Letter to the Editor

Leadership is lacking in the Republican party

Saturday, June 6, 2020

To the editor,

The Trump presidency will go down in history as one of the worst. Starting with his elimination of safety programs, to his impeachment, the handling of the coronavirus, to his obsession of covering up his bone spurs military deferment by acting as a military leader.

The Republican party is a different party today. The Republican party is no longer the financial responsibility, or the moral majority party. Trump has increased our nation debt to $4 trillion. His socialist programs are the highest in our countryís history. The Senate could have stopped Trump, but Sen. Marsh Blackburn and Sen. Lamar Alexander choose to follow the money not our Constitution and our checks and balances that are in place.

Republican Senators no longer follow their oath to protect our Constitution.

The religious right has chosen to support a golden god and accept Trumpís actions that are against the teaching of the Bible. I have talked with my Christian friends and they accept Trumpís anti-Christian actions as long as he is against certain sins. I am not certain what sins they are talking about certainly not adultery, lying, stealing, etc.

Trump suggested drinking Clorox, Lysol, and taking the drug Hydroxychloroquine to fight off the coronavirus. Really? Is this leadership? His lack of leadership is again on display after the death of George Floyd. I am not placing blame on anyone. This is about lack of leadership, and common sense, in dealing with a problem. A good leader would have shown conscience and empathy to the Floyd family. The lack of leadership does not stop at the White House it is also in our U.S. Senate.

The president may appear to be religious by holding a Bible at a photo-op, but it didnít work. Approximately 600 church leaders throughout the country are depending on Trump to support their issues. Trump is for himself he is using the religious right only as a tool to obtain votes.

The author Tony Schwartz (The Art of a Deal) wrote Trump ďhas no conscience and empathy and doesnít care about anyone.Ē Sounds about right to me.

Bobby Fanning,