Letter to the Editor

Blackburn has Marsh's support for Senate

Sunday, September 16, 2018

To the Editor:

I served in the Tennessee House of Representatives when Phil Bredesen was governor and, sure, he did what he had to so we could squeak through some very tough economic times. But in Washington D.C., he will only be another pawn of Chuck Schumer. I have worked with moderate Democrat representatives from several areas of our state in the past, and they stick together no matter the issue. They all voted the way their leadership ordered them to on every single issue. Those votes resulted in bigger government taking more and more hard-earned dollars away from Tennesseans. We have seen Democrats always support their leadership and their party over the well-being of their citizens.

Bredesen will do exactly that if he is elected to the U.S. Senate. He was Schumerís top recruit to run for Senate. He donated $33,400 to Hillary Clintonís presidential campaign and even still supports Rep. Steve Cohen after he said he hoped Marsha Blackburn jumped off a bridge. Bredesen is just another establishment liberal who will really never represent our Tennessee values.

Marsha Blackburn knows Tennesseans are incredibly pleased with the work President Trump has done to get this country moving back in the right direction. She will support President Trumpís agenda of lower taxes, less regulations, and smaller government and help lower our massive debt. She is listening to Tennesseans. And she most certainly will support President Trumpís nominations for strict constitutionalist judges and Supreme Court justices who will help defend the Constitution for decades to come.

Iíve known Marsha for a long time. She is the hardest worker and has been successful at everything she has done, no matter the challenges placed in front of her. Marsha went to college on a 4-H scholarship, and while in school, she talked her way into a job selling books for the Southwestern company, which didnít hire women at the time. She then became the first female elected to the House of Representatives from Tennessee. There she led the investigation into Planned Parenthood and the sale of baby body parts. She even led the grassroots campaign that ensured that Tennessee will never have a state income tax. Marsha is a strong proven conservative leader that does Tennessee proud.

If we want more tax cuts, smaller government, strict constitutionalist judges and Supreme Court justices like Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, and a senator who will take our Tennessee values to Washington D.C., then we must elect Marsha Blackburn this November.

State Rep. Pat Marsh