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Letter to the Editor, Nov. 19

Thursday, November 19, 2015

World must fight against ISIS

Dear Editor,

The time has come for the civilized world to awaken to the threat of ISIS. The senseless slaughtering of hundreds of innocents in Paris should be enough to mobilize us against these fanatics.

This is not a religious war. Every religion has extremists, and many fanatics use religion as an excuse for their barbarity. This is a war to protect civilization. There needs to be a coalition of nations from around the world, enough to stamp out this malignant insanity before it spreads any further. The possibility of Isis procuring nuclear weapons and touching off a nuclear holocaust is a real possibility, one that cannot be ignored.

As we came together to defeat the threat of Hitler in World War II, so must we unite to defeat this threat, to prevent World War III.

Bill Davis


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