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Biden cancelled ICE program to catch and remove illegals with sex conviction

Posted Friday, February 19, 2021, at 7:35 AM
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    Because they care about Americans and our safety? Because they are doing their jobs? Because they don't want the USA to become a doormat for the world?


    If the bidophiles are ok with slow joe, they no doubt are ok with his demented anti-American policies.

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Feb 19, 2021, at 11:12 AM
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    Donald J Trump has just spent the last 4 years arresting Thousands of sex abusers, sex traffickers, and human abusers and rescuing as many children as possible out of the Human Trafficking Tunnels underground all over the world.

    Joe Biden is a Human Trafficker and abuser and will do everything he can to open the border to as many illegal aliens as he can to put into Human Trafficking and Human Organ Harvesting. There was good money in that, but Trump has stopped all of that and Joe Biden being a clone doesn't know that. He is only ordered to open the border and under everything Trump has done.

    Name One thing that Joe Biden has even talked about doing. Joe talked about sending out a $2.000 Stimulus check to all the people when he got elected. There is some lame talk now about a $500 check , but no date... Because Joe Biden is a clone and not the US President. Joe can't do anything. Everything you see and hear Joe doing is just a video to make you think he is the President.

    Remember me telling y'all that I thought Trump may let Joe Biden stay in as the President for a month or two so the people can actually see how our country would be run as a Socialist / Communist Country? That is what is happening!

    Since Joe Biden the Clone can not be the President and because of Voter Fraud, and Trump is not the President of the Corporate U.S., the constitution puts the Military in control of running the Government and Protection the people and the U.S. Constitution.

    All the Executive Orders/Actions are for show in Joe Biden's Movie of him and this White House in the Castle Rock Studio.

    This also means that Joe Biden has no authority over the Military who is in charge, but is taking orders from Trump.

    Only Trump has the Nuclear Codes, thank God.

    Does this explain why 18+ Attorney Generals are asking Biden to reverse his cancellation?

    Like I keep saying, this is just a show to wake the people up. Trump is just trying to get you to wake up.

    The Patriots are able to go into the future and see how everything is playing out, If something isn't going good, they can change it today then look at it in the future to get the results.

    The Deep State had this advantage but the Patriots took it away from the Deep State with God's help and are able to use it against the Deep State. The Patriots know what the Deep State is going to do before they do it.

    A lot of people are getting hurt and many dying because the Patriots have to let it all play out or the criminals can not be charged and tried. If the people don't wake up to what is going on, they are going to kill themselves. The information is out there. you have to search for it and stop listening to the Main Stream Media.

    -- Posted by sui on Fri, Feb 19, 2021, at 3:36 PM
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    "Name One thing that Joe Biden has even talked about doing."

    Posted by sui

    He played video games and threw another log on the fire. While letting people die from covid. And letting them freeze in Texas.

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Feb 19, 2021, at 5:52 PM
  • Everything leftys do is based on consolidating more power.

    Instead of having criminals suffer the consequences for their actions, they move the consequences to everyone else.

    Then, when their plans never quite work out, they use that failure as an excuse for even more government control.

    We saw it happen with obamacare. Promises of better, cheaper insurance, and before the ink was dry on it, leftys were already calling for single payor insurance.

    Leftys are so averse to personal responsibility, they won't even confer consequences onto criminals,lest consequences eventually find their way back to leftys.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Sat, Feb 20, 2021, at 6:26 PM
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    It is disappointing that no one who normally supports the Democrats is responding. However, considering what many of us have gone through with weather this week, there is still hope they will weigh in.

    We were out of power, heat and water pressure for about 5 days. The power (and heat) returned Friday. Our water pressure was just a dribble that we filled gallon jugs to maintain some semblance of modernity.

    Full pressure came back a few hours ago when I found the busted pipe outside. Yahoo, I had enough sense to put some turn-offs in the system and was able to stop, then divert water through new pipe. Bingo! We are getting back to normal.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Sat, Feb 20, 2021, at 8:05 PM
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    I stand corrected, lol. Does not really matter, because Joe Biden does not really exist.

    -- Posted by sui on Sat, Feb 20, 2021, at 10:40 PM
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    Steve, I'm glad things are getting more towards normal for you.

    -- Posted by fair share on Sun, Feb 21, 2021, at 10:23 AM
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    Thanks fair share. I am sure there are others in worse shape and I hope they reach out for help.

    Although we donít visit with our neighbors much, several kept in touch and offered physical assistance. It was good to know they were willing.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Sun, Feb 21, 2021, at 11:01 AM
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    My back still hasn't recovered from the pain yet. I took myself off the VA drugs a couple years ago so I don't have the VA any more and I just received a letter telling me I have just been denied Medicare/Medicaid/QMB insurance. I guess since my wife died and is no longer using her insurance I don't qualify. My Denial has something to do with not belonging to a group? Insurance sucks. Just have to ride it out on my on.

