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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 22

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poppy distribution contributors thanked

To the Editor:

The American Legion Auxiliary wishes to thank all the businesses and individuals that made contributions during our fall Poppy distribution. Your generosity helps continue programs for our veterans and is greatly appreciated.

Lana Warren

Secretary / Treasurer

American Legion Auxiliary, Unit #23


Health care debate is a moral issue

To the Editor:

I challenge all church leaders and people of faith to examine the current Healthcare Reform debate in terms of "Moral Values" and "Pro-Life". The sanctity of life has been extolled and the killing of a fetus was condemned, and on this I agree. In the current debate many are against Healthcare Reform even with a recent Harvard study that found 44,000 people are dying each year because they lack health insurance.

My question is "aren't these 44,000 lives lost just as important as the fetuses that die?" Some may rationalize that the uninsured "should" have worked harder or lived different lifestyles so as to have been healthier, or have been able to afford insurance. It is amazing to me how so many of us can "Judge" the behavior of others in order to justify our "holier than thou" positions, even when we haven't walked in the shoes of others.

Many critics of the Reform bills have Medicare or family members who do, and most of them think Medicare is "fantastic". Members of Congress have an insurance plan that is "outstanding". Both of these insurance plans are "Government Run". Medicare is a "Public Option" plan that seniors "choose", and the congressional plan is a "Single Payer" plan.

The Public Option in the bill is similar to Medicare, however no one would be required to sign up for it. When claims are made that a Public Option plan is bad; it is only a "Red Herring" thrown out by politicians who have been bought by the insurance "Cartel" to scare the public. A Public Option is just another choice and provides more competition which will lower costs.

This is a Values and Pro-Life issue, not a political one. How can this great and wealthy country continue to have millions of people who do not have or cannot get or afford healthcare for themselves and their children?

I believe people of faith have a responsibility to step up and take a stand. I believe the "words written in red" in the Bible" tell us what our responsibilities are to "all" of God's children., not just to "most", when it comes to healthcare..

Charles J. Rogers


Cooper's health care vote tarnishes record

To the Editor:

Representative Jim Cooper and the House of Representatives defied fiscal policy logic and local public opinion, voting with Nancy Pelosi.

The HR 3962 bill is 1,990 page health care plan that expands the federal government to New Deal proportions. The bill is not "bipartisan" health reform as President Obama had promised, but a Democratic Party display of vast new entitlement, costing $1.055 trillion over ten years, then financed at the expense of business and individuals. The twenty percent part of Medicare open to private competition is slashed while our state will be strapped with new Medicaid costs.

Washington will regulate the insurance companies, dictating what it offers and how much to charge. The real victims are the working middle class who will pay more for their insurance.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that an individual earning $44,000 before taxes who purchases his own insurance will have to pay a $5,300 premium and $2,000 in out-of-pocket expenses for a total of $7,300 a year. A family earning $102,300 will have to pay a $15,000 premium plus $5,300 out-of-pocket for a $20,300 total.

The House Bill includes a gimmick of making numbers look good by using ten years of new taxes to finance only six years of spending, then the deficits explode in the second decade. As the new mandates raise costs, the government will have no choice but to ration medical care, starting with the elderly and seriously ill.

Every decision of what to insure or not will become subject to political whims, where as the doctor and patient had made some decisions. Representative Jim Cooper and he other centrist Blue Dog Democrats caved in to Speaker Pelosi. Mr. Cooper with a single vote tarnished his entire career of representing the fourth and fifth congressional districts.

P.T. Farrar


Feds keep stealing country's future

To the Editor:

Did you know that the Federal Government owns upwards of 40 percent of the land mass of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming? That explains why these states have little energy resources being utilized from these states because they have to beg the Fed for leases for gas and oil exploration. Even solar energy exploration was blocked for 2 years by the current administration for "study" thus stopping what was becoming a booming business enterprise in Arizona. Only a huge outcry from the people of Arizona opened some of the areas planned for solar energy use.

Now the Fed wants to steal some more of our resources by this outrageous idea of climate change by charging some companies for their energy use and giving the money to another (clean) company. All these ideas come from a government that is bent on reducing our country to 3rd world status. Mr Al Gore will get rich off this scheme.

The Fed is in the process right now of trying to steal another 16 percent of the American economy by trying to sell the Congress and the Senate on health care "reform." The Fed has become an enemy of the USA. 13 of the 17 Committee Chairmen are open Marxists as are most of the Czars appointed by President Obama that are totally unaccountable to anyone.

Our form of government has been steadily eroded because the people of this country have been so dumbed down by the (so called) educational system that we have forgotten who we are as a people. Those of you who want to argue with this fact need to do a little research on where our public school students stand academically in the world. ALL THAT IS NEEDED FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING. Everyone needs to read the book titled National Suicide to see what is needed to take back our country from the thieves in Washington, DC.

Our President refuses to salute the US Flag; he bows to communist leaders and apologizes to every world leader for the (so called) failings of our country. Now to top it off he had trouble calling the massacre at Ft Hood TX the Muslim terrorist act that it was. I for one am fed up with the administration's name calling of the conservative people that disagree with him and his observable pass given to Muslim terrorists at Gitmo and elsewhere.

Donna Eyman


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