric, we can settle into complacency until the next mass shooting.

    -- Posted by lazarus on Tue, Oct 3, 2017, at 1:18 AM
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    You may be right Laz. If we could just come together and legislate some reasonable morality. While we are at it, we might as well make murder more illegal.

    -- Posted by fair share on Tue, Oct 3, 2017, at 10:04 AM
  • Well said Lazarus....you're exactly right,and it just so happens I'm one of the people that think weapons of war and automatic rifles are not needed for self protection or hunting...no one needs to obliterate their turkey with an AK47 before they get it in the oven. If there are gun collectors, maybe they need a new hobby! Maybe it's just me, but I have never thought "hey let's get a dangerous thing and play war because I hate things, someone did me wrong or everyone needs to die'' ! What a stupid thing to focus on! In other words it has to be insanity, especially if it's premeditated!

    I do believe in the 2nd amendment but within reason! I bet that senator that got shot on the ballfield along with Gabby Gifford will lead the charge on this one!...to me it's not a republican or democratic thing it's a people are getting killed thing, so I hope this nation steps up, stops the bickering back and forth and starts to heal and deal with the issue of stopping this madness, so the suffering ends.

    It would be nice if congress actually did something constructive period!

    May peace be with these families that lost loved ones and healing begins with those that got hurt and were affected because of this insanity!

    My heart hurts every time there is a senseless tragedy. Kinda makes you wonder how so many people can have thoughts to do harm to others to start with. It's evil!

    -- Posted by chefgrape on Tue, Oct 3, 2017, at 10:25 AM
  • I am not really taking a side, Fare. Discussion seems pointless. The facts speak for themselves. We have 20 times as many mass murders as any other "civilized" country. Yet the only thing we have done is restrict travel by people who have... well... not been responsible for the carnage. But who knows, maybe one day they would have been. Good thing we have that travel ban. Then we talk about the European countries like they aren't doing anything to protect public safety. Some of the other usual suspects who post on here seem to be missing, or we could get into the age old debate about whether the most mass murderers are white christians or brown moslems... when it seems to me that most (or all) of them are just crazy people.

    -- Posted by lazarus on Tue, Oct 3, 2017, at 11:05 AM
  • If, for the sake of argument, a full repeal of the 2A happened, how would you get all the guns without also gutting the 4th?

    How many guns are there in the United States? You'd need a firm number to get them all. This includes guns made prior to 1968 when serial numbers and records of transactions were required. Also home made guns that still don't need serial numbers if made for yourself. Also guns that came over the border by smugglers.

    I know it's cathartic to want to "do something" to assuage the sadness and feelings of helplessness in these situations, but the truth is its not a gun problem, but a people problem, and more correctly a heart problem.

    People have been hurting and killing each other long before guns were invented. Sadly, violence is part of human nature, and it won't disappear until we do.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Tue, Oct 3, 2017, at 3:50 PM
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    I know, Laz, I know. Didn't really mean to aim the sarcasm at you. It was more intended for LBR, but I'm kinda starting to worry about her. Maybe the Church shooting in Nashville just did her in. Hope not.

    Quietmike, you are very right about it being a heart problem. The guy in LV was obviously not crazy to be able to implement such a complex plan. Bad heart, and like chefgrape said--evil. But if we are going to have more regulation, then at least they need to do as much as they do for our other rights, such as voting. We need to make them prove they have the right to own a gun before they buy it. Oh, wait a minute. I meant that the other way around.

    -- Posted by fair share on Tue, Oct 3, 2017, at 6:23 PM
  • Thank you Quite Mike. As I said, now is the time to take up the most extreme positions possible, so as to preclude any reasonable discussion. It seems like there might be some ground between absolutely no restrictions and absolutely no firearms. Your position is analogous to saying that, since speed limits are not universally obeyed, our only possible choices are to either outlaw automobiles or have no traffic laws.

    I have to confess that I have always taken a coaching approach to problems. If someone else is doing better than we are, I want to look at what they are doing, to see if they have ideas we can learn from. So, in this issue I would immediately look at England. Very similar culture, but with different results. It is pretty eye-popping that our firearm homicide rate is 84 times that in England. Of course, this is where your carefully crafted arguments about human nature come into play. Yep. We are violent by nature. There would be murders in the US, even if we were not awash in guns. And, just as your argument would lead us to expect, the relationship between overall murder rates is very different. The overall murder rate in the US is only 18 times that in England. Two things are obvious. One is that people in England commit a lot more murders with some weapon other than a gun than we do here in the US. The second is that we are still 18 times more likely to be murdered here than our counterparts in England. Just as conjecture, I wonder if that is because killing someone with a gun is so much easier than other methods, or are we 18 times as bloodthirsty as people in the UK?

    Do I think we should adopt England's laws? No, of course not. But how stupid do we have to be not to at least take a look at what more successful countries are doing? This is where the coaching analogy fits in. Look at Butch Jones. He does a good job recruiting. No one denies that. he has taken a program that was very thin on talent, and stocked it with SEC calibre players. However... What that coaching staff is doing is not working. The results fairly scream at you; UT is less successful than other teams with equal talent. How stupid would he have to be not to look at what other teams are doing?

    We really have two choices as a country. We can sit down and look for some reasonable way to start putting the brakes on the bloodbath. Or we can sit back and wait for the next lunatic to come up with a plan to top the latest body count. When the second Amendment was put into play, the most rapid fire weapon available could get off 3 or 4 shots a minute... with an effective range of 100 yards. The "sniper rifle" of the day had an effective range up to 300 yards, but could only be fired once every minute and a half to two minutes. I am not sure that they envisioned a day when a lone nut-job could kill or wound 600 people in 20 minutes from a quarter mile away. I am not offering any conclusions about what we should do. But, if we do nothing, there are many more long days in our future. Sort of like Butch Jones. If he doesn't make some changes, there are more long Saturday afternoons in his future... But not that many. We can accept ineffective political leadership, but we replace ineffective coaches.

    -- Posted by lazarus on Tue, Oct 3, 2017, at 8:21 PM
  • As long as the NRA rules the GOP there will be nothing done about gun control.Everyone of them that was asked about it today responded with"this is not the time to talk about this".For the victims of Las Vegas talk is to late.I guess we wait for another massacre and when is the right time.I am not against having guns,I am against having military weapons made to kill hundreds in a few seconds.Since Trump signed a bill to allow the mentally ill,not saying this man was,to have guns,this is going to increase.To make things worse the GOP now has a bill waiting to legalize silencers and armour piercing bullets.This was delayed after the Scalise shooting and now again after Las Vegas shooting.I am sure the NRA will get their way with this.Trump Jr is also pushing this bill in his video.

    So now tommorow we will have to listen to a president who is unable to show compassion and empathy for others read it from a teleprompter.Americas past president had no trouble speaking from their hearts.He showed no compassion today in Puerto Rico today,talked about how much money they owed and pitched out rolls of paper towels as if they were animals.Now the death toll is 34 and climbing.They should have dropped him in the areas with no food,electricity,water,or roof over their heads and make him face the real truth.Today as usual for him was just a show.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Tue, Oct 3, 2017, at 11:25 PM
  • Lazarus,

    If outlawing all guns isn't the answer, then you're admitting it's not a gun problem. If you leave guns available, what's to stop the next shooting?

    You're claiming "something" should be done, but not offering conclusions of what that something should be.

    Repeating weapons were already available when the constitution was written. The Girandoni rifle was a 46 caliber repeater with a 20 round capacity invented in 1780.

    That is moot anyway, unless you also believe your freedom of speech should also be limited to methods available at the time the constitution was written. In that case pen your opinions on some parchment with a turkey quill and have someone with a horse ride it over to me.

    As for the murder rate it has dropped by roughly 50% since 1993 while firearms ownership has increased by over 50%.

    The overwhelming majority of murders happen in democrat controlled inner city slums where one lifelong criminal kills another one.