    -- Posted by sui on Fri, Feb 26, 2021, at 11:47 AM
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    Did any of you hear Joe Biden complain on national TV that Trump was still getting Intelligence updates from the pentagon but He wasn't?

    Think about that. Why would President Biden not get intelligence updates unless he wasn't the President?

    And why would President Trump be getting Intelligence Updates if he wasn't the President?

    Wake Up!

    Joe Biden is the President of the Corporate United States that has filed Bankruptcy and dessolved. It no longer exists as a Corporation so Biden doesn't have a job. Neither does Kamala Harris.

    Trump was inaugurated as the 19th President of the "new" Republic of the United States.

    In the mean time the Military is running the government until Trump takes office on March 4th.

    Example of the government running the country: The Supreme Court could not hear the Voter Fraud Cases BECAUSE they have no power to hear any cases under their jobs with the Corporate United States. They are actually unemployed as foreign justices working for a foreign corporation. No government agency or their employees have any authority to arrest you, take you to court or tell you to pay taxes or any bill UNTIL we are legally announced as being the Republic of the united States.

    Biden is the President of the old Corporate United States, but not the new Republic of the united States. Biden has never stepped foot in the White House since he was inaugurated to be the new President "OF" the Corporate United States.

    As i stated before, Trump had the Queen and the Pope sign the Corporation of the United States over to him as the new CEO when Trump was in Italy arresting the Queen and the Pope. Trump filed it Bankrupt and Saudi Arabia and China called in their debts. Trump paid them off with the Gov Pension Fund. A lot of government employees won't be getting a pension fund since they were corrupt and involved in Human Trafficking and child sex Trafficking and drug trafficking.

    Biden is the President of a Corporation that has already been dissolved and shut down. Biden is the President of Nothing!!!!

    Sit back and eat your popcorn and watch this comedy play out. Everything Biden is doing is being done in a movie studio in Calif.

    -- Posted by sui on Fri, Feb 26, 2021, at 12:25 PM
  • It's almost March and it is still going a lot like this.....

    On and on..

    on and ooon.....

    oon and ooooooon...


    -- Posted by Blessed Assurance on Fri, Feb 26, 2021, at 7:09 PM
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    Right you are, Blessed Assurance. BUT, March 4th is next week. Surely that will be the end of it. Won't it??!? ?!!!!??!


    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Feb 26, 2021, at 8:26 PM
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    Don't know yet. I think I have told you all there is to tell you right now until more things are revealed.

    My birthday is March 4th and if Trump doesn't have the balls or he hasn't took control away from the Deep State where we can get some money flowing in our hands, I may not be back. I am getting tired of the lies on TV and the computer isn't bringing in any new stuff besides the Stock Market Crashing, the IRS shutting down and the Federal Reserve taken out. Of course this isn't public knowledge so Y'all won't hear about these things and the hundreds of voter Fraud Arrests until Trump takes over the MSM and puts out this information.

    The biggest thing is the Corporate Federal Government and all it's agencies including the State Governments and their agencies under this Corporate United States are all out of business and can be sued if they open and do business as usual. The Corporation no longer exists so none of its Corporate agencies exist legally.

    This also means the Police Departments in every town does not exist and if they do, they can not make you pay anything nor take you to jail except as a citizen arrest, but the Courts no longer have jurisdiction to hold court.

    H O W E V E R ~ Trump is suppose to be the already inaugurated President of the new "REPUBLIC" of the United States. If this is true, someone will have to prove it or the courts have to government closed.

    Be cause the MSM put Biden in Office they may be letting that appear to be our government, but Biden is the President of the Corporate United States so the country has to stay closed down under the complete control of our Military.

    This would mean you would have to go to a military trial until the Republic is announced as our new Government of community Leaders.

    It's getting crazy out there. I hope y'all can get crazy with it to be able to keep up with all this crazy jurisdiction.

    Yeah, I may step down and let y'all handle all the Sh!t coming down your way. I can't do anything about it to help each of you, so I will just have to look after my own Arse. I have to get back to helping people receive cash money without working for it. If the Government can't afford to give out stimulus checks someone needs to help the people get back on their feet with an un-employed Lifestyle way of life.

    -- Posted by sui on Sat, Feb 27, 2021, at 7:20 PM
  • .....someone needs to help the people get back on their feet with an un-employed Lifestyle way of life.

    Posted by sui

    Are you going to promote "The Two Dollar Miracle" or "The Five Dollar Explosion" first?

    -- Posted by Blessed Assurance on Sun, Feb 28, 2021, at 4:48 PM
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    Ain't no money in that!

    -- Posted by sui on Sun, Mar 7, 2021, at 1:11 AM
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