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Friday, September 21, 2007

Here's some of what's been overheard lately at the new, more interactive T-G web site:

Blog posts:

Education is fine and necessary, but some politicians place too much emphasis on degrees and overlook those who never saw the inside of a college and have been working for years to make a better life for their kids while becoming good, solid tax-paying citizens. This group has a lot of good common sense to offer us.

-- Bo Melson

[If] he would come out on televison at a prime time hour and tell the American people that he was wrong, he made a monumental mistake and he is sorry....it would change the way I think about him....some.

-- Eugene Ewing

I cried all the way from Toronto to Heathrow airport. I thought I was going to be one of the next terrorist victims .... I was so afraid that I downed an airplane bottle of Jack Daniels. Normally, I do not like Jack Daniels and I normally have a bit more respect for my grandmother. In that event, all bets were off.

-- Keeley Graves

Story comments:

This game was a very stressful one for me. It's a disappointment to lose to my old school. But I put all the effort I had into it.. and that's all I could do.

-- soccer1816

We beg that "NO family be left behind" in water needs. Next time you water your yard or flowers think about those children and families who need that water. This new article [says] "Wartrace plans water system upgrade." We are not on this list for help.

-- louie120

For some reason, we want to find a reason to defend the actions of a psychopath in order to understand them. Sometimes there are no excuses. He was just crazy, plain and simple.

-- James48