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Bible containing meth intercepted by jailer

By DAVID MELSON - dmelson@t-g.com
Posted 12/16/21

A suspect tried to reach a Bedford County Jail inmate with more than the Word on Monday, said the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office.

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Bible containing meth intercepted by jailer

A suspect tried to reach a Bedford County Jail inmate with more than the Word on Monday, said the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office.
Anndreya Lynne Sutton, 28, of Hendersonville allegedly tried to sneak methamphetamine inside a Bible to an inmate, Chief Deputy Nikia Elliott said.
“It was hidden inside the binding of a Bible she dropped off but the guards found it,” Elliott said.
Sutton was charged with introducing contraband into a penal institution. She is being held on $50,000 bond, an unusually hefty amount for that offense.
Animal cruelty
A woman who admitted to police she’d left her dog behind when she moved out of a Fairfield Pike residence in mid-November has been cited for cruelty to animals.
Amanda J. Morales Payan told Animal Control Officer John Evans she’d left a bag of dog food and some water with “Lupe.” She’d intended to return and check on Lupe but “never could find a ride,” Evans said.
A neighbor reported the dog to police. Evans found Lupe appearing “emaciated” and Officer Ramon Castillo saw no food or water outside the house.
The property owner told Evans that Morales Payan had been evicted last Thursday.
Morales Payan was cited into General Session Court for animal cruelty, allowing an animal to roam at large and not having proof of vaccination.
•Three shoplifters took $50 worth of clothing items from Factory Connection, Lane Parkway, around midday Monday.
The suspects concealed four bracelets, a pair of boots and a cap in backpacks, police were told.
They were described to police as a white female with reddish hair wearing a pink and white sweatshirt; a white male with a “military-style” haircut wearing a hooded sweatshirt with “hype” imprinted; and a white male wearing a yellow shirt and blue cap.
Two people fitting descriptions of the suspects were detained by Sgt. Cody King after he saw them near the store. They were arrested on unrelated charges.
•Stephen Henry Lovett, 41, of Shelbyville was charged with shoplifting after he allegedly put two pairs of sunglasses unto his pocket at Quik Mart, Lane Parkway, Monday afternoon and left without paying.
The store manager recognized Lovett, police said, and so did the investigating officer watching video of the incident.
Drug charges
•Drugs were found on a driver stopped Monday night after a passing officer recognized him and knew his driver’s license had been revoked.
Troy James Neal, 44, of Madison Street was stopped by Officer Dylan Bliss on East Lane Street. Neal allegedly had .5 grams of marijuana and pipes in his pockets and a bag containing 4 grams of crystal methamphetamine and a grinder in the vehicle.
Neal allegedly tried to hide another bag containing 4 grams of crystal methamphetamine in his mouth while being searched at Bedford County Jail. He was charged with two counts of possession of a schedule II drug, and one count each of introducing contraband into a penal institution, driving while in possession of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia and second offense driving on a revoked license (second offense). He was held on $16,500 bond.
•A charge of simple possession was filed against Mark Anthony Pena Venegas, 18, of Bates Street after Officer Bailey Dineen smelled marijuana in his vehicle Tuesday night.
Dineen was checking the vehicles of Venegas and another man after seeing them in The Fly Arts Center’s parking lot around 8:30 p.m.
Assault charge
A Murfreesboro man was charged with assault and aggravated criminal trespassing following an incident Tuesday at a Butler Street home
Najah Hasan Dawood, 65, was asked to leave the home but refused. Dawood allegedly forced a resident from a wheelchair and kicked him while he was on the ground, police said. The wheelchair-bound man pulled a pistol from the back of the chair and one shot was fired into the air as he and Dawood struggled over the gun, according to the incident report.
Dawood was released on recognizance.
•A money box containing $1,500, $600 in loose cash and a XBox, accessories and games were stolen from a Deery Street home Monday night.
The empty money box and several other items were dumped in the nearby home by an intruder who the occupants didn’t recognize Tuesday.
The intruder was seen on the street by a man who did recognize him. The suspect has been identified and is being sought.
The victim said the suspect used a trailer tire to climb into a window.
•Four vehicles were ransacked overnight Sunday at Wayne’s Auto Repair, East Highland Street, according to Shelbyville police.
It’s uncertain if anything was actually stolen. Several vehicles and garages in the area around Deery Street have been entered in the past few days, police reports indicate.
Scam attempt
A man falsely claiming to represent the “Social Security Police” attempted to scam a Shelbyville woman out of a large sum of money Monday, police said.
The caller claimed she owed a “huge medical bill in Rowlett, Texas” and would be arrested by a sheriff’s deputy if she didn’t pay.
The victim told the caller her name, birth date, Social Security number and Medicare number before her son overheard, intervened and stopped the conversation.
Government agencies don’t conduct business by direct telephone calls. No “Social Security Police” agency exists.
Not a dump
Area residents have been dumping personal garbage into bins behind Zaxby’s, Palmer Drive, police were told Monday.
An employee said this has been occurring for approximately two weeks. Names and addresses have been found on some of the trash.
Jail intake
The following were charged since Monday by the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, Shelbyville Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol or 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force. They are only charged; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.
•Joshua T. Cantrell, 36, Morrison; failure to appear; released on recognizance
•Chad C. Chanthavanheuang, 29, Murfreesboro; driving on revoked license (fourth offense), light law; released, $7,500 bond
•Najah Hasan Dawood, 65, Murfreesboro; assault, aggravated criminal trespassing; released on recognizance
•Magdale Domingo Hernandez, 25, Ligon Drive; license required, financial responsibility; released, $500 bond
•Aaron Lee Kelley, 42, Garrett Road; four bench warrants; held, no bond
•Coty Joe King, 32, Madison Street; aggravated assault; held, $3,500 bond
•Stephen Henry Lovett, 41, homeless, Shelbyville; shoplifting; held, $500 bond
•Justin Albert McCrary, 31, Big Springs Road; driving on suspended license, registration violation; held, $1,500 bond
•Ronaldo Navarro, 20, South Brittain Street; aggravated domestic assault; held, $5,500 bond
•Troy James Neal, 44, Madison Street; possession of schedule II drug (two counts), possession of drug paraphernalia, driving on revioked license (second offense), driving while in possession of meth, introducing contraband into penal institution; held, $16,500 bond
•Brandon Michael Pickett, 31, New Herman Road; failure to appear; released, $2,500 bond
•Theresa Lucille Reid, 40, Tate Avenue; held for Lauderdale County
•Chad Allen Richardson, 42, Tate Avenue; probation revocation; held, $2,500 bond
•Anndreya Lynne Sutton, 28, Hendersonville; introducing contraband into penal institution; held, $50,000 bond

•Christopher Eugene Walpole, 31, Kennedy Road; held for Metro Nashville


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