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Letter to the editor, Saturday, Sept. 3

Posted 9/3/22

To the editor,  

The incursion into the Jan 6 Capitol leaves us with many unanswered questions. A good sleuth would ask who are the masterminds behind it and who stands to benefit from it? …

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Letter to the editor, Saturday, Sept. 3


To the editor,  

The incursion into the Jan 6 Capitol leaves us with many unanswered questions. A good sleuth would ask who are the masterminds behind it and who stands to benefit from it?  

It was not President Trump. He wanted that day’s debate on the validity of the Electoral College vote to proceed unimpeded; it was his last chance to correct the fraudulent outcome of the 2020 election. We know there all kinds of shenanigans to steal this election, from blue states changing rules without going through proper channels, to Republican pole watchers being thrown out from observation of the vote count, to computers being hooked up to the internet, to voter harvesting by mules who were unlawfully being paid to gather ballots, to nursing homes where staff filled out ballots (unlawfully), to ballots being counted after everyone else had gone home. So why wouldn’t President Trump want a debate?  

The first obstacle was the Jan. 6 debate. It had to be stopped, and the incursion into the Capitol provided that answer. Members of Congress had returned to their chambers for a two- hour debate which is provided by law; when the incursion happened. Instead of adjourning to the following day, Congress went on to confirm the Electoral College’s decision. Ray Epps (on FBI’s most wanted list) was at the Capitol trying to encourage people to storm the Capitol. When he was grilled by Jan. 6 “committee” he was suddenly removed from FBI’s most wanted list without explanation. According to Epoch Times, Ray Epps was worried that the fast -moving crowd on Jan 6 might interfere with the “Plan”, the Kentucky man claimed. (article appears at Epoch Times , June29-July 5). What was the “Plan”? Who put the plan in motion?  

First obstacle passed.  

Second obstacle dealt with Inauguration Day ceremony. That had to be stopped. Why you ask? Because no one would come! During the campaign, 50,000 or more attended Trump’s rallies, while Biden only had a handful of people show up when he did leave his basement for rare appearances. A photograph of empty seats on Inauguration Day would amount to graphic proof that Biden was not the people’s choice for president. 

Then there was damage control to be done by the Democrats. American citizens had to be convinced that it wasn’t safe to come Jan. 20. The Capitol had to have two sets of barbed wire around it and a guard (not once but twice vetted to make sure this guard had no favorable impression of President Trump.) The Mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser assisted in this plan by establishing a curfew. 

Under the Trump administration we had huge successes in restoring individual liberty, prosperity to the country, and sovereignty to the USA. What do we have now? We have departments of our government (FBI, DOJ, Pentagon, etc.) being weaponized. Recently, President Trump’s home was raided by FBI, passports taken, boxes of declassified documents removed under the guise of espionage.  

If you think this raid is about removing documents, think again. The Jan 6 Committee is drowning; this is their life line. This committee is not allowing any cross examinations. Only showing parts of clips that back their narrative of the “insurrection.” Their word not mine. Thousands of footage of that day is now under lock and key that will not be shown to the public. Why? I believe if we saw the footage, it would blow their narrative out of the water. We know the Capitol police held the door open to let people just walk in. Many people have been arrested and still sitting in jail for nearly two years without “due process.” This is their only hope is to derail Donald Trump-----so he cannot run again in 2024. No observers were allowed while the raid was conducted. The FBIhas been known to lie. Case in point, the Russia hoax. And to this day no accountability. Hopefully we can get this country back on the right path in November.  

Lou Adcock , Bedford County