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Car hits man walking in street

By DAVID MELSON - dmelson@t-g.com
Posted 12/24/21

One man was injured when struck by a car Monday night in front of West Lane Market, West Lane Street.

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Car hits man walking in street

One man was injured when struck by a car Monday night in front of West Lane Market, West Lane Street.
Kendall L. Sanders, 31, of Shelbyville was walking eastbound in a traffic lane when struck by a car driven by Tina Beth Hatfield, according to a Shelbyville Police Department report.
Officer Clint Adams said Sanders landed on the hood of Hatfield’s car, shattering the windshield due to the impact. Hatfield told police she thought she’d struck an animal and continued on her way to work, but came back to the scene shortly afterwards to see if she’d hit a person.
Sanders was taken to Vanderbilt Bedford Hospital for treatment.
A man near the accident site in a car with front end damage was in the wrong place at the wrong (or right, from a law enforcement view) time.
Corie A. Warner, 23, of Buzzard Roost Road was charged with simple possession after officers checked before Hatfield returned to see if the car he was in was involved in the accident. The vehicle was not connected with the wreck.
Officer Brad Evans told them he smelled marijuana and asked permission to search the car. Evans found marijuana, a half-smoked blunt and a pipe in the car.
Warner, a passenger, said all the items belonged to him. He was cited and allowed to leave.
•The driver of a car that overturned in the yard of a home on Maplewood Drive at Locust Street late Monday night was charged with driving on a suspended license, police said.
Sonya Marie Leverette was not seriously hurt and initially claimed a man named “Jason” was driving and ran away, Officer Tracy Teal’s report said. Leverette later admitted being behind the wheel, Teal said. She was given a summons into court and allowed to leave.
Angry rage
A customer angered over napkins threatened to kill an employee of Burger King, North Main Street, police said.
The man, recognized as a “regular customer,” had received his order through the drive-up window shortly before 2 a.m. then began honking his vehicle’s horn. The clerk motioned him to wait and he threw his drink at the window.
He angrily demanded more napkins, which the clerk threw into his late model Hyundai Santa Fe or Tucson SUV. The suspect got out, walked to and struck the closed window while yelling and cursing that he was an “ex-Marine” and would kill her.
The man was described as black, in his 30s or 40s, and wearing blue work clothes.
Homeless arrests
•A man awakened from sleeping on picnic tables behind Experience Church, Elm Street on Tuesday allegedly refused to leave when asked by a staff member Tuesday.
Stephen Henry Lovett was visibly intoxicated when found behind the Goodwill store on Lane Parkway, police said. Lovett allegedly admitted drinking and just wanted “to go home to the river” (referring to the homeless camp near Fisherman’s Park on the banks of Duck River), Officer Joseph Cleek’s report said.
Lovett was charged with public intoxication. He is being questioned by the TBI in regard to a suspicious small fire set elsewhere in Shelbyville on Tuesday, police said. No fire-related charge had been filed against Lovett as of midday Wednesday.
•A man who lives with others in a tent behind the former Pizza Hut building on Lane Parkway was charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly angrily cursing police officers and others Tuesday night.
Officers were told a man carrying a City of Shelbyville trash can was attempting to break into a nearby fenced area. Police found Bernie Austin Caldwell along with another man and a woman in and around the tent within the fence.
Caldwell allegedly became upset when seeing Amanda Webb being arrested on a narcotics charge from Indiana. He allegedly threatened the other man and police and, after his arrest, kicked the inside of a patrol car and was placed in a restraint chair at Bedford County Jail.
The other man was in possession of the trash can. He told police he’d “borrowed” it from The Fly Arts Center. Police ordered him to return it within two hours or face arrest.
A man was charged with shoplifting Monday after allegedly hiding items taken from packages in his clothing.
Michael Anthony Caldwell, 38, of Sun Circle was being handed items by a companion, a store manager told Shelbyville police. The companion was not charged since, as the police report noted, “she hadn’t taken anything herself.” None of the items were in her possession, police said.
Caldwell was issued a summons but not arrested.
Jail intake
The following were charged since Monday by the Shelbyville Police Department, Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee Highway Patrol or 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force. They are only charged; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.
•Maria Miguel Gaspar, 32, Wheeler Street; no driver’s license; released, no bond
•Brice Klein, 41, Kingston Springs; failure to yield, financial responsibility, driving on suspended license; released, no bond
•DeAngelo Montez Laye, 45, Oakdale Street; driving on suspended license, running red light; released on recognizance
•Kevin James Moran, 46, Nashville; violation of probation; held, $500 bond

(Those arrested since Tuesday are not listed; the jail intakes were not available due to county offices being closed for Christmas. They will be listed next week.)