Letter to the Editor

Celebration misunderstandings

Saturday, August 8, 2020

To the editor,

    After reading your article I noticed several errors that I’m sure were not intentional but nonetheless were inaccurate and misleading.  Thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight for you and your readers.

  First, the Celebration grounds serves as the location for the Sunday morning worship service.  We do not schedule or conduct the service. The service itself has been led by Pastor Murphree  for many years as a community outreach  and for out of town visitors.  Neither, myself nor the Celebration Board denied the use of our facility or canceled the Sunday morning worship service. Whether or not to allow the holding of the Sunday worship service again in 2020 has not been an agenda item for discussion.  Pastor Murfree, in his conversation with me earlier this week elected to not hold the service at the Celebration over concern of the pandemic.  That decision is Pastor Murfree’s and the Ministerial Board as they are the entity that conducts the service.  Our outdoor arena remains available as always for these community leaders and we respect their decision and understand their legitimate concerns.

   Secondly, the Veterans Appreciation Night has not been canceled.  Our veterans will be honored as we do traditionally of the last Friday evening, September 5th.  All veterans will receive free parking, two free admission tickets, and two complimentary tickets for their choice at the Beverage Barn as is our custom.  The only difference is we will not ask our veterans to gather in a close group and march into the arena together out of concern for their best interest.  Instead, we will honor each veteran from their seat and by their branch in a special segment during the evening.  As always we ask our veterans to call the office at 931-684-5915  prior to the  5th so we can make the necessary arrangements to honor you.



Mike Inman

Chief Executive Officer

The Celebration