    600 killed and wounded draws international attention in Las Vegas, but that number happens every two months in Chicago,where gun control laws are similar to those in Europe.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 3:20 AM
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    Sounds like the streets might get pretty messy. Maybe Trump will toss some paper towels to help get the horse poop cleaned up. Or even better, since the idiot mayor of San Juan can't be bothered to go to planning meetings to figure out what to do with all the help we are sending, maybe she could clean up the horse poop.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 4:47 AM
  • Same old circular arguments, Quite (can I just call you Quite? It seems like we know each other well enough...You can call me Laz if you like). But none of them answer the real question. Why is our murder rate so out of line with the rest of the civilized world? Murders are concentrated in impoverished inner cities everywhere. And these other countries have those places just like we do. How do you explain away having a murder rate 18 times that of England? How do you explain it when the difference is entirely comprised of murders using firearms? Another thing coaches say; "If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results." There is another Las Vegas coming. The only question is when.

    -- Posted by lazarus on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 11:30 AM
  • The answer from the GOP is lets not talk about this and it will go away.Quite how does 500 murders this year in Chicago come out to 600 every 2 months,even though that is 500 to many?

    Puerto Ricos situation is no laughing matter.That mayor is sleeping on a cot while Trump is out playing golf.Trump tells puerto ricans they don't need flash lights anymore,when 90 % still have no lights or drinking water.He is an idiot.Sending 10,000 there is only a drop in the bucket.There was 40,000 sent to Texas and FL.Trump cares nothing about these brown skin people just like Bush didn't during Katrina.These are american citizens who some have fought for our country and pay federal taxes.I am sure the governor of Puerto Rico was afraid to speak up to Trump for fear of how he retaliates when questioned.The female mayor was the only one who had guts and we know how he berates females.This will be Trump's Katrina.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 11:55 AM
  • Laz,

    A circular argument would require you to make an argument. "Something should be done, but I'm not sure what that something is" doesn't cut it as an argument.

    The US has more murders than England because we have 5x the population they do. If you look at murders per million people we are only 4x higher, not 18. The Crips, Bloods, MS13, Latin Kings, and Ayrian Brotherhood are not very active in England.


    Of course murders will happen more with tools that make it more efficient. A stabbing to the chest is more survivable than a 357 magnum. The intent is identical just the result differs. Likewise, despite all the pablum about "assault weapons" and "weapons of war", handguns are the overwhelming gun of choice for murders, and have been for decades.

    You haven't addressed my questions. If guns are the problem, why aren't you in favor of confiscating all of them? If you (not you personally) are going to confiscate them, what would that look like?

    All the inner cities you admit run up the murder numbers have very strict gun control, yet areas geographically close to these slums have lax gun laws yet don't have comparable murder rates. Why do you think this is the case?

    FWIW-It's quiet not quite.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 12:30 PM
  • LBR,

    If you'll look, I said 600 killed and wounded in Vegas draws international attention, while that (number of killed and wounded) happens every two months in Chicago.


    Maybe that mayor in PR should get off her cot and order those striking truck drivers to deliver the supplies that are sitting in trailers?

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 12:40 PM
  • No Quite, that is not a raw number... that is 18 times as many per capita.

    -- Posted by lazarus on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 4:04 PM
  • jaz,

    Read the link I posted, per million it's 4x the rate.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 4:06 PM
  • You are right, Quite Mike; I went back to the table and saw that they had per capita and raw figures mixed. My apologies, we do only have 4 times as many murders per capita. The question remains the same. Why?

    -- Posted by lazarus on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 5:01 PM
  • Jazz r us,

    Already answered multiple times, inner city gangs.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 5:02 PM
  • If you want to reduce the number of murders end the war on drugs.

    During prohibition, murders skyrocketed. After its repeal they dropped.

    If you want to reduce gun crimes overall, federally prosecute gun offenders, such as using the mandatory minimum of 5 years in federal prison for using a gun in the commission of a crime, the law that Eric Holder said was a waste of resources.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 5:06 PM
  • Still not going to answer my questions while repeating your own?

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 5:09 PM
  • Quitemike the story about striking truck drivers in PR was fake news.Most of those people do not even have a passable road to get to the food.If they could get there I am sure they would not keep food and water from their own families.Why has supplies not been air dropped as one General asked?Why was the 1000 bed hospital ship not sent out until 4 days ago? Why was America not prepared knowing 2 huge storms was headed for the Island.It has been 2 weeks and some are still using ropes to cross rivers to get to food and water.What world are you and Trump living in?These people deserve the same treatment as FL and Texas.

    This administration has been a failure so far.Even his own secretary of state Tillerson never denied calling him a "moron".The only emotion he shows is gratification when hyping up his crowd to anger and encouraging nasty chants.He is not capable of showing compassion for others.As Corker said the only thing keeping us from utter destruction is Kelly.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 7:25 PM
  • -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 7:37 PM
  • Quite; England also has inner cities. Actually a larger percentage of England's population lives in cities than the US population. What do you propose makes our inner cities different?

    But we agree on some key points. Putting a stop to the "War on Drugs" would be of general benefit, and definitely would reduce violent crime. But politicians love it. It is simplistic, and appeals to a certain block of voters, while there is no "Pro Drug" block to offend (and the anti-stupid block is not very large). Vigorous prosecution of gun crimes also sounds like a step in the right direction. Altho I would want to be better informed about the details. Mandatory sentencing seems to be most effective in generating revenues for privately run prisons.... And to add one of my own. I can see no reasonable excuse for making commercially available the sort of weapons that were used in Las Vegas.

    -- Posted by lazarus on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 8:20 PM
  • Yes. Fake news, Mike. The kind that is just made up. That guy is not an official in any union, and his complaint is that they cannot deliver anything without fuel for the trucks....but he is frothing at the mouth, isn't he.

    -- Posted by lazarus on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 8:28 PM
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    **Trigger Warning**

    Some of you may just want to skip down to the next comment. I would like to speak like a coach for a minute. (Not like Butch tho.)

    The best defense is a good offense.

    If we had mandated lock and load carry for all citizens-- after weeding out the criminals, the crazies, and the faint of heart-- we might eventually cut down on these episodes. If not, we would at least be better prepared for them. Our murder rate has gone down over the past 25 years or so along with the loosening of gun control laws. Coincidence? Bet I know who will say yes and who will say no.

    Interesting to see Eric Holder and gun crime mentioned together. Gotta wonder when he will be prosecuted for his.

    I agree stopping the war on drugs would help. As for the nonexistent pro drug block, aren't they called libertarians? You know, you do your thing, I'll do my thing, and nonaggression, unless you aggress first.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Oct 4, 2017, at 11:41 PM
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    To say you don't want the name of the killer repeated on the news is just like Hillary Clinton standing before the cameras and saying, "So a man goes to Las Vegas one day and decides to shoot over 500 people. What difference does it make at this point in time? We need to find out what happened and make sure it doesn't happen again!" (Then Hillary wouldn't answer any questions Congress asked her).

    I feel that the name of the killer should be known worldwide for what he did. He murdered 59 people and shot over 500 others - who he did not even know! He couldn't have had anything against that many strangers he didn't know. He was an animal and should be recognized as an animal.

    He was a coward because all Terrorists are cowards!

    Hillary Clinton was the first to yell out more gun control laws and was pushing to outlaw silencers.

    The 2nd amendment is listed as a right of the people in the Bill or Rights and protected by the U.S. Constitution. A right, once given to the people can never be taken away or exchanged for a less right or privilege. You must surrender that right yourself, Knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily. Unalienable rights mean they can never be taken away except as a punishment for a heinous crime you are found guilty of.

    Therefore, Congress, nor any man or woman can repeal the 2nd amendment legally.

    Congress does have the right to limit the privileges of US Federal Citizens and Gov. Employees to own and carry arms, but not the people. Congress has the power to make all laws, rules, regulations and codes governing the citizens of the US Federal Territories.

    Congress created the US Federal Territories, so it has exclusive jurisdiction over the US Territories and the Citizens of the US Territories..

    That being the case, Congress has the duty to protect and provide for the US Territories. Puerto Rico is a US Territory, so Pres. Trump must look after it's Possession. He may also be right in paying off their debt, since it is a US Debt against the United States Federal Corporation.

    Now then, the weapons used by this murderer in Las Vegas, were illegal weapons as I understand. So, he was using weapons that were already banned by gun control laws. How did he get weapons that were banned by Gun Control Laws?

