What I saw on my daily walk

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
T-G Photos by John I. Carney

For fitness, and as a break from the office, I have gotten into the habit of taking a midday walk from the Times-Gazette offices down to Riverbottom park and back. Last week, I was walking and happened to look up. I saw the faded Shelbyville Record Shop sign, closer to me, juxtaposed with the letters on the front of the Capri theater. I didn't have my T-G camera with me, so I reached into my pocket and pulled out my smartphone -- not one of those high-end smartphones I sometimes get to try out for a week, but my own personal smartphone, a HTC Windows Phone 8X. I took a photo of the signs and posted it to Instagram. As I got to Butterfly Point next to the Fly, I saw a beautiful tree in spring bloom, and I took a photo of it as well. That got my creative juices flowing. Fortunately, it was a bright, sunny day. Smartphone cameras can take grainy photos in poor light, but in the sun they can often surprise you. So, here are some scenes from my daily walk. I hope you enjoy them -- and if you're inspired to take some of your own, don't forget the photo-sharing feature at the Times-Gazette web site, t-g.com.