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‘Best Mom Ever’ 2024 is a wrap

Special Mother's Day Column


We appreciate all who participated by sending in pictures, special memories for our special Mother's Day tab. Thank you so much to our advertisers who continue to support our local news organization.
This is a tradition at the T-G we are trying to preserve as it means a lot to our community to reminisce about women who have served as “The Best Ever” Moms through their trials and successes.
There were a lot of beautiful pictures and sentiments submitted. But one really stood out to me and I want to use it today in this column. It was a picture of the late Janice McGee of Lynchburg sitting on the beach, submitted by her daughter, Kayla.
Janice passed away suddenly on Sunday, May 7, 2023-a week before Mother’s Day. She was 58 years old.
Janice was born on Oct. 22 in Shelbyville, Tenn., to Ernest and Mary Lou Seibers, both of whom preceded her in death. She is survived by Bobby, her husband of 35 years, her daughter Kayla Taylor and son-in-law Branden of Lynchburg, as well as her 11-year-old grandson Mason Sandefur, also of Lynchburg. Mason was the light and joy of her life, and Janice very much enjoyed following his sporting events. She was regularly spotted along the fence encouraging him.
Additional survivors include her brothers Gary Seibers of Shelbyville, and Quincy Seibers and wife Sharon of Flat Creek; and her sisters Priscilla Landtroop and husband Kenny of Shelbyville, and Melissa Martin and husband Alan of Lynchburg. She had several nieces and nephews.
What a beautiful and peaceful picture of her sitting in peace on the beach. She was lovely and it was used for her obituary last year.
Then I began to realize that Janice was only 58 years old. And none of us know for sure when we will pass this life.
So, here’s the thing that I’m sure Janice’s family will tell you. Visit your mom, love and cherish her. No matter what, she gave your life. She was there for you-whether even for a short time-to make sure you had all your needs met. She’s been there when many of you had your children or needed a hand to hold.
Time is precious. Moms like Janice are to be cherished, every day. We are commanded to do so. Granted many have made mistakes with their children but forgiveness can mean much too within the healing process.
God understands all.
Bless this beautiful family as they go through their Mother’s Day. May God’s peace touch all their hearts. Your Mom blessed me through her photo last week (everyone knows I love the beach too.)
I have to shout out to my own Mom, Barbara C. Waterson. I’ve always said my mom gave me the greatest gift as a child, she taught me to love and honor Jesus. That is extraordinary to me.
Don’t worry Dads, we have a special section coming up in June for you. Word is there is going to be offered a special prize for the “No. 1 Dad.” More details forthcoming.
Send photos and captions (the pictures will not be printed without proper identification) to dawn@richardsonmediagroup.net by 4 p.m. June 10.
For you history buffs, Mother’s Day in the U.S. began with a movement Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis (September 30, 1832 – May 9, 1905,) a social activist and community organizer during the American Civil War era. She is recognized as the mother who inspired Mother's Day and as a founder of Mother's Day movements, and her daughter, Anna Marie Jarvis (1864–1948), is recognized as the founder of the Mother's Day holiday in the United States. Throughout her life, and her own hardships, Jarvis strove to honor and help mothers. Her daughter Anna recalled her praying for someone to start a day to memorialize and honor mothers during a Sunday school lesson in 1876.
The Jarvis family, like many families during the mid-1800s, experienced frequent tragedy and loss. Ann Maria Jarvis bore between 13 children over the course of seventeen years. Of these children, only four survived to adulthood. The others died of diseases such as measles, typhoid fever, and diphtheria, epidemics of which were common in Appalachian communities in Taylor County. These losses inspired Jarvis to take action to help her community combat childhood diseases and unsanitary conditions.
See next week’s column in the T-G about local women who have influenced this community.
Happy Mother’s Day!!