    It looks to me like maybe the Federal Gov. wasn't doing their job again? They can't seem to do anything right.

    How many more Gun Control Laws do they have to enact before they realize that Gun Control Laws don't control anything.

    It appears to me that the son inherited the father's sins. That is why I said over and over again, you have to kill Isis and all their wives, children and babies. I read a story the other day that said the Isis wives were dropping their babies off at court houses because they were forced to be wives and have the children. They didn't want anything to do with raising the babies.

    Now that is the women who had babies by Isis fighters telling the story. The mothers knew what I know. Those babies will grow up to be not cowboys, but Isis fighters or murderers just like their fathers.

    There is talk about declaring the Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization. That should have already been done.

    Just look at what they are promoting now! They are carrying banners telling the black people and weak minded whites and browns to "Resist the Police". We all know what happens when the blacks resist the cops. They get shot or beaten for resisting arrest. And they say Black Lives Matter? They are so brain dead, that they are telling the blacks to go out and commit suicide.

    It's things like this that cause people to go out and do things they normally wouldn't do. I am a white man and I know better than to resist the Police. They could shoot me just as quickly as they could a black man, so why put yourself in danger?

    Oh well, "what difference does it make at this point in time..."

    It's like the Mayor in Puerto Rico telling Trump the people are dying and that he was causing genicide of the Puerto Rican people if he didn't send supplies while she was standing in front of stacks of pallets of food and supplies.

    I read an article just this morning that claimed of all the shootings in America, more women are shot or killed by guns in America by their husbands and Xes than any other shootings.

    -- Posted by sui on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 2:26 AM
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    fair share,

    I read in the news that AG Sessions told an retired congressman that he was not going to prosecute any of Obama's or Hillary Clinton's crimes.

    Now that looks like another illegal act by the Justice Department. I sure do hope Trump fires him if that is what he really said. That is like trying them and finding them innocent without going to a trial. AG Sessions is a wuss and is bias and should be fired immediately!

    -- Posted by sui on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 2:37 AM
  • Jaz r us,

    Are you being intentionally obtuse?

    I didn't say inner cities (3 or 4 times), I said inner city gangs. What gangs are Manchester or Liverpool known for?

    Since you stuck your toe in the water in regards to an answer, my questions still stand. How would you propose getting rid of those types of weapons? They've been commercially available for over 50 years

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 3:04 AM
  • Just wanted to point out to some of the usual suspects that the "bump stocks" used by the Las Vegas shooter, the ones pundits are claiming should be outlawed, were approved under the Obama administration.


    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 4:30 AM
  • Croxteth Crew, Gooch Gang, Tottenham Man, Waterfront Gang, Daniel Clan; those are (supposedly) the most notorious. But Large cities in England are "rife with gangs." According to an article from 2010, a full quarter of London gangs were affiliated with either Bloods or Crips. Inner cities have gangs, even in England.

    -- Posted by lazarus on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 6:58 AM
  • They were ruled "legal" under the existing laws by the ATF. The entire government does not change out with each administration...people were converting semi- to fully-automatic long before the bump stock made it easier.

    -- Posted by lazarus on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 7:26 AM
  • Sui, I say that because other who want notoriety in death will be disappointed if they see they will not get it.

    Notoriety to some of these folks is like the "virgins" of other terrorists. No personal publicity might diffuse a few of these or at least remove some of the motivation.

    I don't propose to have all the answers or solutions, but that might remove one possible enticement for their savagery.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 8:52 AM
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    Sui, I have to agree with you about the Sessions part. If he doesn't want to dispense justice then he should get out of the justice department. And he should personally pay for the Mueller investigation since Sessions isn't doing his own job.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 3:45 PM
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    I just don't understand how government employees can accept a paycheck for not doing their job. Where else can you get paid to not do your job or get a paid vacation while you are being investigated?

    If the news media doesn't want to name the killer, then they shouldn't speak out about the crime they committed. You can't have a top story without the WHO, what, when, why and where. I always said years ago that of the news media never reported the crimes and killings, people wouldn't be so eager to be - what they would think was the first person to do it.

    However, that is how we are suppose to learn what to look out for. You know, say No to Drugs, Don't speak to strangers, don't take candy from a stranger, don't get in a car with a stranger???

    What possible pleasure could a dead person get out of the Newspaper story if they are dead. The only thing They are leaving behind is the torment of their crime in the minds of their loved ones who have to face all the looks and questions. They just don't stop and think about anyone but themselves.

    I find that people will block out of their mind what they don't want to know.

    -- Posted by sui on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 4:57 PM
  • I can see no reasonable excuse for making commercially available the sort of weapons that were used in Las Vegas.

    -- Posted by lazarus


    Since you stuck your toe in the water in regards to an answer, my questions still stand. How would you propose getting rid of those types of weapons? They've been commercially available for over 50 years

    -- Posted by quietmike

    Still waiting for an answer

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 9:03 PM
  • Sui I hate to bust you bubble but BLM was declared a social movement by a judge and can not be sued. I am more worried about racist white national group coming to town this month spewing hate.We all know there has been arise in hate crimes since Jan 20th 2017.I hope our citizens stand together and oppose this hate.I know some will say they have a right to protest,and they do,but I bet some on this blog wouldn`t feel the same if it was BLM coming.

    Now Trump is popping off about "the calm before the storm" and when asked what was it about stated"you will find out".He needs something to deflect against his failed policies.He does not respect or listen to his cabinet.He only sees people 2 ways useful and not useful.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 9:57 PM
  • Trump is teasing the american people as if he is still on The Apprentice.Saying the calm before the storm is causing anxiety for the country.The words of the president use to mean something until now.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 10:08 PM
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    Unreal, it seems like maybe you are the one spewing racial hate. The League of the South is planning to hold up signs by the side of the road indicating white people's lives matter. You and your BLM buddies may not think my life matters, but I do. And I don't think they will be chanting "pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon". And there is no reason to expect violence unless your antifa friends show up and start it.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Oct 5, 2017, at 10:35 PM
  • Why is this group choosing Shelbyville?

    -- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 6:40 AM
  • Fair white lives has been the only one that mattered all these years,thats the problem.Will you be one of those chanting "blood and soil" and "Jews will not replace us"and wearing Trump golfing attire inspired by his hate as they did..The league of the South is a known hate group unlike BLM that is a multiracial social movement who fight for civil rights for all races.There was some idiots there not a part of BLM that shouted ugly words but I saw hundreds of white males marching and shouting racist chants.BLM or Antifa did not kill anyone,the white nationalist did.MLK was nonviolent and was hated and killed by racists.Since you approve of White nationalist groups fair ,what black group do you approve of?I also heard they are coming because of the LIE reported about our big "muslim problem."

    -- Posted by lets be real on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 4:42 PM
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    Unreal, BLM and the anti-fashionistas are hateful and violent. Apparently if a liberal judge calls a terrorist organization peaceful, a lot of gullible people will believe them.

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 7:36 PM
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    Hey quietmike, hey lazarus, I just noticed Carl isn't dead after all. Looks like he is talking about the same stuff that we are here but doing it in his own private sandbox. I wish him luck! Maybe someone will go over there to play with him. Maybe not.

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 7:45 PM
  • Having your own blog is tempting (more control) but a lot more work that people often think.

    I had a gardening one and most of my respondents were Russian, pushing viagra or girls. They just rolled for blogs and hope we would not have them locked.

    After weeding through more than a thousand, pun not really intended, but it works) I shut it down. Besides, I was slowing my gardening down in real life as well, so....

    -- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 8:41 PM
  • Seems Price is not the only cabinet member running up tabs for tax payers for personal use.Manuchin ran up a $26,000 dollar bill for just his honeymoon alone.He owes taxpayers $800,000 total.

    How about those great jobs report, lost 33,000 jobs last month,first job loss in 7 years.Trump adm.blame cause on hurricane instead of taking credit as usual.We had hurricanes under Obama also with no job loss.

    Fair how many people have BLM and ANTIFA killed?White nationalist has a long history of violence such as lynchings,bombings,burning black churches,burning whole black towns,voter intimidation and rapings,just to name a few.They have used several different names KKK,League of the South,Neo Nazi,White supremacist and others.All these groups stand for one thing,HATE for any race that is not white.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 8:48 PM
  • In a rare moment of honesty, Pelosi admitted any legislation is a slippery slope.


