Letter to the Editor

The Silent Majority

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

To the editor,

I recently found myself on the “short-end” of a Facebook post when I challenged the “Silent Majority” for being silent. I pointed out that they “supported” the death of George Floyd. The person who copied and posted the “Silent Majority” post from a friend, took it that I was accusing her personally of supporting the death of George Floyd.

Let me start at the beginning.

The Silent Majority includes all demographics, i.e. Democrat, Republican, Independent, White, Black, Indian, Asian, Hispanic, etc. My mother and father were also part of the Silent Majority, albeit as Democrats. They went to church. Mom taught Sunday school, played the piano in church, sang in the choir, and Dad was a Deacon. No one, absolutely no one, could accuse them of supporting the death of another human being. However, when it came to political and social issues, they chose to keep their opinions to themselves, expressing them only in the privacy of the voting booth.

Let me be clear. They and all who feel the same way have a right to feel that way.

However, I believe the longer nothing is said in public about an issue, the longer nothing will be changed in public about that issue.

So when I said the “Silent Majority” supported the death of George Floyd, I was saying that because so many people have remained silent for decades on end, the death of George Floyd is included in the results of that silence.

Do you have a right? Yes

Do you have responsibility? Yes


Harry Craddock,


(Editor’s note: Harry Craddock was born and raised in Shelbyville.)