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Letters to the Editor, July 8

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thanks to all who helped with Duck River Clean-up

To The Editor:

My sincere thanks to the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, John Carney and Jaime Welsh for the great coverage of the 13th annual Duck River Clean-up on June 26, 2010. The informative article and reminders prior to the Clean-up were invaluable in helping publicize this important environmental project. We are also very appreciative of your excellent coverage of the actual event.

Approximately 200 volunteers participated in the 2010 clean-up. It is so gratifying that new volunteers come out to help each year, joining those loyal helpers who have given their time and effort every year.

We wish to continue to promote the cleanliness and beauty of the Duck River, to protect this great natural resource that runs through Bedford County, and to bring awareness of its importance, including being the source of or drinking water and recreational opportunities, to everyone.

Wayne Bomar, co-chair, and I are truly grateful to the Chamber Beautification Committee, the Set-up Clean-up Committee and those good friends who brought delicious homemade desserts and stayed to help serve lunch, all the business and, so importantly, all the volunteers who braved the heat to make this project such a great success.

This environmental project is truly a community-wide effort and our deepest thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped in any way.

Please see the notice printed in today's Times-Gazette noting the Chamber of Commerce's acknowledgement and appreciation to all who assisted in the successful completion of this project. Thank you.

Helen Garner


Trash pick-up fee should be killed

To the Editor:

In your most recent article concerning the tax for trash pick up in Shelbyville, you mention that there is confusion over the trash fee. I would like to know how we could be confused.

In two prior articles you quote city officials as saying that the City has "no choice", that "State and Federal Regulations require Shelbyville to charge it", that "if the city did not pass the trash fee State Auditors could come to Shelbyville and mandate what the fee would be."

Confusion? It seems nothing could be more clear than this...unless it's not the truth.

The City of Shelbyville pays for an audit every year. Not one time has the need for a trash fee been expressed.

Now City officials are saying, "They (the State and Federal Government) are not telling us we have to collect fees."

Well which is it? I suspect that the City has no obligation to collect fees unless a special enterprise fund is established. By authorizing a fee the City is effectively establishing a special enterprise fund and, once established, fees are in deed mandatory.

City officials also state in the same article, "the State came along and at some point passed a law requiring solid waste to be an enterprise fund". This also seems clear. However, I believe the facts will show that there is a State mandate to treat land fills as enterprise funds but that there is no such mandate regarding trash pick up.

By acting as if they have no choice City officials mislead a Public who deserve the facts.

I do not believe it is wrong for the City to have a new tax. I do believe it is wrong for them to hide behind misstatements and obfuscations to do it.

If you want to pass a tax, pass it and tell us why. But don't ever tell us you have no choice unless it's the truth.

I hope that the City of Shelbyville will consider rescinding the tax and bring it up again a future meeting when there is no longer any confusion.

Harold Segroves


Unionville needs park for children

To the Editor:

OK, summer is here. There is no place in Unionville that we can take our children to have fun.

I think we have some kind of little park for the kids to play on. I am not sure we can go to the school and play on their play ground or not.

If we want to take our kids to a park, we either have to drive all the way to town, or drive to Chapel Hill.

I don't mind going to either place, but if we just want to go play for an hour or so, I dont want to drive all that way to the park. Is there a place around here that we could consider building a park for our kids?

It would also be nice if the little park had a walking trail all the way around it. Please who ever we have to talk to about it, consider a park for our kids. It does not have to be extravagant, just a place for our kids to play.

Nichole Sharp


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