    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 8:50 PM
  • BLM or Antifa did not kill anyone

    -- Posted by lets be real


    Some cops in Dallas would disagree with you, if they were still alive to disagree.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 8:53 PM
  • White nationalist has a long history of violence such as lynchings,bombings,burning black churches,burning whole black towns,voter intimidation and rapings,just to name a few.They have used several different names KKK,League of the South,Neo Nazi,White supremacist and others.All these groups stand for one thing,HATE for any race that is not white.

    -- Posted by lets be real


    You forgot the name they used at their most violent...

    the democrat party

    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 8:55 PM
  • *

    Of course, dems started the KKK. I really was unaware that the people coming to Shelbyville had done all those things. I wonder if they are being lumped together with a bunch of others from the past. Including the democrat party. And I guess for the next 7 1/2 years some will be yapping about the economy no matter how well it does. Oh, well. I'm just glad to know that BLM and antifa are such nice, peaceful, friendly people just in case they happen to show. I don't really care if the antifas want to thumb their noses at fashion, but really, would it hurt their mommas to dress them when they are going to be on TV?

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 10:03 PM
  • Gotta love libs. For months they've said low unemployment and the high stock market weren't Trump's doing, now, with the first job report downturn, it's all Trump's fault.

    As for the hurricanes under obama, which one did significant damage?


    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 10:42 PM
  • The conservative party started the KKK,which is now the republican party,dems haven't been conservative for a long time now.BLM and ANTIFA probably will not be allowed here.

    There is no proof that BLM killed any cops, just fake news.The people coming here uphold and teach hate and that whites are superior to other races.They were taught this from fellow racists and I am sure wouldn't think twice about doing the things I mentioned above.Fair maybe you need to check out their web site if you don't believe me.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 11:16 PM
  • FBI reports are now fake news?

    From just 10 hours ago.


    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Oct 6, 2017, at 11:30 PM
  • *

    Happy Columbus Day everyone.

    -- Posted by fair share on Mon, Oct 9, 2017, at 7:34 AM
  • I hope it remains Happy. Guess I am always waiting for the next "foot to fall" nowadays.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Mon, Oct 9, 2017, at 8:58 AM
  • Trump and Pence's planned stunt at the NFL game this past weekend failed.And not only did it backfire,it cost american taxpayers $267,000.

    Instead of Trump trying to pull us from the brink of war,which he created,he played golf all weekend again.Corker is right and he is only saying what others in Washington is afraid to.They took an oath to protect this country,not Trump.How long will they sit back and let him take us to destruction. Trump is not worried since he and his family will be in an underground bunker and forget about the rest of us.He can't wait to show the world what big guns he has and you can bet his sons will not go to war,no Trump ever has.No sane president would tease the country about the threat of war on twitter,this is not a reality show.But what can you expect when he can't even control 2 of his 3 baby mamas from butting heads.

    What about him throwing those "nice soft towels" to Puerto Ricans and him hearing the crowd cheer when no one else heard it.LOL

    -- Posted by lets be real on Mon, Oct 9, 2017, at 11:07 PM
  • Yeah, it's not like a president has ever gone to a sporting event on the taxpayer dime, maybe to throw out the first pitch, well if you could call what happened at the 2009 all star game a pitch.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Tue, Oct 10, 2017, at 3:08 AM
  • *

    Come on quietmike, b o tried. He did the best his limp left wrist would let him do. It almost made it to home plate. Granted, not a manly throw, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

    -- Posted by fair share on Tue, Oct 10, 2017, at 5:50 AM
  • *

    Unreal, if your President gets us into a war with rocket man (not to be confused with RocketValentine) perhaps you should look at history and see how many previous presidents have let it get to this point. Of course, you might be right. We might be better off if we just sit here and let the crazy guy nuke us whenever he decides the time is right. Personally, my opinion is the best defense is a good offense.

    -- Posted by fair share on Tue, Oct 10, 2017, at 6:07 AM
  • He never went to the game to see the game he went for political purposes,knowing he was not staying by asking the white house press to stay in their vans.Trump even tweeted about how they planned this.Fair aren't you concerned about the government trying to refuse americans right for freedom of speech and expression or do you think only certain ones should have this right.I know you hate government interfering in our lives.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Tue, Oct 10, 2017, at 12:24 PM
  • *

    Been away for awhile.


    There is nothing about a social movement when it comes to BLM! You can find a judge in any state today that will free the guilty and imprison the innocent. It is a conspiracy to commit murder when you encourage blacks to kill cops or to resist the police. Period. Nothing else can be said for BLM. If black lives matter to the blacks why didn't they help the black female students who got kidnapped in Kenya, Africa? Didn't those black lives matter?

    I agree there has been a rise (a very BIG Rise) in Hate crime, but not since January 20th 2017. It raised the highest during the Trump Rallies when the democrat party lead democrat-strators violently protested and disrupted his rallies.

    That is when all the Racist and Hate speech started by the democrats and BLM.

    Trump can not allow himself to listen to others because they are kissing up to the democrats and misleading Trump. Trump is doing just fine.

    Trump is fixing to destroy NK.

    The League of the South planned a protest to the refugees coming to Tennessee.

    The Naturalization Act of 1790 limited U.S. citizenship to whites only. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 dramatically opened entry to the U.S. to immigrants other than traditional Northern European and Germanic groups, and as a result it would significantly alter the demographic mix in the U.S.

    Therefore, until 1965, this country was owned and operated by the White Race.

    Surprise, Surprise! It is still owned and operated by the white race. Privileged race? Yes but more importantly Superior, because only the white race was including as the Sovereignty of this US Country, Federal Government, State Government and City governments.

    Show me one place where it says the blacks are part of the Sovereignty of the USA.

    Black Lives Matter? To who? Certainly the Black Lives don't care. They just want their Black butts out there resisting arrest.

    Watch on the 28th and I bet you will see the Antifa doing all the Racist shouting and violence.

    The book of Revelation tells us that in the last days some will be beheaded for praising God. We never had any reason to think that would happen in the good old USA until Obama invited the Muslims from any country to America. Now you could lose your head anywhere, anytime, at work or play. And you brain dead Americans want more Muslims (only religion I know of that cuts peoples heads off) to come and live in our country next door to us.

    You stated: "White nationalist has a long history of violence such as lynchings,bombings,burning black churches,burning whole black towns,voter intimidation and rapings,just to name a few." What year are you living in? That was all done in the past. We have laws against those crimes today so you don't see them any more. Only a few nuts commit these crimes, like the black man who killed those people in a white church. Where is you outrage for that crime. I see the black people burning their own towns down when they rise up and demonstrate. Just how smart is that and you think the white people aren't superior to the black. What you are talking about are young people doing these crimes because of what they are taught in school.

    -- Posted by sui on Tue, Oct 10, 2017, at 4:55 PM
  • LBR, please share with me an administration who you believe did NOT stage a publicity event/stunt/etc..

    Folks, I know you have been "starving" for an outlet to vent and I will create more posts (not today), but this post was about the tragedy in Las Vegas. If we have discussed it to an end, give me another topic that applies to the direction we are going now and I will do it. Again, not today.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Tue, Oct 10, 2017, at 5:27 PM
  • *

    The only way they can take your guns away is by taking them when used in a crime, steal them when you are forced out of your home for one reason or another, buy them from you or by asking you to surrender them voluntarily.

    People have a God given right to KEEP and BEAR ARMS! That right can never be taken away from the people legally. Once a right is given to the people, it can never be taken away, bartered or exchanged for a lesser right or privilege except as a punishment for a heinous crime or you surrender your right.

    So what law can Congress pass that will allow them to take your guns?

    Gun Control Laws are only applicable to Federal citizens and federal territories, if you claim and reserve your rights. If you know the law you would know that any laws made by man does not apply to you as a Sovereign.

    No matter what laws they pass, criminals will not obey them, so what is the difference? We just have to wait until the crime is committed. As Bill O'Reilly said,"It's the price for FREEDOM".

    The Bump Stock is not an illegal weapon. It isn't a weapon at all by itself. It is just one ingenuous invention.

