A chance to learn from the pros

Friday, June 21, 2019
T-G Photos by Chris Siers

Beginning on Friday afternoon, WAB Sports and Shelbyville Recreation Center hosted a youth football camp, focusing on individual drills, warmups, and guest appearances by former NFL players and celebrities. The camp featured former players such as Dwight Stone, Jeff Walker, John Fourcade, Calvin Sweeney, Ben Noll, Craig Colquitt, Ross Browner, Wamon Buggs, Levon Kirkland, Wayne Buckingham, Terry Allen, Reggie Holmes, Jerry Stackhouse, Kelly Holcomb, Donnell Woodford, Duane Rudd, Marvin Collier, Phillip Crosby, and Terrance Pennington. The camp also featured doctors familiar with football to educate campers on concussion protocols, as well as proper nutritional habits.