'Count The Basketballs' winner

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Kayla Warren of Shelbyville was one of the winners of the Times-Gazette’s “Count The Basketballs” contest, which ran in the same special section as our “Bracket Bucks” contest several weeks back. She received a $50 gift certificate from Chamberland Dentistry. She was randomly selected from among those who correctly counted 39 basketballs in the special section. North Carolina won the NCAA Men’s College Basketball tournament Monday night. Power Points Games will announce a tentative winner of the Bracket Bucks contest at its website, www.powerpointsgames.com, at 11 a.m. Thursday. Players will then have 24 hours to dispute the results by calling 303-393-6343. The official winner will be announced 11 a.m. Saturday at www.powerpointsgames.com and featured in a future issue of the Times-Gazette.
T-G Photo by John I. Carney