    It is a way to turn the weapon into an rapid fire semi-automatic weapon. It is still a semi-automatic weapon, just has a device that allows the shoot to squeeze the trigger and the bump stock does the rest. The recoil action from the gasses omitted from each round causes the weapon to slide backwards into the bump stock, releasing pressure on the trigger. (same as you releasing the trigger) After the shell is ejected and a new round loaded, the weapon slides forward again putting pressure in the trigger causing the weapon to fire again.

    This Bump Stock in my opinion is much more dangerous than an automatic weapon, because once the trigger is pulled it will continue to fire until you release the trigger or ran out of ammo, as long as the bump stock is against something to hold it in one place.

    I person who invented the Bump Stock had to get a patent and register it with the government to manufacture it. Again, a sign of the Government not doing their job!

    So the only way to stop it is to stop the manufacturing and sale of the bump stock. Now we are talking about a man's right to invent something that could make him rich. All the government can do is require some kind of safety warning on the product.

    -- Posted by sui on Tue, Oct 10, 2017, at 5:27 PM
  • Steve I do not know of any that staged a stunt this costly to taxpayers,enlighten me.

    Sui we know what side you will be standing on during the protest.And just so you know the Antioch church was not all white it was mulitracial and the shooter was a member there a year ago.In fact the pastor said if he saw him walking up without a mask,he would have hugged him and ask him where had he been.That is a real christian,more than I can say for you.I know you think only white shooters can be mentally ill,but I think this man was.Since you and the protesters think whites are superior,and when they chant"jews will not replace us",how do they feel about Jesus who was a jew.Jews were the first christians.

    Trump started the racist hate speech.He can not help solve healthcare,natural disasters,tax reform or threats of war because he is to busy tweeting about The NFL,how smart he thinks he is and that his IQ may be higher than Tillersons.Tillerson and Corker has showed the world what a moron he is and his ego can't stand it.He is willing to slaughter a lot of innocent people in Korea and put our soldiers in harms way to satisfy his ego and congress is sitting on its hands.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Tue, Oct 10, 2017, at 7:37 PM
  • LBR, that is an artful dodge. I did not ask about cost and I am not sure anyone has put numbers to it like someone has for you.

    I asked you a much simpler question and I believe your deflecting answer speaks for itself.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Tue, Oct 10, 2017, at 9:33 PM
  • I am sure there have been plenty publicity stunts,this one was mean spirited.A president should not go as far as to continuely try to divide the country by trying to convince the country that kneeling is about dishonoring the flag.He knows what the kneeling is really about and is just using the flag as an excuse to anger americans.This is one thing he is good at,rubbing salt in wounds.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Tue, Oct 10, 2017, at 10:38 PM
  • *


    Bravo, unreal. If lil Kim perceives Trump to only 50% of what you do, we don't need to worry. So, back to the chalkboard for a little learning. You seem to think A1 gives you the right to say whatever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want. Stupid thing to think. A1 guarantees the government can't restrict your speech. You have no right to say crap at work that your employer doesn't want you to say. Looks like the NFL is finally coming to it's senses and going to make them stand. I hope they survive. I would hate to see the NFL die of colin cancer.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 1:54 AM
  • A president should not go as far as to continuely try to divide the country by trying to convince the country that kneeling is about dishonoring the flag.He knows what the kneeling is really about and is just using the flag as an excuse to anger americans.This is one thing he is good at,rubbing salt in wounds.

    -- Posted by lets be real

    That's richer than 3 feet up a bull's backside.

    I guess spending the better part of 8 years trying to divide the country by saying racist cops were just waiting to shoot black people was A-OK?

    Lies spouted by obummer and other professional victims is where this kneeling started, that and a washed up quarterback trying to keep his name relevant.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 4:54 AM
  • *

    Careful guys....your little pointy hoods are starting to show. 😲

    -- Posted by RocketValentine on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 5:32 AM
  • I hope you're not accusing me of being a democrat.

    That's just low.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 6:31 AM
  • I am not sure why I keep responding but the Flag was not used by Trump to dishonor anything, it was the players and even then they backed up and said it was the police, not the Nation, which includes all citizens and military.

    If they want to comment about police activity, use something that applies to the police NOT the Nation as a whole. Guess Kapernickn could not think of anything else. Be sure to kneel down if a riot breaks out so the police can tell who appreciates their lives being on the line.

    Trump is mean spirited but NOT the players who started it? I don't believe it. How can you say this stuff? Maybe we should give all the NFL players a participation ribbon so they feel good about the millions they make from us mean spirited team fans.

    They are literally killing their golden goose, but maybe that is a good thing so there is not so much disparity between their income and ours.

    The NFL will not let them wear anything not approved but they will allow this nonsense? At least the flag burners of the 60's knew what they were disrespecting.

    Trump does not continue to promote this dissension, it is the news media. Stop showing it, stop talking about it and it will no longer have a pay-off for the demonstrators.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 6:54 AM
  • *

    Of course not, Mike.

    If you were a Democrat you'd protesting against the racist groups coming to our town. Not standing with them.

    Here's a interesting idea you could try....when the White Nationalists, League of South, KKK, etc., assemble here on the 28th, go over them and shout out, "Hey guys, how many of y'all are Democrats"?

    "Raise your hands."

    Might want to make sure you have your helmet on.

    -- Posted by RocketValentine on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 7:28 AM
  • *

    RV, I don't understand how displaying disdain for ignorant crybabies that disrespect our flag and country or showing pride in your heritage correlates to pointy hoods. But thinking about the attire of slick hillary's mentor (not Saul, the other one) makes me think about the preferred attack attire of the antifa pansies. I just can't help but wonder what their grannies think when they realize their underwear drawers have been raided.

    I don't think we need to worry too much about violence on the 28th. Undoubtedly the left expects to show up and use their typical fascist tactics to suppress lawful free speech. But I'll bet the local leos have a secret weapon. All they need to do if it starts to get out of hand is play the National Anthem on loudspeakers and the riff raff will quit picking flights in order to get down on their knees.

    As long as we are talking about kneeling, a few weeks back just before the Dallas game it looked like the whole team was down. The last time I saw so many cowboys on their knees was when I watched Brokeback Mountain.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 8:29 AM
  • Astute observation. Considering where most of these folks are coming from, they are probably registered Democrats. That must be real turmoil to be a Democrat yet hold the racist views UNLESS the object is to create platform for the opposite side to foment their counter demonstrations/riots. Hmmmm.

    If so, that would mean that the core of the Democratic party is actually attempting to create civil turmoil and insurrection so they can come in to “save” us. Nah, that is too far-fetched, but an interesting model to consider.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 8:54 AM
  • Steve,

    You mean Cloward-Piven strategy, or never let a crisis go to waste, even if you have to create the crisis?

    Dems do it all the time.

    Have half a dozen illegitimate kids by four different fathers and then whine about the plight of the "poor".

    Have most of the murders, by far, committed by democrats then claim republicans aren't doing enough to prevent violence.

    Make laws against everything, because, as a Democrat you're terrified of adult responsibility, then protest when police enforce those laws.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 9:18 AM
  • RV,

    Why not go to Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis, Baltimore, Newark, Oakland, Stockton, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Memphis and Atlanta and those other cities where the murder rate is sky high and ask if they're democrats. you might want to hold on to your wallet as they may not immediately recognize you as a fellow traveller.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 9:19 AM
  • Don't know about RV but to a hardcore group in those cities I don't think they care if you are like minded or not. You got money? They think it is theirs.

    But it is not really anything new. I learned that back during a trip to NYC back in 1963. Survival of the fittest in the cities.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 9:47 AM
  • Don't know about RV but to a hardcore group in those cities I don't think they care if you are like minded or not. You got money? They think it is theirs.


    Isn't that the case with all democrats? That's pretty much their party platform in a nutshell.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 9:50 AM
  • *

    Fair, my "pointy hood" comment aimed at you and others on this thread was due to your obvious support for the racist groups holding their rally here this month.

    You said they are just coming here to hold up harmless little signs about being so happy that they were born white.

    You do realize that these are they same people that plowed a car into a innocent group of people in Charlottesville, killing one girl and seriously injuring dozens more.

