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Failed records

Posted 6/18/22

To the editor:

Recently, New York representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez applauded [President Joe] Biden and stated with aplomb: ‘He’s done a very good job so far . . . .’ …

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Failed records


To the editor:

Recently, New York representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez applauded [President Joe] Biden and stated with aplomb: ‘He’s done a very good job so far . . . .’ There is absolutely no credibility in her statement as she talks the same talk as her ignorant progressive Democrat cronies in Washington. In fact, she exhibits total ignorance for a competent House representative.

Remember, she is the same elected New York representative who issued a comment with utmost confidence about the “three chambers of government; the President, The House and the Senate.”

None of her stupid cronies— including smiling Nancy [Pelosi]— corrected her that the three branches of our government are the legislative, executive and judiciary as put forth in the First Article of the Constitution for the separation of powers. Of course the Founding Fathers never imagined an idiot would one day sit in the hallowed halls of Congress.

If a middle school level exam on the US Constitution was required for federal office seekers, it could be conservatively assumed that three-fourths of the elected Democrats and a goodly portion of the Republicans would be barred from office. And should be.

Being a federal, elected representative or senator and unable to understand our govern by the U.S. Constitution is the equivalent of a heart surgeon practicing with an MD obtained on line.

As for AOC’s statement about how good old befuddled Joe has performed, let us categorically examine his record to date, using factual data and not the biased rubbish put out by the left-leaning CNN and other media of a like bent. Inflation under Joe is running currently at a 41-year high at 8.6%.

Incidentally, the 41-year record occurred in 1981, under another failed example and one term Democrat president, the unsinkable Jimmy Carter. Remember him folks and the endless lines at service stations waiting for gas?

Next, we have the fuel crisis with the national average of gas at $5.04 per gallon vs. $3.08 a year ago. And although Biden would lay the blame for inflation and gas increases on the Russian war with Ukraine, this ascendancy of prices started months before the war commenced. So, this finger pointing is to no avail.

The root cause of all our woes at present is the increase of fuel prices—because of shortages in U.S. production. A robust American economy with controllable inflation runs concurrent with fuel pricing and availability. Consequently, if fuel scarcity and price goes up, so will all other goods, including food, because our system of transportation is dependent upon railroad, airplane or truck.

Regardless of what the progressive Left claims about climate change and green power, at present, a semi cannot travel from California to New York on green or solar power.

Biden’s imposing draconian sanctions on fossil fuel resources is taking its toil, and according to reputable oil experts, even if all sanctions were lifted today, it would be months before the US fuel industry would be up and running full bore. So it appears we Americans are stuck with the small minority of ultra Left Wing Democrats who are dictating every move gullible Joe makes.

So tell me Liberals, which is worse, to die from starvation or fossil fuel-induced climate change?

As for Joe ‘doing a very good job so far,’ AOC, just what is Joe’s track record for excellence? He was elected as a U.S. senator from Delaware in 1972, at age 29, with absolutely no job skills. For the following 50 years, he has lived a life of leisure in a glass-domed residency with never a worry about inflation, fuel cost, medical care, food, police protection, transportation, housing, etc.

The hard-working U.S. taxpayers have provided Joe’s every need for 50years, and in this time, his record as an elected senator is on par with his dismal failure as POTUS [president of the United States.] Fifty years Joe—a freeloading public servant. Stand tall before the microphone, Joe . . . without a teleprompter or an aide in the wings, whispering words for you to parrot

. . . . tell America in your own jumbled words just what you have accomplished or what significant legislation you have submitted in 50 years as a professional politician that has benefitted America.

It would be the shortest news conference in history by a POTUS because in truth, you would only need to utter one word: Nothing! Charles David Sliger Shelbyville.

Charles David Sliger