American Saddlebred barn decor

Saturday, June 20, 2020
T-G Photos by Dawn Hankins

The American Saddlebred “Spring Fling” is happening through Saturday night at Calsonic Arena. To further support the first show of the season, owners and exhibitors took time earlier in the week to decorate Celebration barns. The theme seemed to hint “direction,” with a lot of barns adding personalized director’s chairs in their favorite colors. Bright plants and lots of “fur babies” are often found on the front porch areas of the stables. From Michigan to Alabama, this show has all the right stuff when it comes to harnesses, fans to keep their animals cool and plenty of good hay for the special breed, which is making its debut in over 20 years at Calsonic Arena. The free show begins at 6 p.m. and runs to 1l p.m. Parking is also free. The American Saddlebred horse is often deemed the “Horse America Made,” and was descended from riding-type horses bred during the time of the American Revolution. Included as ancestors are Morgans and Thoroughbreds.