    They wore nazi helmets and beat people with clubs.

    There is a big difference in being "proud of your heritage", and wanting to eradicate others.

    That is their platform.

    And you seem to think that's just fine.

    "Antifa" stands for anti-fascism.

    Their main goal and platform is to stand against racism and nazis.

    I'm trying to figure out when that became a bad thing in America.

    -- Posted by RocketValentine on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 10:33 AM
  • *

    Steve, please explain to me how you think the groups holding the rally here would be registered Democrats.

    You claimed your "astute observation" on this was based on where they were coming from?

    Where do you think they're coming from?

    If you did some basic research you'd find these groups are all based here in the rural south.

    Mostly rural Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and here in Tennessee.

    All republican strongholds

    -- Posted by RocketValentine on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 10:42 AM
  • You are saying the old Southern voters are not dyed in wool Democrats? They might vote Republican but I suspect they are registered as Democrats.

    Maybe I am wrong, but on a local election who gets the most votes?

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 10:59 AM
  • *

    Steve, what I'm saying is that these idiots holding their rally here are not Democrats.

    They're not afraid to tell you who they are. When they come to town just ask them.

    Or watch the videos of them in Charlottesville wearing their goofy red "Make America Great Again" hats.

    Here's one of their leaders in Charlottesville in his own words.

    Hope this clears it up for you.


    -- Posted by RocketValentine on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 11:27 AM
  • Got it. Hope Duke does not show up

    -- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 12:28 PM
  • *

    RV, I know the anti-fashionistas claim to be against fascism. I also see the tactics they use. Actions speak louder than words, therefore I reasonably can call them what they are. My "support" of these groups extends only to their support of my right to be white and also be alive and proud. Please show me where I have EVER said I was better than anyone else because of my skin color or heritage. If I am better than some, it is because I take care of myself and my family instead of expecting others to do it. As far as the woman that got herself killed and the others that got themselves hurt, that was an individual thing, not a group thing. I'm not saying it should have happened but I know it wouldn't have happened if they had not put themselves in harm's way. Just remember all lives splatter. The rally to unite the right was peaceful until the protesters started trouble by trying to keep them from assembling. You know, the people you call counter protesters. I never did care for historical revisionism, but it is downright ridiculous when it occurs in real time. But go ahead and call me racist if you want. I actually do fit the commonly accepted definition; I am white and I am conservative.

    Steve, if you want to see systemic racism, you need look no further than the democrat party. Of course the usual suspects that fool themselves into thinking they know history but don't will claim the parties switched. But the truth is the democrats over time replaced their cotton plantations of old with the current urban plantations. And in the process expanded from pure racism to include people of all colors, races, and religions. And to this day they will fight tooth and nail anything that might raise people up and weaken their dependency on the party. Just look at what LBJ told his fellow dems when trying to get his disastrous plans passed. Superficially they looked like they would help the blacks so of course there was not a lot of support. To paraphrase, he told his buddies " if we pass this we will have the N****** voting democrat for the next 200 years". LBJ understood the Stockholm syndrome before it even had a name.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 1:26 PM
  • *

    Wow...."the woman who got herself killed". ?????

    "The others that got themselves hurt". ????


    What's the quote? "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt".

    You might not believe you're better than others because of your skin color.

    But these groups holding this rally do.

    They will tell you this and you can read it on their websites.

    They will tell you that the white race is superior and that African American and Jewish people are sub-human and should be eradicated.

    This is what they preach, their platform. That's who they are.

    They are racist Nazis.

    So if you stand with them on any level, then yes, I think you are a racist.

    The people in Charlottesville that "got themselves hurt or killed" for standing up to these racists are true Americans. Heros.

    Even if you think it was their own fault for "putting themselves in harms way".

    Why do you think anyone that counter-protests a klan rally doesn't have the same rights as the racists having the rally?

    And why exactly are they putting themselves in harms way.

    Is that admitting that the White Nationalists are really the violent ones?

    -- Posted by RocketValentine on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 2:50 PM
  • *



    I apologize RV. I've been giving you to much credit. I really didn't realize you think those people would still have been hurt or killed if they had not been there trying to stop the intended use of the road. You probably think beating the car with clubs helped them. Do you also think Reginald Denny was fairly convicted and punished for the crime of being white? Again, I apologize. In the future I will try to understand the misguided perceptions of reality in the minds of libs before engaging in conversations so we can both be on the same level.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 5:13 PM
  • *

    Ok...so there's all kinds of video on YouTube of this white supremacist idiot plowing his car into the crowd of people. Nobody was threatening him. He came from a long distance down the road at a high rate of speed like a bowling ball hitting pins.

    It was a deliberate act of murder, and that's what he's charged with.

    There's also pictures and video of him earlier in the day wearing his racist groups uniform, carrying a club a battle shield.

    But you still want to portray this guy as the victim?

    And these groups holding these rallies as just peaceful demonstrators?

    Dude, you're really digging your own grave here.

    I really have nothing left to say to you.

    I'll just sit back and let you continue to show your true colors...so to speak

    -- Posted by RocketValentine on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 6:07 PM
  • *

    Glad you have sense of humor RV. FYI my true colors are Red, White and Blue. Of course the guy is responsible for killing and injuring. And of course he will go to prison for it. But the ones that got hurt have some personal responsibility and they will go scot free. (Not intended as an ethnic slur, but feel free to have your little feelings hurt if you'd like.) The rally was peaceful until the po po let antifa run wild trying to shut down free speech. It is just peculiar to me how people can keep pushing and keep pushing then whine and cry when they get pushed back on.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 7:24 PM
  • Fair it amazes me how people like you can care so much about the red,white and blue flag and think it is okay to burn a cross that symbolizes Christ.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 9:00 PM
  • *

    Unreal, if you own a cross that you want to burn on your own property while following regulations for open fire (and please, do it outside, not inside) then by all means, go for it. What business is it of mine? If you want to do it to degrade Christ, that is your call. It would be wrong and I wouldn't like it but I wouldn't try to stop you. However, if you tried to do it somewhere other than your own property, regardless of the reason, but especially if you were trying to intimidate others for whatever reason, it would still be wrong and I still wouldn't like it but I would call the cops on you.

    To summarize:

    Burn a flag? No.

    Burn a cross? No.

    Burn a bra? Well, ok. Heck, burn em all!

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 9:39 PM
  • *

    lets be real,

    I am on the side of the law. If the Group from the South starts the violence, I will no agree with them. KKK, we all know who they are and what they stand for. I have no use for them. Neo Nazis, never dealt with them. They are just Communists and Jew hates. I have no us for them. What possible purpose can they offer to the world? Black Lives Matter, They don't even like their own race. They are just a white hating racist gang of killers to be, looking for a black town they can Loot and burn down or people they can convince to resist the cops, so they can be shot to death.

    And you know that the black man who killed the white woman and shot other people at that Antioch Church was mentally ill because? Everyone knew he was mentally ill after the shooting. No one in his right mind would shoot people at church or anywhere else for that matter.

    Where did you ever hear the chant "Jews will not replace us"? Must have heard it on a fake news story. There are bad white people just like there are Black Lives matter! God's people were the Hebrews until Jacob was renamed Israel. Then the Israelite were God's people. The Jews never came to be until Judah was born.

    People who hate the Jews will have to repent before Christ returns if they want to be a part of the future world.

    I don't think White are superior. I know the whites are superior because all laws tell us that. It starts in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and the State Constitutions and the Law of the Land.

    To prove Whites are superior all you have to do is read the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment was created to give the newly freed Black Slaves a citizenship. The only thing is, the government didn't give them a Citizenship to these united States of America. They were made Citizens of the US Corporation named the United States of America and placed under it's jurisdiction. This is the first time the Corporate US Government every had citizens of it's own that it had jurisdiction over. They were given Privileges not Unalienable Rights. Their 14th Amendment Oath took their Unalienable rights away from them without them ever knowing it. So now they only have Civil Rights, but not Unalienable Rights. They must purchase licenses to enjoy the privilege of what the white have a right to do, . You can thank President FD Roosevelt for that little licensing for privileges.

    I need you to explain to me just what Trump said or done that makes you say he started the racist hate speech! Be specific please, because I have never seen this or heard him say anything racist or hateful except what he told a couple people who deserved it.

