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County talks with attorney about City legal action

Local option sales tax the target


Bedford County Board of Commission recessed its regular monthly meeting Tuesday night and invoked its right for a private, attorney-client privilege session.
All present were asked to exit the courtroom for a recess with the exception of Mayor Chad Graham, county attorneys and the 18 Commissioners.
Those who have followed City and County government recently likely suspected that the attorney-client session was in regard to the City of Shelbyville voting to file declaratory judgment against the County over local option sales tax.
Those suspicions would be correct.
After a recess, the Commission reconvened its regular meeting and moved to file countersuit against the City of Shelbyville—if Council’s legal does follow through with declaratory judgment.
Council voted last Thursday 3:3 for legal to pursue declaratory judgment against the County to regain the tax money.
City Mayor Randy Carroll was required to break that tie vote. With Carroll’s yes vote, the decision for the lawsuit passed 4:3.

Full story in Thursday, Feb. 15, edition of Times-Gazette.