    IT is the Republican Congress who is scared of the democrats who won't work with Trump and the democrats do nothing but harass Trump. The divided Congress isn't looking to help the people at all and will all be voted out of office at the next election.

    It is not Pres. Trumps job to write a Healthcare Insurance plan, Policy or Bill. That is the job of the House and Senate. They only want to sit back and shoot down Trumps ideas. Trump needs to take it off the take and let the Democrats pay the price when people start dying from no Obamacare insurance.

    If Trump doesn't stop NK Soon, the little creep will have all the nukes it needs to wage war with the United States over here in our back yard. You better hope Trump destroys NK or their people assassinate their leader before Trump starts the bombing.

    -- Posted by sui on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 10:46 PM
  • I am not in the habit of burning a cross nor do I hang with people that do or make excuses for them when they run down people with cars.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 11:03 PM
  • Trump continues to make regulations to undermine Obamacare,he is trying his best to make it fail.Its Trumps job to lead the country but he has no clue how.People in Puerto rico are dying from contaminated water some they received in the hospital while the large Navy Hospital ship only treated 7 people today.Fema is feeding 200 a day out of 2 million.These waterborne illiness are treatable but they have no medicine.People on dialysis time is cut short.And what does Trump do,he throws them paper towels and says all is well.Today he spent his time talking about pulling liscense from news media.He can not stand it because he can not manipulate the media and halt freedom of the press.He only wants news reported that is favorable to him.

    Sui did you listen to any of his campaign speeches? What category do you put calling mexicans murderers and rapist in?

    -- Posted by lets be real on Wed, Oct 11, 2017, at 11:40 PM
  • Obamacare was failing all on its own. Multiple insurance companies opted out of it long before Trump was elected. Anyone who pays for their own insurance has seen the deleterious effects of obamacare.

    It is humorous to see government loving liberals whine when they see government can't provide for every need in situations like Puerto Rico. Too bad that lesson will be lost on them as their laziness overrides their logic.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Oct 12, 2017, at 6:48 AM
  • *

    They just never learn. But keep trying the same thing over and over again. Sooner or later it has to work, doesn't it? And pardon the use of that 4 letter word.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Oct 12, 2017, at 10:58 AM
  • So now americans in Puerto Rico who have no lights,food,water,housing, roads or medical care are lazy.Why weren't the people of FL or Texas labeled as lazy.We all know why,because the majority are brown and considered less human by Trump.So instead of helping these americans some call them lazy and try to convince themselves and others that it is true so it makes them feel better.This is not the time to shoot off his big mouth about pulling FEMA out.Some of these people have seen no one from FEMA.FEMA went to a few houses and had hungry,homeless people fill out papers and did not even carry so much as a bottle of water to them.Shame on America.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Thu, Oct 12, 2017, at 1:51 PM
  • Reading comprehension...

    No one called Puerto Ricans lazy. I was calling deadbeat loser democrats who always look to government to solve every problem, lazy.

    Hope that clears things up for you, since you wasted that race card.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Oct 12, 2017, at 2:29 PM
  • *

    LBR, why don't you get Pres. Trump to make you a Puerto Rico advisor? In between groping women and taking their rights away from their, he is putting women on his pay roll of employees.

    You hate America and the White people in the USA, so you would feel right at home in PR telling them all the things you know about Donald Trump, Trump Jr, Melania and Ivanka and other family members and of course the white people Supremist.

    If you could get in Trumps cabinet, you could help Trump figure out what the world needs and how her should run it. Obama sure did screw it up.

    -- Posted by sui on Thu, Oct 12, 2017, at 4:53 PM
  • *

    Sui, I'm thinking unreal may be a better fit as assistant mayor of San Juan. You know, I'm gonna miss her here on the blogs. But maybe several months from now when she gets the power grid and everything else up and working, she can get back on here. Of course, since she knows so much more about it than everyone else, she might get the island completely rebuilt sooner. Hey, reckon we should get her a going away present?

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Oct 12, 2017, at 8:15 PM
  • *

    fair share, You may have something there. I think she has everything she needs, except better pay for her and the women. She would be lost over there without internet service. What would we do without her. Gotta have someone to argue with

    -- Posted by sui on Thu, Oct 12, 2017, at 8:53 PM
  • *

    The black guy who shot the people at the Antioch church just had a Mental problem but the guy who ran over those people in Charlottesville was a known white supremacist, neo-nazi, hate speech racist. Sounds just like a democrat.

    I hate to tell you this, but everyone who gets a permit to protest or rally does so according to the law. When they get violent, they are no longer obeying the permit they got, if required.

    The sheriff spoke out days ago telling the people that the groups coming to Shelbyville did not need a permit because they were only going to stand along the road and hand out information. Nothing violent about that.

    In my book, these could be Republications because they are trying to inform the people who are inviting and welcoming too many Refugees into Middle Tennessee.

    Now we have the Democrats who can't just stay home and let the people peaceable protest the Refugee movement. No they have to "PROTEST" the movement, meaning they will riot and shout out "RACIST Slurs" in the faces of the group who is protesting peaceably. That is the way the Democrats are. They are a Hateful bunch of losers who can't stand to let anyone else have any freedom of speech. That burns my soul! The Democrats speak out against everything anyone has to say by using Hatred. They are worst than the protesters coming to Shelbyville because they actually commit the Racist and Hateful speech that they accuse the right of doing.

    Watch it when it happens and you will see the Democratic "Anti-fa" start the violence as usual then try to blame it on the other group. The news media will spread their hatred just like they did in Charlottesville.

    The Democrat Anti-fa is the group of demons that started all the problems and the cops were told to stand down.

    Those groups holding their rally here are not those evil Democrats. They are people just like you and I, trying to inform the public, but the news media and democrats don't want the people to hear it.

    And while I think about it, Trump did not say he was taking America back like Duke said. He said he was going to make America Great again! Trump also has said many times, he was going to give the country back to the "PEOPLE" where it belongs.

    Does that sound like a dictator? Obama was the Dictator and divided the country while putting America further into Bankruptcy. The very same thing Osama Bin Ladin was trying to do.

    Trump is trying to bring America up to the high standards we have always lived by. Anyone who can't see that is a blind brain dead democrat.

    Take all those so called Hate Groups for example. How many crosses have you personally seen burning in someone's front yard? How many black slaves have you seen hanging and kicking from a tree? How many black women have you seen raped and or beaten by these people. How many black people have you seen Tared and feathered and run out of town? I have heard of these things being done when I was a kid, but I never saw any of it. That doesn't mean it didn't happen, nor that some idiots haven't done something like this in recent years. But on the whole, these things just don't happen. The slaves were freed so the blacks need to act like they have been freed and stop blaming the white people for something a bunch of dead people did in their past lives. That's all over now, so move on!

    The blacks hate everything that reminds them of slavery and the Civil War, but it was the civil war that freed the slaves from slavery. If it wasn't for the north and south fighting each other, the blacks could still be slaves today.

    And what about the Indians who lived here before the immigrants came and killed the Indians and moved them on reservations. It was the white man you say? Hell it was the federal troops, not just the white man. Our U.S. Government, the same that fought the south and won. This same U.S. Government, took the black people's unalienable Rights away from them and then made them U.S. citizens who would be bound by the same U.S. Government that FREED the blacks. How convenient!

    Remember VP Joe Biden saying Trump wanted to but ya'll back in chains? The U.S Government has already done just that over 150 years ago with the 14th Amendment. The Superior White Men tricked the slaves into surrendering their Unalienable Rights to become a U.S. Citizen and fall under its jurisdiction with the 14th Amendment. But they made up for it by acknowledging the rights of the blacks to vote in the 15th Amendment.

    The women didn't get to vote until they passed the 19th Amendment.

    You say it was the White People. You Know, the White Supremacist! Well, yes, that was who was in charge of this country during the first years in America. These were Europeans. They were the race at that time. Back then, everyone was a black slave or a white person. The "white man" made the laws and the constitutions, Federal and States. They wrote them in a way that they could never be done away with. That is why the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, "Common Law".

    So now one day some one said everyone is equal. Bull Shot! No one is equal to anyone. Everyone is his/her own person.

    White Power? Looks like I would have to say YES there is!

    White Privilege? Looks like I would have to say Yes to that as well because the white race created the constitutions and corporations before the blacks and other races had any say so.

    The White race is Superior? You tell me!

    The White Race being Superior to other races in this country, is also true.

    The White Man declared himself Sovereign over all the states and Federal Governments because they created the "CORPORATE" states and the federal government.

    Look at the KKK? They are not the Superior White Race. They are just people living in the past just like the black people. They don't want to see anything that reminds them of the past so they live in the past instead.

    Neo-Nazis? Why would you group them in with a Sovereign White man or woman. The Lawyers Guild is owned and operated by the communist party. This would include the Bar Association today. That is were you need to look for Neo-Nazi info., the courts.

    A White Nationalist isn't even a correct name for the white race. A Nationalist would be foreign to the 50 Sovereign states or 48 Continental states. That only means a White Foreigner to these United States. If they are a White Nationalist, to what Nation are they a White Nationalist, Russia, Puerto Rico, Africa, or the Corporate US?

    People just don't stop and think or do any research before they speak out. Kinda like Trump sometimes!

    Black Lives Matter? Yes, they do matter to most of us. Maybe not so much to their own black race...

    All rights reserved without prejudice, UCC 1-308

    Any Questions?

    -- Posted by sui on Thu, Oct 12, 2017, at 9:11 PM
  • I do not hate America or white people.I hate to see Trump take us back to the dark days of America and that some are to blind or refuse to see it.Hidden racist now feel that hate is acceptable even from the president.Some would not even care if he shuts down the media completely and believe anything he tells them.His cabinet is running up taxpayer tabs in the hundreds of thousands for personal plane trips from honeymoon trips to snorkeling vacations.Every day some one does damage control about chaos in the white house.Even Kelly after being in wars said this was the hardest job he ever had.It is okay with some that he attacks the first amendment.Some one in the white house is leaking to let americans know what is going on there.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Thu, Oct 12, 2017, at 9:14 PM
  • *

    Then why do you think I shouldn't carry a sign saying "white lives matter"? And why do you think it a mortal sin if I say someone disrespecting the flag/country and therefore me is an unpatriotic dirtbag?

    Btw unreal, if you do end up leaving to save Puerto Rico, what would you like for a going away gift?

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Oct 12, 2017, at 9:52 PM
  • I hate to see Trump take us back to the dark days of America and that some are to blind or refuse to see it.Hidden racist now feel that hate is acceptable even from the president.

    -- Posted by lets be real


    Yeah, that sure didn't start after 8 years of hearing "if I had a son". "the cops in Cambridge acted stupidly" "stains the heart of black children"from the community agitator in chief.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Oct 13, 2017, at 2:54 AM
  • Fair, If you want to carry a "white lives matter" sign and stand next to the groups holding the rally, you certainly have that right.

    I would only suggest one thing.

    Research the groups holding the rally.

    Find out exactly who they are and their true message.

    By reading some of your posts I believe you may have already done this.

    But anyway, if you feel comfortable standing next to those people and joining their cause, that's your right.

    See ya there

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Oct 13, 2017, at 6:31 AM
  • *

    Thanks RV for recognizing my first Amendment rights. Don't worry, I'm not a member of the League of the South or their buddy groups, and never will be. Sure, they stand for some things I don't agree with. But I do appreciate that they have the courage to spread the word that my life matters. You know, 5 years ago it wouldn't even cross my mind that something like this would ever be needed. But then a year and a half ago a democrat primary contender made the mistake of saying "all lives matter". Then he fell all over himself taking it back and apologizing but the good ole lefty dems still ripped him a new one.

    I'll be there to see what goes on. But probably not holding a sign and standing with the crowd. Partly because I don't agree with them on some things. And partly out of fear. Not fear of League of the South and their friends. I expect them to conduct a peaceful rally. At least as long as you guys let them. But I don't expect them to take physical abuse from those that show up to protest against free speech.

    So anyway RV, I may see you there. I'll have my red MAGA hat on. What will you be wearing? Surgical mask, panties on your head, makeshift burka?

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Oct 13, 2017, at 8:07 AM
  • lets be real, for some reason, I feel the post from which I am going to post is "from the heart". One we would have if we were talking to each other in person. Therefore it deserves a similar response.

    "I do not hate America or white people." I believe that although many of your statements would leave someone to wonder.

    "I hate to see Trump take us back to the dark days of America and that some are to blind or refuse to see it." I am not sure he has the capability of doing that, but I believe you believe.

    "Hidden racist now feel that hate is acceptable even from the president." There are probably some, (some) closet racists emboldened by his tactless blurbs. No one would consider him a diplomat, except maybe him.

    "Some would not even care if he shuts down the media completely and believe anything he tells them." Some might but not America.

    Personally, I would like to see the "media" more accountable what what it says. Some might consider that infringing free speech. I would see it as being responsible for what they write/say.

    Some "news" media should have to put disclaimers on and throughout their show that says it "is the opinion of this news network, not necessarily fact". Similar to when there is adult language or graphic violence.

    "His cabinet is running up taxpayer tabs in the hundreds of thousands for personal plane trips from honeymoon trips to snorkeling vacations." From what I have seen, some have not had the differences between private and public travel clearly defined.

    Maybe in their own companies they could do what they do, but not with government money. I would dare to say that previous cabinets (as well as other appointed posts) had "big spenders" if we choose to look, and we should. Spending our tax dollars should be always under the microscope.

    "Every day some one does damage control about chaos in the white house. Even Kelly after being in wars said this was the hardest job he ever had." Probably not an unusual statement from people who took this job. It has aspects with which he has never had to contend, then consider his boss. Tough!

    "It is okay with some that he attacks the first amendment." What do you call when conservative talk shows are under attack by liberals? I believe that was OK with a different "some".

    "Some one in the white house is leaking to let americans know what is going on there." Yup. Depending what side of the argument you are on, they are a traitor/spy or hero.

    What is said in the White House, should stay in the White House, regardless of who is there. There are ideas being bounced around, theories, security issues, opinions and private conversations. Wiretapping would get huge press, so why doesn't listening to private conversations in what should be a secure building and reporting them to the press or whoever wants them?

    -- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Oct 13, 2017, at 12:16 PM
  • Fair, well I guess I stand corrected. Sounds like I won't see you there after all.

    Despite how much you admire their courage and feel their rally is "needed", you and others in your goofy red hats will keep your distance out of fear and shame. Why does that not surprise me?

    Oh sure, you might drive by and give them a thumbs up.

    Or if you happen to spot one of them at Taco Bell after the rally you can hurriedly ask them for a pamphlet to impress your friends with later.

    The first amendment works both ways.

    If they have the right to assemble a mile from my house and preach their hate, I also have a right to let them know how I feel about them being in my neighborhood.

    I don't agree with the "ignore them and hope they go away" approach.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Oct 13, 2017, at 2:48 PM
  • *

    RV, are you not concerned agitators from your side might accidentally cause you harm? And I'm not ashamed of my red hat. I assume you won't be ashamed of whatever you choose to cover your head/face with. Yes, A1 works both ways. What you people don't understand is that your disagreement with speech does not give you the right to violently shut it down. You seem disappointed I might just drive by and wave. Wouldn't want you bothered by that so I'll see you there. I'm sure the local leos will keep the violent left under control. And I'm pretty sure the local government won't tell the cops to let them run wild.

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Oct 13, 2017, at 4:41 PM
  • Ten months into this administration and nothing of substance passed only,his undo list.Has no legislation of his own.What do you expect from a president who says today on tape that he talked to the president of the Virgin Island.Was this idiot looking in the mirror or to dumb to know he is their president.

    Sui you say get over slavery and move on,but you can't get over the South losing the civil war.People relive the civil war as if it was the only war fought in America.So get over it and stop holding on to the rebel flags and take your own advice.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Fri, Oct 13, 2017, at 9:00 PM
  • He was elected to undo the nonsense of obama. That was the whole point.

    The people who voted for him don't want more laws and regulations, whether his name is on it or not.

    You seem to be confused as to who is terrified of responsibility.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Sat, Oct 14, 2017, at 8:43 AM
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